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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - HOLY MARTYR - Hatred And Warlust

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Holy Martyr - Hatred And Warlust (6,5/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 49:14
Band homepage: Holy Martyr


  1. Warmonger
  2. Under Siege
  3. Hatred Is My Strength
  4. Son Of A King
  5. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  6. Metallian
  7. Frost And Fire (Cirith Ungol)
Holy Martyr - Hatred And Warlust
Well, today I feel in a good mood, but I don't have anything to laugh…wait! I almost forgot! I have the HOLY MARTYR demo that arrived last week, I haven't even listened it, but as soon I received I laughed because in the jacket of the CD was written: "BEWARE THE HOLLYWOOD METAL! WE DON'T SUPPORT THIS KIND OF EPIC TREND OF METAL!!! DEATH TO FALSE DEFENDERS!!!" phew... guys, slow down...put your swords down for a sec. Here! This is exactly what happens when you listen to Heavy Metal and play Dungeons & Dragons too much.

But wait! There's more inside of the booklet! It says:
"Declarations of war:
We are fighting a personal crusade against the Hollywood Power Trend Metal. We don't like the people who use the word Epic Metal just to make money. Death to posers! Death to false defenders! The true spirit of the eighties will never die. Support us or hate us."

So, do I support them or hate them? Though choice, because this guys really overdo it… Just go to their website and click on "Members" and have a good time reading of the "Last Words" of each member, never give a guitar and a deck of "Magic: The Gathering" to anyone. Really.

This is way too cheesy for me, but let the music do the talking! The first track "Warmonger" starts with a powerful riff, very Thrashy, a Death Metal growl enters the mix... wow this is really good, really violent, like Power/Thrash Metal, then the main vocalist enters, I know many people that will like him, but to me, sucks big time, he tries to sounds "epic" but he fails miserably at it. The chorus in this song is ok I think.

The second track follows the same line as the first one, great music, but poor vocals, it just kills the music and is sad because the guitar work on this demo is incredible, the main axeman listens to Thrash, I'm sure about it! I'm hearing some riffs that METALLICA (old) or TESTAMENT could easily have done! Take the intro from "Shadow Over Innsmouth" for example, that riffing has the SLAYER trademark all over it, as matter of fact this song is really good, the vocals sound much more aggressive, more of this please!

Why this guys are doing this to me? I was beginning to like them and after "Shadow Over Innsmouth" I was hoping for a really good closer song, but instead I got "Metallian" THE MOST cheesy song in the entire universe! Take a look at the lyrics please:
"When the true Heavy Metal is crackin' my ears
I feel the power just straight to the heart
No compromise! No falsity!
I'll never follow some fucked trend
Some people will say: "..this song is so stupid!"
But this is my way and I could not care less
No compromise! No falsity!
I'll never follow some fucked trend"

Soooo…ehem..*cough*cough let's move on… Next, a cover of CIRITH UNGOL's "Frost And Fire" ehh nothing exceptional, after "Metallian" I just want to bury this under my pile of CDs, but the thing is, that these guys play well! I'm in a love/hate relationship with this CD because, I like the music, the guitar work is amazing but the vocalist sucks, add the cheesiness… I don't know how to feel about this one.

My advice, keep up the great work (musically speaking), fire the singer and stop playing role playing games. You will never follow a trend, you're not Hollywood Metal we got it, now stop screaming that to the 4 winds and start playing some bad-ass Heavy Metal! (Online December 10, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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