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Metharia - Promo 2003 (8/10) - Italy - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 15:17
Band homepage: Metharia


  1. Riflesso
  2. Come Un' Oasi
  3. Destini
  4. Il Buio Della Tempesta
Metharia - Promo 2003
Metharia is a planet in the Alpha Centaurus constellation, in which an alien angelic civilization keeps in touch with some "elected" human beings, sending them messages of peace for the whole population of earth. Hmm so next time that you hear those wackos that claim to have messages of peace from alien civilizations, you know who to blame: The Metharians.

Besides utopic alien civilizations, METHARIA is a 5 piece band from the land of pasta, they're playing Gothic Metal with Rock influences and they're doing it damn well! They sing in their native language which is always a plus, but also a bad, because I don't understand a thing (Well, maybe just a little, Italian is not that different from Spanish).

Anyway, this 4 track demo is really great, the highpoint of the band is definitively Luca Volani, the singer, he has a really deep emotional voice, really lifts up the music and enhances the whole listening experience. Starting with "Riflesso" you're in for a ride, all of this thanks to those wonderful vocals again! Next "Come Un'Oasi" slows things down just to take it all up again in "Destini" which features some electronic elements at the beginning.

The only thing is, in the info sheet that I got from these guys, they added a page explaining the name of the band and they also talk about some ancient civilizations like India and Greece, they related all of those to U.F.O. appearances. I don't know Italian but I know for sure that the lyrics aren't about U.F.O.s and ancient civilizations, wouldn't be better to take the band name further and maybe plan a concept album on that subject? They sure are informed on the topic… just my 2 cents there.

Great demo, I'll place my bet on these guys, hope to hear from them soon and I'll be waiting to hear a full-length some day! (Online December 14, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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