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Masterstroke - Children Of The War (8/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 12:34
Band homepage: Masterstroke


  1. Evil Forces (Never Die) >mp3
  2. Children Of The War >mp3
  3. Eye Of The Needle >mp3
Masterstroke - Children Of The War
MASTERSTROKE are a young band from Finland and this is their second demo and as any demo, it is short, it is concise and serves to let the people know what's the band all about. So, what's MASTERSTROKE all about? Well they're all about Heavy Metal! Powerful and bombastic Heavy Metal, 0% cheese free!

This is only a 3 song demo, so let's get it over with, but first, a special mention for the cover art, really good and very tastefully done! Anyway, the demo starts with "Evil Forces (Never Die)" a fast paced song with great guitar work and nice arrangements, but the highpoint here is the singer Niko Rauhala, he has a really good voice, aggressive but melodic, it's a shame that he's no longer the singer in the band, he only plays guitar now.

The title track "Children Of The War" is a mid paced song with nice backing vocals and a really catchy chorus. Things finish with "Eye Of The Needle" another powerful fast song, the keyboard work in this one is amazing! As a matter of fact the whole musicianship of the band is admirable!

On a side note, the band also sent me a CD-R with the track "Children Of The War" performed by the new lead singer Jari Tiura, not bad, but I definitively prefer Niko Rauhala. Too bad he's no longer performing those duties.

Great musicianship, nice cover art, great singer (well, ex-singer), this band has the right elements to get themselves a record deal, let's hope they do, in the meanwhile, I'll just keep on listening to these 3 songs. (Online December 20, 2003)

Enrique Congrains

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