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Cage - Unveiled (8/10) - USA - 1999

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Omega Records
Playing time: 53:01
Band homepage: Cage


  1. Shoot To Kill
  2. Modern Darkness
  3. I Live
  4. Buried In The Box
  5. Devil Inside
  6. Dancing Around The Fire
  7. Release Me
  8. Unveiled
  9. The Iron Priest
  10. Nomad
  11. Influence
  12. E.B.S.
  13. Disaster
  14. Sudden Death
Cage - Unveiled
"Unveiled" is the re-release of the CAGE-debut, which before had only been available through the band itself. The five Americans around exceptional vocalist Sean Pack already shone out on the RockHard's "Unerhört"-series of unsigned bands, which now deservedly lead to a contract with Munich-based label Omega Records.

Stylistically the San Diego-troup covers nearly all areas of Power Metal, be it fast and melodious ("Shoot To Kill"), in strong mid-tempo ("Devil Inside") or the nearly groovy (also for purists in the most positive sense possible; "Buried In A Box"), everything can be found in great quality for a newcomer-group. What attracts your attention furthermore is the track "Release Me", which could have stood on an album of Power Doom-gods SOLITUDE AETURNUS without any problems!

Who likes US-(Power) Metal like old SAVATAGE or WARRIOR, has to get this CD!

Alexander Melzer

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