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Morning - Inside (7,5/10) - Netherlands - 2003

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 26:33
Band homepage: Morning


  1. Inside >mp3
  2. When Shadows Dance In Light >mp3
  3. You're Setting Fire >mp3
  4. Kill The Silence >mp3
  5. Stop Drawing >mp3
Morning - Inside
A few months back I had reviewed the "Circle Of Power" MCD of Dutch MORNING and I had not been impressed by their Gothic Rock, but the three songs still were good. Now I have the next MCD in my hands, titled "Inside", with altogether five tracks and I can confidently say that they have used the time wisely to hone their skills.

Since the predecessor the band has gone through a few line-up changes, which apparently have not damaged the band, because they sound tighter and more compact than before, which surely also can be attributed to their quite numerous live activities. And the sound is a whole leap better, which is not a negative thing to have as well.

Overall they put some more crunch into the guitars, but without losing the feeling, not without reason the sextet describes itself as "Dream Metal" and the atmosphere that they create here follows this self given sub genre pretty well. The opening title track sounds a lot more mature than "Circle Of Power", with an a lot better vocal performance by Saskia van Heugten, which does not fully reach the elite (yet), but is not that far away and once more shows that Holland must have something in its air or water that gives girls great vocals.

One trademark of MORNING's sound definitely are the quite distinct keyboards of Stijn Bannier, which at times give the songs a touch of newer THE GATHERING, but without losing their roots or compromising the original band sound. Additionally MORNING effectively use a choir in some parts, which adds another dimension to the sound, as at the beginning of the closing epos "Stop Drawing", which in its more than eight minutes shows us the potential of this band, but also "Kill The Silence" with its strong guitars should be mentioned.

The Netherlands without a doubt are the hotbed of today's Gothic Metal and MORNING are another strong part of this scene, which quite impressively underlines this claim and status. Listen to the snippets of the songs on the band homepage and then decide for yourself that we have to keep an eye on this band! (Online January 5, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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