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Fracture - Law After Law (8/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Playing time: 51:14
Band homepage: Fracture


  1. Leather Law
  2. Right To The Top
  3. Metal Night
  4. The Bomber's Eyes
  5. Metal God
  6. Pyromania
  7. Fuck! Eat Dust!
  8. Operation Wolf
  9. Headline Giver
  10. She's A Bitch
  11. See You In Hell
  12. Law At First Sight
Fracture - Law After Law
"Defendant, you are accused of having produced and released a straight-forward party-album. Do you have to add anything?" - "No, Your Honour, I am guilty as charged."

This could be a rough description of the first album of Mainz' FRACTURE! It's a great, straight album without any bombastic keyboards and tralala-chorus-elements. No dripping heroic pathos, the music just simply kicks your ass! This band is no bloody newcomer (I've already seen them in 93 and really enjoyed them) and plays straight 80s-Metal in tradition of ACCEPT and TRANCE and convinces with its simple, but not boring material.

The vocals will be the decisive factor, because the vocalist sounds a lot like Udo Udo (ACCEPT), Lothar Antoni (TRANCE) or Berti Majdan (GRAVESTONE). That's simply a matter of taste! The album has twelve songs, from stomping to speeding, the whole spectrum. That FRACTURE like to exaggerate the clichés is part of their humour, which plays a big role on this album! Who likes any of the above-mentioned bands should get this one.

Not without a reason FRACTURE also had been part of the second sampler of "Heavy oder was?!"-magazine. The sound also is great for an indie-release.

Falk Kollmannsperger

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