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Graveworm - Underneath The Crescent Moon (8/10) - Italy - 1998

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Serenades
Playing time: 19:59
Band homepage: Graveworm


  1. Awaiting The Shining
  2. Awake...Thy Angels Of Sorrow
  3. By The Grace Of God
  4. How Many Tears
Graveworm - Underneath The Crescent Moon
I had hesitated for a long time to buy "Underneath The Crescent Moon", because these mini-CDs always are a topic for themselves... But finally curiosity prevailed and here its rotating...

The beginning is made up by "Awaiting The Shining" and who knows the debut "When Daylight's Gone" might be a little surprised, because of the increased speed and also Stefan Fiori's vocals are more blackish than ever, but still it's GRAVEWORM, with the atmospheric keyboards, rhythmic drums and strong melodies, so only a different side of the South Tyrolians. And yet another one is unveiled with "Awake...Thy Angels Of Sorrow", for it is the opener of the debut, "Awake", without any guitars (and slightly adapted lyrics), only with atmospheric keyboards and the angel-like vocals of Sarah Jezebel Diva (known mainly for her work with CRADLE OF FILTH), a crass contrast to the original, but very interesting and very good!

"By The Grace Of God" then is a slow-paced song with all the GRAVEWORM-trademarks, but pales compared to what still is to follow... "How Many Tears", the title alone might very well make a few of you listen up, because it's rather known from Hamburg and yes, GRAVEWORM cover HELLOWEEN! And how! If you don't know, you hardly realise that it is a version, because Fiori's gruff vocals and the keyboards, really sounds more like GRAVEWORM than after the original, but once you realised it, it's just a brilliant version!

Even though I've had my reservations at first, "How Many Tears" alone is worth the buy of "Underneath The Crescent Moon", period!

Alexander Melzer

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