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Manowar - Fire And Blood - Hell On Earth Pt. 2 (DVD) (9/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Medias
Playing time: 275 min.
Band homepage: Manowar


  1. Over 30 songs across two DVDs!
Manowar - Fire And Blood - Hell On Earth Pt. 2 (DVD)
DVD 1 - "Hell On Earth Part 2" - deals with MANOWAR in Europe in 1998 as part of their extensive "Hell On Stage" tour. No country and city is left standing as the Metal Kings come to blow the speakers with Rock n Roll!

"I'd fucking rather be dead than have a hundred speakers on stage and only have 99 working." Quotes DeMaio. It's 100 speakers or no speakers at all. That's life according to MANOWAR.

Depending on which way you view this double DVD it's better than "Hell On Earth Part 1". It's longer and full of even more crazy, bad ass motherfucking MANOWAR moments. Like the French sing a long during "Voulez Vous" - I kid you not and Christina Aguilera is not in sight or if you thought things couldn't get more SPINAL TAP the you'd be wrong as MANOWAR manage to top anything they've done in the past.

Extreme partying, extreme drinking, extremely funny incidents both intentional and unintentional and some glorious Heavy Metal. MANOWAR have turned to their back catalogue and delved deep to bring back such classics as "Guyanna", "Bridge Of Death" and the awesome "Dark Avenger". All played out in front of some the nosiest and maddest fans in the world.

Well filmed and produced it's just what you'd expect from MANOWAR.

DVD 2 - "Blood In Brazil". At long last an entire MANOWAR concert unleashed! Filmed at the Monsters Of Rock festival, Sao Paulo Brazil in 1998 this show depicts MANOWAR in devastating form churning out classic after classic in front of some 30 000 fans. Great chest beating stuff! The on stage antics are still there and even more hilarious this time around. The fan brought up to play along with "The Gods Made Heavy Metal" and the absurdity of DeMaio and his familiar beer guzzling parade only add to the spectacle.

There is no doubt that in a small club or festival arena MANOWAR are a truly great live band and have the songs to back it up.

Both DVD's are crammed full of interviews, different song versions and a Ringfest 2002 performance of new songs "Warriors Of The World" and "House Of Death". Bringing the MANOWAR fan bang up to date on what's happening in the ever so stoic world of MANOWAR oh and to finish I hear that "Hell On Earth Part 3" is not far away… (Online May 10, 2003)

Chris Doran

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