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Into Eternity - Dead Or Dreaming (8,5/10) - Canada - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: DVS Records
Playing time: 44:14
Band homepage: Into Eternity


  1. Absolution Of The Soul
  2. Distant Pale Future
  3. Shallow
  4. Unholy (Fields Of The Dead)
  5. Elysium Dream
  6. Selling God
  7. Imagination Overdose
  8. Dead Or Dreaming
  9. Cyber Messiah
  10. Identify
Into Eternity - Dead Or Dreaming
Their self-titled debut still is in good remembrance, but what Canadian INTO ETERNITY are firing out on their second album "Dead Or Dreaming" is damn impressive!

Take a mixture of Death Metal, modern groove, Progressive Metal and at times almost Power Metal and stir it with much force. What you will get is an absolutely fascinating soundscape that does not sound as any one other band and despite the almost progressive variety never sounds forced or constructed, but contains an enviable flow.

Super-heavy passages with Death Metal-vocals meet strong melodies with very good clean vocals and equally clear song-structures, just to be replaced by modern sounding guitars, which still fit perfectly and even with a Nu Metal-allergic like myself don't result in a rash.

That they have three vocalists in their ranks really pays off, because they create a variety and different sound-colours (also multi-layered) that are more than impressive and form a brilliant symbiosis with the equally aggressive and emotional musical passages, which you can barely dismiss as a Metal-fan in general. Additionally a female voice brings in yet another dimension (e.g. on "Elysium Dream").

At times INTO ETERNITY are venturing into unexpected regions of heaviness (e.g. "Selling God" (or has it been "Imagination Overdose"?)), yet without making these parts stand out as foreign elements. Listen to songs like "Distant Pale Future", "Shallow" or "Elysium Dream" and you will hear, which highly interesting soundscapes are built around you, covered into yet another masterpiece of the legitimate brother of Travis Smith, Mattias Norén, whose works already had ennobled ARENA or EVERGREY.

If Death Metal-vocals don't make you turn screaming, then "Dead Or Dreaming" is an excellent album that you should not pass by unnoticed!

Alexander Melzer

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