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Blood Red Angel - The angel of insanity - May 2001

As you had been able to read, IMO the new BLOOD RED ANGEL is the highlight of the Thrash-genre of this year so far! Lovers of the traditional sound should dig it just as friends of more modern stuff. Don't get me wrong, this band has got NO connection to the so-called Nu Metal at all! But who counts bands like GRIP INC., TESTAMENT or SLAYER among his faves should give these German Thrashers a chance!

Congrats to the new album, a real killer. Which expectations do you have for it?

First of all a good reception of the press and the online-mags, as they can give those Metalians, who do not know us yet, a good first impression. Further on we want to blast our stuff live and give as many interviews as possible (hehe).

Is it true that you have produced the album yourselves? The sound has turned out killer!

Thanks. Yes, the sound is something we really put great efforts into as bassist Bernie and myself run the Beat Point Studio and often produce bands. We all love fat, crunchy productions, which do not sound out-dated, but neither polished. "The State…", just like "Language" has taken us about three and a half weeks and we used next to no effects.

Especially when the vocals are concerned, the name GRIP INC. comes to my mind! And that is meant as a compliment!

Another thanks. Admittedly, GRIP INC. always had been on of my, or rather our, absolute faves. And similar to them we want to do heavy, straight and modern Metal with a fat sound. Therefore we are happy about comparisons like that. At our gigs we often also cover "Rusty Nail". A pleasure for us and the fans.

Thrash normally isn't a sound for the masses, except for bands like SLAYER or TESTAMENT. Your opinion?

Hm, I don't think so. Thrash often is only viewed as Eighties- or Old-School-style. Many just forget that the Nineties also have had great Thrash-albums. Of course the music shouldn't stagnate, so you can do a lot of things differently in 2001. And as I already had said, Thrash is for us: heavy, fast, straight and gripping. If a Metalhead says that he cannot dig that then he either has a very limited taste or never has seen SLAYER or TESTAMENT live. In the past months many albums are released, which are labelled as Thrash, something I really cannot comprehend. Anyway, BLOOD RED ANGEL do "real" Thrash!

On the album you have some sort of mini-concept about the murderer Gilles de Rais. What's been his rise to fame about? I only know the name from CELTIC FROST ("Into The Crypts Of Rays").

Gilles de Rais had been a companion of Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), field marshal of France and absolutely sick in the head. He loved the sight of blood, death and dying little boys, which gave him a blast. The history of de Rais' sinful (perverse) way of living shows that even those people can be convicted fairly difficultly (and this is no different today), if reputation and wealth are big enough.

Everything seems to deal with insanity, what do you try to express with the cover?

We wanted to combine a few components, which are connected to the record: blood for the band-name, Metal for the music, murder/death for the lyrics and a real photo (?), sure, for "real" Thrash! (???-Ralf)

How had been the reactions for your debut "Language Of Hate"? The reviews had been quite good, haven't they?

Almost all thought the album to be cool and we received great resonance from many older and younger people. We've heard more than once: "Man, you brought me back to the Thrash-trip, I had to dig up all the old albums again." And that's just it. You have to give the "Metals" new stuff to feed on.

Do you already have any tour-plans to promote the album? Who would be your favourite partner?

Well, we'd take anything and hope to be able to get onto a nice tour. Our favourite partner one: TESTAMENT. But there are so many other bands, Thrasher and others, that we would love to play with: NEVERMORE, THE HAUNTED, BAD RELIGION, OVERKILL, KREATOR, MISFITS, GURD, ANNIHILATOR, FEAR FACTORY, BLIND GUARDIAN ...

Which question would you like to be asked?

Depends by whom, hehe. But I think if the Gentlemen Araya, Mustaine or Hetfield would ask us to produce their next album, we'd be very relaxed.

The five most important Thrash-albums of all time?

TESTAMENT - "The New Order"
SLAYER - "Reign In Blood"
GRIP INC. - "Nemesis"
KREATOR - "Extreme Aggression"
SACRED REICH - "Ignorance"
MACHINE HEAD - "Burn My Eyes"
FORBIDDEN - "Twisted Into Form"
FEAR FACTORY - "Demanufacture" (Thrash ?!), nut important
DARK ANGEL - "We Have Arrived"
Oh, those are more than five...

Future plans and final words!

Listen to our new and/or old record, attend our gigs and you'll really enjoy your Metal-life. LET'S GET CRAZY!
MP3's can be found under and for bands that search for a studio: Beat Point Studio, Tel: +49 (0) 2151/610994 or


1999: Language Of Hate (CD, Gutter)
2001: The State Of Insanity (CD, Gutter)

Ralf Henn

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