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Beyond Twilight - Get ready for the madness (Finn Zierler) - August 2001

"The Devil's Hall Of Fame" by BEYOND TWILIGHT surely has turned out to be a more than just impressive album. Their epic, manic Doom Metal oozes real darkness and let's you freeze in awe. How this extraordinary concept-album has come into being and other interesting tidbits about BEYOND TWILIGHT have been delivered to us directly by the keyboarder and creative mastermind Finn Zierler.


First of all congratulations for "The Devil's Hall Of Fame", it's a killer! What do you expect from the album?

Thanks man :-) We have high hopes for this album. The response has been overwhelming and we're very thankful. We are all very satisfied with it and hope that it will set even more attention on the genre of Metal.


You wrote the album in the Sahara in the Atlas Mountains, right? Did this background help you to finish your vision?

Yes, definitely! Being completely isolated from the outside world, from any civilization helped me to be able to focus 100% on writing the compositions. It was a huge experience and a very developing process both as musician and as human. I lived through and faced a lot of extremes during the journey and it gave me the adrenalin kick and peace I was looking for.


When the album was written you tried to find the real musicians for the album. Are you satisfied with the result?

Yes, we're all very satisfied with the result. Actually the musicians were already gathered before I went on the journey so we already had a base camp. Personally this is the first time I've ever been satisfied with any of my releases.


Especially Jörn Lande did a very impressing job! How did you get in contact with him? Is he a real band-member?

Yes, Jörn is a real band-member, we all are. This is a band not a project. I was looking for a new singer and got in contact with my manager. He has got THE Metal collection. We had all these listening meetings where we listened to I don't know how many records? He borrowed me records, I brought them home and listened to them etc. At one of several listening meetings he suddenly put on an album with Jörn and I instantly went:" That's the guy". We got in contact with him, only a short time after he flew to Copenhagen where I met up with him. Together we started working through some ideas and we instantly blew each other away.


The production is very heavy and intense. How was the experience to work together with a producer-legend like Tommy Hansen?

As always Tommy is very cool to work with - this time was no difference. He is not narrow-minded - he is quite the opposite. He is very professional and he is extremely fast working.


The keyboards are very outstanding: Are you influenced by movie soundtracks?

Yes, I'm inspired from pretty much all music. The only music I don't like is Schlager-music; I fucking hate that shit, man. I actually used to practice while I was watching TV and movies. I found that very interesting to try to set the moods and atmosphere for the pictures I was watching. Later on and during the years I've composed music for film, movies and TV-broadcasts.


I compared the atmosphere of the album a bit with "Headless Cross" from BLACK SABBATH. But even darker and more progressive. Would you agree with me or do you hate comparisons to other bands?

I don't really care about comparisons, it's not so important to me. I like BLACK SABBATH a lot, but I know too little about "Headless Cross" to tell if they could be compared to each other. However if they can it's cool with me. BLACK SABBATH rules.


What happened to TWILIGHT? The "Eye For An Eye"-album sounds very different to "The Devil...".

TWILIGHT was very different. The music was different and the members were different. I laid down the project, cause I wanted to go in a different musical direction.


"The Devil's Hall Of Fame" is a concept album. Can you tell me more about the story behind it? I got only a card sleeve promo-CD without any lyrics!

"The Devil's Hall Of Fame" is a storybook, which is happening in four dimensions. The storybook is a mix between fiction and reality. It's about a guy who hacks through a computer into his own brain. He finds out that he has a computer chip implanted in his brain. As the story goes on he discovers that some of his files in his brain is corrupted while others are missing. He travels through time to the past and the future and the past beyond the past and the future beyond the future.
He is falling in and out of love with the same person through time. And he experiences his own death without being dead, but while being alive. As the story continues he starts to wonder if everything we're surrounded about is one big illusion. The story also deals with philosophy and religion. It questions whether philosophy really is religion or the other way around. It's really a deep storybook.
At the end the main character finds the truth at last and this is where it gets really twisted. Whenever he tells the truth to people they instantly die. So how can he as the only one hold the truth and yet not die? The truth is self-destructive. So he cannot tell the truth, he is alone - completely alone. And now that he knows the truth what are his thoughts? "It's Perfect Dark In The Devil's Hall Of Fame".


How did it come to the deal with Massacre Records?

Normally it's been a fight to get the deals closed. However this time we sent out an appetizer to eight companies and we got eight positive replies. We've never experienced anything like this before. We ended up choosing Massacre, because we felt comfortable working with this company. They are really enthusiastic and until now we have been more than satisfied.


Are there any plans to perform the album on stage?

Yes, definitely. We are planning and scheduling things right now. We hope to be out on tour in the autumn - latest in winter.


What is your own top five of the best Metal-albums of all times?

METALLICA - Master Of Puppets
DREAM THEATER - Images And Words
FAITH NO MORE - King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime
SLAYER - Reign In Blood


Your future plans and your last words!

Future plans are to go out touring. We've got a few surprises coming up :-)
Last words.... I just want say thanks to all the fans without whom we wouldn't be around. We are very thankful for the overwhelming response. Hope to see you on the road. Get ready for the madness!


Thank you for your time! I tell everybody about BEYOND TWILIGHT! You rule! The album is incredible! Best wishes for the future and hold on to your dream!

Thanks Ralf. Thank you for taking the time on this interview we are all very thankful. Hope you are well. Stay in touch.
All the best!




2001: The Devil's Hall Of Fame (CD, Massacre)


Ralf Henn

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