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Cadaveria - The charm of evil? - October 2002

After drummer Flegias and singer Cadaveria had left the band OPERA IX, CADAVERIA have been founded, who are far more than only a solo-project of the pale beauty. The first album "The Shadows Madame" shows a damn talented band that manages to create a very dark, haunting and evil atmosphere. They do not set themselves any stylistic borders. So the whole thing meanders between Black, Death, Gothic and traditional Metal. Read what the shadow-madam herself had to say:

Hi Cadaveria, this is Ralf from Germany. How are you doing? How is the weather there in Italy? Do you live in south or northern Italy?

Hi Ralf, hi all readers! I'm fine, thank you! In North Italy we are beginning to see the sun behind the clouds, after a cold winter of snow and dense fog.

Congratulations for "The Shadows Madame" it's a killer album! Why did you split with OPERA IX? Do they still exist?

Glad to know you like the album. It is the result of our efforts, of ten months of hard work with the new band, and we are completely satisfied of it. We started working on compositions in April 01, after me and Flegias left OPERA IX for personal and musical incomprehension, and in the end of September we were ready to enter recording studio, where the main arrangements were set. The studio is a property of Frank Booth, our guitar player, so we hadn't any time problem, we worked in total calm till December, and this allowed us to cure the production, to experiment new recording and mixing solutions and to release a high quality CD.

What's the difference between both bands in your opinion?

I think the main difference is the attitude: CADAVERIA is a band made by open minded people, it's a metal band that has its roots in the core of Heavy/Death & Black Metal but that isn't afraid of accepting new sound influences. For the band members this means a great freedom of actions and of thoughts. I think this attitude is reflected also in the music we compose and in the image of the band. We don't care about the genre we play, we just want to play what we like.

The name CADAVERIA is very cute, isn't it? I hope it has nothing to do with your special perfume...

No, obviously, but it has something to do with my appearance and my feelings: I'm pale, diaphanous, I have rings under my eyes and I love the dismal sedateness and the livid aspect of dead corpses. The band has the same name 'cause the music we play and the lyrics I write are a representation of decadence and obscurity. Under this point of view some lyrics are in fact very dark and gothic.

The drumming is very tight. Is it true that the drums are played by the singer of NECRODEATH?

Flegias was the drummer of OPERA IX since 1992. In 2001 he left the band and with me he founded the band CADAVERIA. Here he plays drums again, but with the nick name Marcelo Santos.

I hope he didn't leave NECRODEATH...

No, he continues to sing in NECRODEATH, like Killer Bob, our bass player, continues to play the bass in NECRODEATH (he's John). You see, both Flegias and John, a bit for joke, a bit to not confuse fans' ideas, have another name in CADAVERIA, names taken from David Lynch's movies "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" and "Wild At Heart".

The album will be out on March 25, right? What do you expect?

"The Shadows' Madame" album will be out on 11 March in Italy and one or two weeks after it will be available in all Europe. We are sure not to disappoint old fans and to be a positive surprise for all people who didn't know us. We don't expect anything special, we hope only listeners will enjoy our work and will like the CD as much as we like it. Anyway, I think our music has something particular, uncommon, personal, it would be a pity not to insert "The Shadows' Madame" in your CD collection.

What can you tell me about the lyrics? Are they in the vein of OPERA IX?

Not exactly. Darkness and magic are still the main themes, but they are seen from my personal point of view. All CADAVERIA lyrics were written by me and they are related to my personal experiences, to my interests, my readings, my credo. "Absolute Vacuum", for example, contains my considerations about death, suffering and evil. I say: "Death is eternal, it's the evidence of everything's end and corruption. Suffering is pain, don't mistake it for ache, ache is consciousness, everlasting expiation. [...] Evil is an archetype that pre-exists men, it's an inner voice that transcends the life's principle, it is shameful and sharp, but secretly desired. [...] Don't resist the charm of evil". I like to reason on things and events, on what there is inside and around me... my lyrics deal with this arguments. "The Magic Rebirth" shows how a nightmare can become a dream, how bad experiences strengthen men's spirit and can lead them to their spiritual rebirth. In other songs I speak of the power of souls, of cosmic energies, of nature forces: my believes. I trust the intelligence and the power of human mind. The first part of the song "Spell" and the central part of "Circle of Eternal Becoming" are inspired to my readings, C. Baudelaire ("Les Fleurs du Mal"), the first, W. B. Yeats ("Ideas of Good and Evil") the second.

Aren't you influenced by movies. too? Which ones?

Cinema doesn't influences our music and lyrics, as I said we have other sources of inspiration, but I like cinema so much that I oriented my university studies in this direction. I like old movies in particular, I love the art to communicate through light and shadows, the Twenties mute cinema, above all the German one, Lang, Wiene, but also Murnau and Dreyer. I like the Forties American cinema (above all the noir), the horror movies and the independent and visionary directors of nowadays. Cronenberg and Kubrick are my myths, but Lynch is my guru. When CADAVERIA was formed I was preparing my final thesis at university. I made it on David Lynch's "Lost Highway". I spent seven months speaking exclusively of Lynch and his movies... and I influenced the other guys of the band. Frank Booth, Marcelo Santos, Baron Harkonnen and Killer Bob are characters from D. Lynch's movies. Flegias likes cinema too and he is an excellent video maker. Next month we will realize the videoclip of "Spell".

Imagine a fairy would give you three wishes. What would they be?

It would not be a fairy but a witch, anyway... first: enjoy every instant of a long life in perfect health, second: not to work but have enough money to live, third: all my other hundred wishes to be granted.

What's at the moment in your private CD-player?

"Lost Highway" soundtrack

How about some live gigs? Do you think that we will see you playing here in Germany, too?

We are planning a mini tour in Italy in May. Actually I don't know if we will tour Europe. We would like to support our live acts with a scenario on stage, this complicates the organization of the dates. Stay connected on for any news about possible future gigs in Germany.

What are your future plans with CADAVERIA?

The contract with Scarlet is for 1 + 2 albums. After the video and some live dates we will start working on new songs. I would like to release a CD every year.

Which question would you like to be asked?

A question about the CD artwork. I worked on it for two months and it's great! And this is another reason to buy "The Shadows' Madame"!

Your last words to our readers?

Thanks for the interview. I love Germany and your beer! Stay evil.


2002: The Shadow's Madame (CD, Scarlet)

2004: Far Away From Conformity (CD, Scarlet)

Ralf Henn

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