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Destiny's End - Thunder in the distance - April 2001

For the second time around the American Power Metallers around former HELSTAR-fronter James Rivera are serving us a brilliant album. "Transition" is the title of the follow-up to "Breathe Deep The Dark", again showing that DESTINY'S END are the legitimate successors to HELSTAR. Reason enough to send a mail across the ocean and get in touch with Dan DeLucie...

Congratulations to the new album "Transition", a killer! I think it's a more straight album like "Breathe Deep The Dark"?

Thanks. I don't really think it's a more straightforward album than our first one though. I even think its more progressive and varied. It definitely is melodic and fast like the first one, but there's more to "Transition".

Destiny's End

Who is responsible for that killer production? It kicks ass!

Joe Floyd engineered and recorded it and Achim Köhler mixed it. Joe is very experienced in the studio and he had lots of effects and other cool toys for us to experiment with. We also used several different acoustic guitars including a 12-string which sounds killer. I even played a very slight amount of simple keyboards on one song. We also threw in some cool sound effects. Achim's mix is really great! It sounds very heavy and very big.

What can you tell me about the lyrics? Is it a concept album?

The first five songs are tied together by the theme of human evolution both past and present. The songs discuss where we've been and where we may be going as a race. For instance the title-track "Transition" tells the story of an artificial intelligence that grows to beyond its physical shell to surpass the intelligence of man. It's influenced by the book 'The Rise Of Endymion' by Dan Simmons.
"The Suffering" is about human history and how, in some ways, humanity hasn't evolved all that much and the same mistakes are repeated in different forms. Another interesting song is "From Dust to Life". The words are based on a book called 'The Equations Of Eternity' by David Darling. It's about how we all really come from the same place. All life is from the dust of the stars. Dust that's been hurdling through space for eons. It's also about human evolution and how we ride "on the shoulders of the past." And how we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder…but for how long?
I came up with the main concept for the first half of the CD and James added his own interpretation of the theme on the song "The Watcher". The lyrics on the second half of the album are more personal in nature. James and Perry wrote most of the lyrics on the second half of the album.

How did it come to a split with HELSTAR? Was this the birth of DESTINY'S END?

HELSTAR and DESTINY'S END have nothing to do with each other except for James. None of us were ever in HELSTAR except James. The birth of DESTINY'S END was after James joined with us when we were NEW EDEN and the we added Perry to the band and called it DESTINY'S END.

I used to tell my friends "Transition" is a modern update version of "A Distant Thunder"? Actually this is one of my all time faves! What do you think?

I love "A Distant Thunder", too. In some ways the styles are similar. I think we have a few longer songs that are much different like "Vanished" and "The Suffering". "The Suffering" reminds me more of MAIDEN. Also "Storm Clouds" is not like "A Distant Thunder" at all.

I saw DESTINY'S END last year on the amazing Band Your Head-festival and you guys fucking ruled! I was a little bit disappointed cause you played no HELSTAR-Song! Now I heard that HELSTAR will definitely play this years Bang Your Head: It's like a dream come true for me. And tell me about your impressions on this festival!

We didn't do a HELSTAR-song? Oh, I guess not. We did "King Is Dead" at Wacken. That was fun. Bang Your Head was great. I love the German festivals. Thanks for saying we ruled! It was a great show.

Are there plans for a new HELSTAR-release, too? Do you know what the old HELSTAR-members are doing at the moment?

There are no plans for a HELSTAR-release right now. If there is, it won't be new material, maybe a live thing. The only certain plan is the Bang Your Head-show.

How is it working for your band in the States? Are there still a lot of Metal-lunatics who come to your shows? Is there a market for bands like you or will it be better to settle to Germany?

Destiny's End

It would be a lot better in Germany. There are only very few in the US into Metal. Our number of fans is growing so that's all you could hope for. As long as the audience is growing, I'm happy. Germany is so great though. I like it there.

Do you have any plans to tour in Europe promoting your new album? There should be a chance with another Metal Blade-act to tour together through Germany. Which act would be your first choice?

I would love to go back to Germany, but the plans don't exist at the moment. I think it would be fun to tour with KING DIAMOND or our friends in SACRED STEEL again.

What kind of music do the guys in DESTINY'S END like in their spare-time?

I'm inspired by IRON MAIDEN, PRIEST, Elton John, FATES WARNING, METALLICA, MEGADETH, HELLOWEEN, DEATH, Loreena McKennit, Vivaldi, SLAYER, Mozart, Beethoven, JETHRO TULL, Cat Stevens, Michael Schenker, Yngwie, DIO, VOIVOD, Satriani, RUSH and many more. Right now some new Metal I'm listening to is DC Cooper, NEVERMORE and ONWARD.

Please tell us a funny story that you will never forget. I swear there is no censorship!

Can't think of anything right now.

Which question have you never been asked about DESTINY'S END?

"So what's it like selling a million albums?" Check out for more information about the band.


1999: Breathe Deep The Dark (CD, Metal Blade)
2001: Transition (CD, Metal Blade)

Ralf Henn

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