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Dispatched - The Death Metal-motherwar in the view of Speed Metal... - July 2001

The debut of Swedish Death Metallers DISPATCHED went completely asunder in the release-flood, a pity, because many people missed a really good album through that. As it had grown very quiet around the guys around mastermind Daniel Lundberg, it was about time to dig them up from the darkness of the underground!

Could you for the beginning tell us a little about the reasons, why you formed a band in first place? Which bands/artists did you help with your decision?

Well, it's a couple of years now since I started the first edition of this band. Well, it was pretty simple, I loved (and still do) hard music such as Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal etc, so I wanted to do the same as all my favourite bands, to do music, perform live and all that - so I just forced my friends to join me in a band, ha, ha… At first I was very influenced by such bands like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, but also some of the Black Metal and Death Metal-bands that were around back then (1991).

As next to nobody ever has heard of DISPATCHED, could you give me a little wrap-up of the history of the band?

To make a really long history short - I started a band called DISPATCHED in late 1991, with some of my friends, we played a couple of years and also recorded some demo-tapes (we were actually two times in old UNISOUND studio with Dan Swanö). However, this band split up in the end of 1994 and I started a new band (the 2:nd edition of the band), with new members… These new members agreed to stay with the old name DISPATCHED, even if this now was a new band… We got ourselves a steady line-up around the end of 1997, and went to Abyss in 1998 to record a MCD. Later the next year we went back to record our first full-length album "Motherwar"….

What did you choose DISPATCHED as your band-name? It's rather strange for a Death Metal-band...

Yes, it is… We didn't want an ordinary "Death Metal"-name, so that was why we took this name. The name can stand for many different things, for example it could stand for "Executed", and that was cool back then… Nowadays I'm not that satisfied with this name anymore, and we had plans to change it, but then again people who had known our bands for years didn't want us to change it - and we couldn't actually find anything that sounded better, so….

In the intro and "Motherwar" you have incorporated tunes of Beethoven and Mozart, which is pretty rare in Death Metal. How did it come that you've taken up those?

It was just a cool thing to do, you know, people recognise these tunes, and that's cool -this way people know the song from the beginning - even if they never have heard the song before… The other thing is that HM-bands have done this before (ACCEPT etc), and I really liked that, so…

Something that also is not too common in Death Metal is the use of keyboards, especially in the way that DISPATCHED use them...

Eh, yes, maybe you're right… Well, it's pretty hard to describe DISPATCHED's music, you know, we often get the label Death Metal, but our songs are not in any way arranged as a Death Metal-song, our songs are much more like Heavy Metal in the construction, and we also have some kind of Black Metal-vocals on this, too, so...
Well, I just do the songs in the way I want to hear them, and I think keyboards are a good way to get a extra dimension in the songs...

With "Final Countdown" you have an excellent cover-version on "Motherwar". How and why did you pick this Swedish classic?

We were thinking about to do the first cover version ever for DISPATCHED, and we were thinking about which song we should cover… Our singer came up with the idea of "The Final Countdown", and we felt that this was it. You know, all MAIDEN-classics or JUDAS PRIEST's classics are already covered at least twice, we wanted to do a song that no one had done before - and try to make it into a DISPATCHED-feeling song (with the DISPATCHED sound!)…

The "band-hymn" "Dispatched" is exceptionally long for a Death Metal-band, with a playing time of more than 14 minutes. Did it consciously turn out to be that long or was it coincidence?

The song "Dispatched" is actually only about eight minutes, the rest of the song is some kind of an outro, we just let the rec-knob on and jammed along for a couple of minutes…. Just for fun…

Heh, which bands could be named as influences for your sound?

I am influenced by many bands, from the start I was influenced a lot by MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and such bands. Nowadays I am mostly influenced by all cool bands I listen to, everything from Black Metal to Heavy Metal…

Contrary to most of your genre-colleagues you do not use blastbeats in the faster passages, but rather rely on fat double-bass-work. Why is that?

Yes, again we don't do songs like Death Metal-songs, we are more into doing fast songs like old Heavy Metal-bands such as RUNNING WILD etc - a bit in the view of Speed Metal, ha, ha… No one in our band is that interested in playing blast beats, even if we listen to music who use that…..

"Motherwar" has pretty much gone under in the mass of releases. How had been the reactions from the fans and the press on the album?

Well, we have got very good response from both magazines and people who have bought our album, the average score in magazines has been very high - but as you mentioned, there are too many releases in this genre of music today, so it's really hard to get through to the masses… So we just hope that more people will find out of our music in the future…

At Music For Nations you are only one of many bands. How is your status on that label?

MFN does not have that many bands, they got pretty few - if you compare to Nuclear Blast or Century Media… Well, we don't have any status at all right now, DISPATCHED and MFN aren't working together anymore……

Despite a few ads after the release, there was only very little publicity, next to no interviews and everything. Have you been satisfied with how things had run?

As I said, it have been really hard to get out to the masses, I have done about 100 interviews for this album, but still it isn't enough to get through… I am pretty satisfied with ads and interviews, the only thing we didn't like was that MFN should have got us out on tour, without a tour to promote the album, it's impossible to sell anything, so… We really hope to get out 'til the next album…

It's been some while since "Motherwar" has been released, is there any new material ready again? And might there be another cover-version?

Yes and no! DISPATCHED have just recently been to Studio Fredman and recorded a new album - but we had too little time, so we were forced to stay with our own songs… The new album was recorded by Anders Fridén/IN FLAMES under three weeks…. The new album is somewhat harder than "Motherwar" - the sound is harder and the whole album is somehow more varied than the last one….

And could we hope for the second album any time soon?

See above! Well, we closed our co-operation with MFN, so we have just recently sent out some promo-packages (with the new songs) to some record-companies last week, so it's too early to say about when this album will be released - and by whom….!?

Did you get any chances to present your material also live?

We haven't done too many live performances, but we did one in Germany 97, and we have done a couple here in Sweden… But we are getting booked right now by several clubs here, so it seems like we finally get more bookings now….

Within the genre of Melodic Death Metal mostly the bands from Göteborg had taken up the sceptre in the so-called "New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal". Now your sound does differ from it, what is the status for DISPATCHED in your home-country and, of course, also abroad?

I don't know exactly what they say about us here, but many magazines abroad think that we sound very "Göteborg-ish", but I am not sure….

On your web-site I have seen that there had been some releases prior to "Motherwar". Are they still available?

We have done a couple of recordings before (a 7" EP and 3 MCD's), but they are not really for sale anymore, most of them where demo recordings, so we don't stand for them anymore, ha, ha… Well, I got a very few copies of our MCD "Promised Land" still in stock - that was the MCD we recorded at Abyss the year before we recorded "Motherwar"…

Could you please give me your opinion on the following bands:

IN FLAMES - A very good band, like them a lot, "Whoracle" rules!!
MARDUK - Haven't heard them too much since their earlier days…
HAMMERFALL - Cool that they help people to get into this scene…
OPETH - I liked them in their earlier days, when they were a Black Metal-band, Åkerfeldt's BM-screaming was one of the best ever….
CHILDREN OF BODOM - We have been compared with them in 1000's of magazines, ha, ha, and I hadn't ever heard them, but I have done that now, and yes, a they have a few similarities to DISPATCHED…
But maybe you have put these five together to describe a bit DISPATCHED's sound?? Well I could image myself that if you mix these five, then you got a band very close to DISPATCHED, ha, ha…

And to end the interview, my traditional last question: What is your favourite question about DISPATCHED that you haven't been asked yet, but would finally like to answer?

A hard one, to start with, I liked your questions, not too much of the ordinary questions that I usually get… No one knows about this, so nobody has asked me about this:
My question: What happened with the ordinary "outro" on the album "Motherwar"?
We did a little outro, a not too serious one, just for fun. MFN didn't like it/dare to include it on the album…. The outro was a sound from children (like a sound from a kindergarten), then you hear a really dark voice (Mr Devil) saying: "Get ready to pay!" and then he shoots all kids with a machine-gun… Ha, ha… As I said, not very serious, but fun as hell… A pity that no ones every gets to hear it, ha, ha…


2000: Motherwar (CD, Music For Nations)

Alexander Melzer

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