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Doomsword - Italian Vikings - August 2002

Who likes traditional Epic Metal a la WARLORD, MANOWAR or CANDLEMASS, should also remember the name DOOMSWORD. The second epos of the Italians, "Resound The Horns", for sure is one of the highlights of this year so far. But you do not really get spoiled as a fan of this direction anyway. Deathmaster answered Ralf's questions.

Hi, this is Ralf from the German Webzine "The Metal Observer". How are you doing? How is the rest of DOOMSWORD?

Everything right, thank you. We have just returned from the BYH in Balingen, we really like Germany and the German Metalheads!

First let's talk about your debut "DOOMSWORD" which hit me like a Hammerslag...I never awaited such an album from a Italian band (and on UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY by the way...). Who had the idea to play this Epic/Doom stuff?

It was an idea of mine in 1997, when I created DOOMSWORD together with another friend of mine, Guardian Angel. I am the only one left from the first DOOMSWORD line-up.

Did you play in other bands before DOOMSWORD?

Yes, I did. I played together with Guardian Angel and Dark Omen in a band called AGARTHI, whereas both Guardian Angel II and me have played in a band called ARKHÈ (great Prog Metal, by the way - Ralf). GroM is the drummer of the Norwegian band ANCIENT.

Who had the idea with the leather cover?

It was a cover we thought about together with Maurizio from Underground Symphony. The result was simply unique, and it gave our first album a noble aspect.

What are your main influences?

Our main influences are all those bands who released some kind of epic stuff, be them old or new, it does not matter: obviously we are inspired by many '80s bands like WARLORD, CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD, TYRANT, CANDLEMASS, MEDIEVAL STEEL etc. but I consider as sources of inspiration even bands like SOLSTICE, SLOUGH FEG, SKULLVIEW, SOLITUDE AETURNUS. I do not like to consider '80s material as the only good stuff.

In these days your new album Resound The Horn" will be out. What do you expect?

We only expect to obtain what we are worthy of. We play Epic Metal, with particular lyrics, and we have not the aim to become famous, since it is an impossible dream. All the responses till now have been amazing, really beyond our every expectation, and this could be considered a great satisfaction.

Is there a concept behind it?

The only concept behind DOOMSWORD lyrics is the idea of epic. The epic feeling of our songs is the only constant element in our every album, no matter what kind of epic lyrics you are singing about.

Why did you change the label?

It has been a matter of distribution. We are really satisfied of the work Underground Symphony made for our first album, but its distro web was too little, and after the releasing of "Doomsword" we were still almost unknown. So we decided to sign a deal with Dragonheart, and we are very happy to see that Underground Symphony totally comprehended the situation.

What can you tell me about the finished album. Will there be another extraordinary cover or booklet.(I have only a card-sleeve promo...)

There will be a DigiPak version and a vinyl one, that will probably be released by Metal Supremacy.

Are you satisfied with the production of Resound..."?

Yes we are. We managed to obtain the kind of sound we like, like in the old days, you know…Anyway, we had a great during the recording, with no troubles at all, and this fact helped us to record in a perfect atmosphere.

Did you ever play live with DOOMSWORD? Are there any plans to play in Germany...

You surely noticed that we use nicknames. We do not want to reveal our identities, since we want the music to speak by itself, with no Rock-star images behind it. This sort of halo of mystery around the band gave us the status of cult band, and we believe that playing live would mean destroying this aura. The problem is that we recently received the proposal to play with MANILLA ROAD, and we are starting thinking about a live activity, indeed. Besides, after having been to the Bang Your Head festival, I can say that it would be really cool to play there.

Mostly of the Italian acts play this Happy Metal with keyboards. There only a few like you, THUNDERSTORM or CADAVERIA who play real Metal. Why are you different? Are you sad guys (hehhehe)?

Not at all ahaha!!! We have a real barbarian spirit, and a Viking aspect (some of us), we like to have our horns always full of beer, and enjoy ourselves any time, except for when we write our songs…you can compare this behaviour to the Viking one, always happy to have a beer, extreme concentration when they went in battle…Well, back to the question now: we believe that DOOMSWORD have a kind of atmosphere that can be considered an exception in the whole Italian Metal scene. We do not want to imitate anyone, and we have the luck of possessing our own sound, a real fortune nowadays…Only bands like the mighty THUNDERSTORM or DOMINE can tell you the same.

Which album of the last months impressed you very much...?

Dio - "Killing The Dragon", Twisted Tower Dire - "Isle Of The Hydra", Skullview - "Consequences Of Failure", and I believe that the new MAJESTY album its really great even if I had not the occasion to listen to till now.

Which question would you like to be asked?

"Do you believe DOOMSWORD can be considered as the most epic band of our days?"

What do think about the CANDLEMASS-reunion?

It has been a great pleasure to see CANDLEMASS live, I don't think they will ever release an album, and I had not the impression that all of the band was really happy to play there, anyway Messiah made a great show, and seemed really happy to see thousand of people singing!

Where do you live in Italy? I think in the north...

50 km north of Milan, really close to the Switzerland border. Our zone is called "Gallia Cisalpina" that means "zone under the alps inhabited by the Celts". It is full of hills and woods around here, we really like it.

Future plans?

To be reminded as one of the most cult and Epic Metal bands ever appeared.


1998: DoomSword (CD, Underground Symphony)
2002: Resound The Horn (CD, Underground Symphony)

Ralf Henn

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