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Candlemass - Ancient Dreams (9/10) - Sweden - 1988

Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Active
Playing time: 58:25
Band homepage: Candlemass


  1. Mirror Mirror
  2. A Cry From The Crypt
  3. Darkness In Paradise
  4. Incarnation Of Evil
  5. Bearer Of Pain
  6. Ancient Dreams
  7. The Bells Of Acheron
  8. Epistle No. 81
  9. Black Sabbath Medley
Candlemass - Ancient Dreams

When talking about Doom Metal, then you will always here a few names. BLACK SABBATH, of course, but also the name of a Swedish band, despite their stylistic "excursions" of the last two albums, is still always mentioned with a certain reverence: CANDLEMASS. They had, more or less, founded their very own niche within Doom, commonly titled as "Epic Power Doom".

"Ancient Dreams", the second album of the Swedes around Leif Edling, contains everything you need for it: Slow- to mid-paced tempo, grand melody-arcs, very epic arrangement and the fulminant voice of a singer, whose organ is just perfect for this kind of music: Messiah Marcolin. Very voluminous (like the man himself ;), with a unique timbre that marks him unmistakeably Marcolin among thousands of singers, something that you do not find often anymore.

And even though the album is almost pure Doom, it excels in its variety. They not only play in slow-motion, but the compositions are loosened up by faster passages as well. And above all thrones (and in this case it is the best word I could imagine) Messiah Marcolin's unique voice…

Because of the overall high level of quality it is quite hard to pick out certain songs, so take "Mirror Mirror", "A Cry From The Crypt", "Bearer Of Pain" or "Epistle No. 81", but basically you could take almost the complete track-list…

All in all a masterpiece of Doom, with a great cover, a painting of Thomas Cole, which you can find in Washington's National Gallery Of Art. Who likes Doom needs this one!

Alexander Melzer

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