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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - EVEREVE - July 2001

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EverEve - The money-machine... - July 2001

The fourth album of band extraordinaire EVEREVE is called "E-Mania" and offers a good mixture between fat Metal-riffs, dark atmosphere and almost danceable electro-sounds! This soundes so energizing that I had to apply for an interview. I got at bassist SMart Basstard's nerves with my questions:

On the first two albums you've had strong Black Metal-influences, now they have completely disappeared! Have you lost interest in that kind of music?

As musicians we do not think in categories like: Come on, let's write a fast cracker. Music is a matter of emotions and we make most of our decisions rather spontaneously. As an outsider you often - it's the same with me when I hear the music of other bands - have no other choice than to draw comparisons. The song sounds like band XY, but the middle part like something completely different. You know what I mean. Today's society is getting swamped with images, impressions and also music that we just have to have the impression to have heard or seen everything once before.
When you say that our first two albums contained Black Metal-influences that cannot be found on "E-Mania" anymore, then this is your very personal impression! For me it never had been important to know that we somehow also do Black Metal. We are EVEREVE and that for eight years now. When I listen to "Seasons", "Stormbirds" or "E-Mania", then I detect the same band playing, because the songs' souls still is given life by the same musicians. In private I like to listen to music that can be labeled as Black Metal. But the personal likings play no role when it comes down to create art in a collective.

I think that it is a rather normal evolution that you have turned more electronic. But you also turned more poppy. Consciously?

When a song is very catchy and you still can detect new things in it after dozens of listens, then there is a method to it. But apart from that every development and evolution is completely natural. There is no credibility in old musicians realizing after frustrating years that their old band still enjoys some success and decide to let the spirit of their youth live up again. That reeks of greed.
It is normal that an individual develops. You learn so many things and it would be sad, if your live-experience would not influence your own doings. As a musician this is no different. I prefer artists that are willing to question their own creations productively. As a prime example I can state David Bowie, who is in the business for more than 30 years now and still invents himself anew time and again without losing credibility.

What do you think if I claim that EVEREVE do music for girls?

We are happy about every Metalian that bangs his head to our music and plays the air-guitar, but honestly, if you compare them to some beautiful women, who gyrate their hips to our music, those guys are so clumsy… (exactly - drool - Ralf)

On "Regret" you've had a guest-vocalist, now your keyboarder has taken over the vocals. I think that his voice fits the material very well, but it has next to no connection to Metal anymore! Do you view yourself as Metal-act anymore?

Oh, now it's getting boring. In my CD-collection I have almost anything from melodic Hard Rock over Power and Thrash Metal to absolute Grind. As I had stated before, credibility for me is not the realization of expectations, but in first line with honesty. We have pulled through our thing from the beginning and when somebody from outside of EVEREVE has tried to bend the back-bone of the band he always has failed miserably.
"E-Mania" stands for Cyber Gothic Metal and there the expression "Metal" still can be found. The guitars are crisp, the drums are pounding… Got it?

You've wandered from Nuclear Blast to Massacre. I always have had the feeling that after your second album you had been like the spare wheel at Nuclear Blast's, while they invested their money into DIMMU BORGIR or HAMMERFALL. At Massacre you are a priority act, aren't you?

To us it is not important whom we work with, but rather that our partners understand what EVEREVE are about. Nuclear Blast either could not or would not understand us in the end, so it is just reasonable that we searched for a new label. Massacre have left us all freedom we wanted from the beginning and I think that we haven't disappointed them. Record-labels always are the interface between art and commercialism. So far we haven't had any reason for complaints with Massacre. And I think that as a musician you cannot make a bigger compliment to a label.

Whose idea has been the S/M-cover of "E-Mania"? Do you like stuff like that in private, too?

Hey, my back looks really bad today, you cannot imagine how that hurts when you are taking a shower. But seriously, the sexual aspect isn't in the foreground with the artwork. EVEREVE by now have grown into a small artistic community. This community, the E-TEAM, besides the band, consists of our sound-designer Jörg Hüttner (also Relatives Menschsein) and the graphic artist A. Zivanov from Croatia. We gave him our lyrics and demos and he transferred his impressions of our emotions into images. The cover is full of symbolism: blood drips from the walls, you cannot see the face of the lady, she kneels in a big "E" etc.

Why are you now using those (silly) pseudonyms?

The concept of "E-Mania" is a departure from reality. The many puns, the graphics inside the booklet and our pseudonyms are the means to achieve that. Our real names don't have any connection to the world that "E-Mania" creates. We describe reality as something artificial. On the outside we all are very happy people, who like to laugh. But deep within a dark atmosphere connects us, which can be found in our lyrics in a very abstract way. Everybody bears his personal fears, demons or sinister thoughts. They just appear and won't let you go again.

You have dared to cover "Fade To Grey", which almost is revered as a relic by the crypt-followers. How have the reactions been so far?

You can divide them into two categories: Some love it, others hate it. It has been our challenge to take on a "relic". But the fact that there still are positive reactions show that you can do whatever you want with a good song, it just will remain a good song.

How will it look like tour-wise? Such an impressive album should be performed live, too. Do you have a special show, too?

At the moment we are playing a few festivals, you can get more infos on In autumn we'll do a bigger tour, but we have not information about when and with whom yet. We'll keep our stage-show rather basic, with only some symbolic actions. Bombastic light-show and other entertainment-elements are OK, but in the end it all comes down to the music. The fans will see an almost incredibly precise performance and don't worry about the entertainment-value, you will see enough…

Which question would you like to be asked?

Do you want a money-machine? To me there are no good or bad questions, only good or bad answers. (Good! - Ralf)

Last words and future plans?

We've always been honest with ourselves and we will continue to do that. Future plans? To continuously work on our career, our hearts are connected with it…


1996: Seasons (CD, Nuclear Blast)
1998: Stormbirds (CD, Nuclear Blast)
1999: Regret (CD, Nuclear Blast)
2001: E-Mania (CD, Massacre)

Ralf Henn

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