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Godgory - The mission of beautiful music - September 2001

Four albums now the Swedes of GODGORY are offering us their very own kind of Melodic Death Metal, very atmospheric, with characteristic guitars, plus acoustic interludes, so far off the so successful and oft-copied Gothenburg-sound. As also their latest effort "Way Beyond" stands the test, there was no other option but to get in contact with the guys. And as the probability of an Andersson was one-hundred percent anyway, I took a closer aim and finally hit Matte...

You have a pretty original style, which can easily be identified as GODGORY. What do you think makes it so different from the rest?

I think it's because we listen to a lot of music, not only Metal and we bring in influences from this music. We don't use any rules, if we are pleased with a part that we have written, we don't think we can't include that cause it's too soft or wossy. As long we are pleased with the things and can stand for them, then we just go. I also think it's important to get influenced by not only Metal. The main reason why don't sound like every other band is that we go our own way.

Now with your musical style, which bands could you name as influences? I guess that it's not only the usual bands you could imagine for a Melodic Death-band...

In the beginning when we started GODGORY we had TIAMAT, CEMETARY and EDGE OF SANITY as our influences. We are also influenced by DREAM THEATER, Yngwie Malmsteen plus that we have grown as musicians so nowadays we rely very much on our own knowledge.

How would you describe your style yourself?

I usually describe GODGORY's music as Melodic Power Death with acoustic passages combined with beautiful, mighty and romantic keyboards.

The opener "Final Journey" is brilliant, with the machine-part as rhythm-instrument. Why, how, what and everything?

The song is about a man that dies so we thought it suited the song perfectly to include that machine. It's given the song a very mighty and horrorlike atmosphere and that's what we wanted to achieve and I think we did a hell of a job.

It's pretty unusual for a band to use an 8+ minute-song as the opener for a CD. What made you choose so?

We are so pleased with this song and we wanted the listener to hear real mighty quality the first thing they hear when they press play. That song also contains everything that GODGORY stands for, every element in that song just explains the whole GODGORY-sound.

On "Resurrection" you've had a great cover-version of ACCEPT's "Princess Of The Dawn", didn't you think about another version for "Way Beyond"?

We recorded a THIN LIZZY-cover that will be included on the Japan-CD. The song is entitled "This Is The One", it will also be included on a tribute album to THIN LIZZY. We managed to do a really good version this time also and we are pleased.

What do the lyrics deal with?

Mostly our lyrics deals with hate and sadness and it's written from our point of view. If something is bothering me I write a lyric about it, it's a very good way to clean your system. On "Way Beyond" I have written the lyrics for "Caressed By Flames" that one is about a girl that got sentenced to burn alive on a stake, accused of being a witch. She comes back from the dead to haunt them all that gave her this penalty. "Farewell" is also my creation is about a man that hates his life and got this fear for being resurrected when he has finally died. He doesn't want to relive his life again, when he's dead he just want to be buried and forgotten, no afterlife for him.

Does the title "Way Beyond" maybe have a connection to the lyrics of "Final Journey"?

No, "Way Beyond" has nothing to do with the lyrics, it's not a theme album or something.

The cover again has been done by Kristian Wåhlin. Which information did you give him to do the cover and what shall it express?

Once again we gave him the album title and he had heard our music before and he asked if the music was in the same vein. Yes we told him and we gave him free hands to paint the cover, we trust him 100 % since the "Resurrection"- cover. When we got our new cover we were amazed, we just thought he's done it again. We will be using him as long as he's in business, there is no one better than him.

What do you expect from "Way Beyond"?

We expect it to sell a lot and very good reviews. We also hope to go on tour this time and promote this album, we have released four albums and never played outside Sweden. We got a lot of good material to perform for our fans and would be awesome to meet them face to face and drink a beer or many with them. So beware, probably GODGORY will come to your town.

"Way Beyond" is your fourth album to date, how had been the reactions to your other albums?

It's been very great, a lot of people have e-mailed me and told me that they like our new album very much. The people I have talked to during interviews have been very into the album and praised it to the skies. The reviews I have seen in mags has also been very good. So I guess you could say that the response has been awesome and not only been it still is. It's great that people appreciate our music and we are very satisfied ourselves with this album.

The name is a little, ehm, strange. What does it mean?

"Way Beyond" is taken from the movie "Super 8" with Nicholas Cage, is that movie that deals with snuff-movies. It's a part in that movie when they are walking in a underground garage or something where people are selling those movies. All people got a sign where you can read what category the movies belongs to, but there is one guy and his signs says "Way Beyond". We thought it was a great name for our album, there is no special meaning behind it. It's up to the listener to listen to the music and decide for themselves what "Way Beyond" is to them. I don't think it's a strange name, I think it's a good name. (Ehm, I had rather thought about the band-name... - Alex)

You're only a duo. Now is it so difficult to find suiting permanent members or do you not even WANT to find any?

Yes we are a duo and it's pretty hard to find permanent members where we live and one other thing which is really hard is that Mikael Dahlqvist the guitar player is such a fantastic guitarist so it's hard to find someone who could replace him. We would love to find permanent members so we could easier go on tour, but we will ask the sessions musicians this time if they have the time to go on tour with us. I think it's about time that we show ourselves on a stage, and if everything turns out like we planned we will be touring in 2002, nothing is 100 % sure yet but we are doing our best.

I could imagine that it is quite a big hindrance when you play live... Now do you play live often and how could we envision a GODGORY-live-gig?

No we don't play live often. A GODGORY-gig would be like a majestic thunder that embraces you and never let go of you, filled with wellplayed music, atmosphere, mighty heavy power and acoustic passages combined with the beautiful keyboard. We would also play the best songs from all our four albums, so I think a GODGORY-gig would have something for everyone out there. If we come to your town don't miss us. Last but not least a lot of headbanging, that's important.

Are you two also involved in other bands/projects than GODGORY?

I am involved in my one man project called GRAVE FLOWERS, which plays melodic Dark Rock with influences from the Doom and Gothic-scene. I have released an album for the German label "Serenades" entitled "Solace Me". Right now I'm preparing to record a promo, cause I'm out of contract, hopefully it will be recorded before this year is over. I also play bass in a band called MANTARAY.K-D, we play fuel injected skullcrushing Hard Rock in the same vein as MOTÖRHEAD and HELLACOPTERS. We are signed to the German label "People Like You". For more info about these bands visit their websites.,, Also check out Godgory´s website at
Erik is not involved in any other band.

Many Swedish bands tell me that it is very hard for a Swedish Metal-band to be successful in your home-country. Do you agree to this and do you think that bands like HAMMERFALL or IN FLAMES might actually open the market for other Metal-bands as well?

Yes, I agree totally, cause here in Sweden the media don't care about the heavier music. They only concentrate on the fag music that the radio-stations play. Some people here in Sweden don't even know that HAMMERFALL are from Sweden. I think that HAMMERFALL and IN FLAMES have opened up the market for other Metal-bands from Sweden, but I think they have placed Sweden on the Metal-map in the foreign countries and it has made people more aware and interested in Swedish bands.

Nuclear Blast has grown into one of the biggest Metal-labels there are, maybe the biggest indie together with Century Media. Are you satisfied with your status there? Don't you think that on a smaller label you could be a more important band?

We are very proud to be on Nuclear Blast and they have done a great job for us promoting and distributing our releases. It's good to be on a big label, cause you have to look after your place and fight to keep it and I think that's good for the band. You also get inspired by other bands that are doing well and you want to be there also and it makes you work a lot to reach that also.
I guess it could be good to be a more important band on a smaller label, but if they don't have the money for promotion and distribution then it doesn't matter how important they think you are.

You had been one of those bands, who were fully hit by the sudden demise of Invasion Records. How and when did you get the information about that and how was the time after that?

We only had a deal with Invasion Records for two albums, we did those two albums and then we left that label. It was still running after we left him and all of a sudden I read in a mag that the guy who ran Invasion has disappeared from the earth. No one had seen him for months. I thought it was strange, I think he was a nice guy and started to wonder what have happened to him. I don't know still today, but I hope he's alright, cause without him GODGORY wouldn't be where we are today.
What I understand he has sold all the releases to Hammerheart, cause they have now released "Sea Of Dreams" and "Shadow's Dance" as a double CD. That's good, cause many people e-mailed me and asked about our old releases and couldn't find them in the stores, so now they can buy them.

And as the end, my traditional last question: What is your favourite question about GODGORY that you've never been asked yet, but would finally like to answer?

I guess that would be: How can two so ugly people make such beautiful music?
It's our mission to create beautiful music for people on this planet, which they can listen to when they want to forget about everything. Load your CD-player with a GODGORY-CD and press play and just let yourself sink into the music, forget all your troubles and everything that makes you feel bad and let yourself go "Way Beyond" where everything is exactly like you want it to be.


1995: Sea Of Dreams (CD, Invasion)
1996: Shadows Dance (CD, Invasion)
1999: Resurrection (CD, Nuclear Blast)
2001: Sea Of Dreams/Shadows Dance (2CD, Hammerheart
2001: Way Beyond (CD, Nuclear Blast)

Alexander Melzer

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