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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - HELLISH WAR - February 2002

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Hellish War - Long live the Eighties! - February 2002

More and more bands from Brazil embark to conquer the rest of the world. HELLISH WAR is only one of hundreds of highly interesting bands from the huge scene of South America's biggest country. Ralf had been so devastated by their debut "Defender Of Metal" that he sent a volley of questions right over the Atlantic...

Hi, this is Ralf from "The Metal Observer"-webzine from Germany. How are you doing there in Brazil?

Well, I'm doin' great. We're almost in summertime and it's really hot here and girls are wearing less clothes than the usual.

Where do you live in Brazil?

I live in Campinas. It's a city located about 1 hour away from Sao Paulo. The whole band are from here.

What can you tell me about the Metal-scene there in your home-country?

We have a good scene here. But there's no support from the labels to the bands. We have quite a few good bands in the underground-scene, not only Metal-bands, but Punk-bands, Nu-Metal-bands, all kinds of bands.

Is "Defender Of Metal" your first album?

Yes, it's our first album.

Which are the biggest bands in Brazil?

I think SEPULTURA and ANGRA are the biggest ones. Do you know 'em? If you don't go running to the first record store and buy it.

"Defender..." sounds very old-school like the great bands in the eighties. What are your influences?

Yeah! I agree with you. It sure sound like the eighties Metal-bands, because our influences are the eighties Metal-bands like IRON MAIDEN, MANOWAR, RUNNING WILD, HELLOWEEN and quite a few more.

What do you know about Germany?

I know that's very cold there in Germany and that you have a very good Metal-scene nowadays. I'm sorry for my dumbness.

You're on the Megahard-label which is the biggest in South America. Are you looking for an European deal?

No, not at the moment. It's quite early to think about it.

HELLISH WAR have a very "European sound", right? I think a lot of people in Brazil or Argentina are very fascinated by the European Metal-style. What do you think?

It's great. Because we need people who believes in the metal, who loves and support metal, not only the European Metal or the Brazilian Metal or the Chinese Metal or the Metal from Mars. It doesn't matter if the cause is the METAL.

Who had the idea for the name "HELLISH WAR" and why did you choose this one?

It was our guitarist, Vulcano. He came up with the idea five years ago. And we chose it, because it's a very strong name.

Do you often play live? How is HELLISH WAR on stage?

Yes, we do. HELLISH WAR is a great band on stage. Till now I did only 3 gigs with the band, but I can say that we have a lot of energy on stage, we look the audience right in their eyes, we just rock on stage.

Would you like to tour in Europe or play the festivals in Germany?

Yes, it would be a great opportunity for us to show you how HW is live, on stage. I hope someday to tour over Europe and if someday we do Germany I hope to see ya guys from "The Metal Observer" and all our fans.

Why don't you sing in your own language?

Because it's not a Metal-language, it's awkward with the Metal-sound and it's not an universal language, so as the English.

Which CDs are in your player at the moment?

Well, I love the eighties Metal-bands but at the moment I'm listenin' to everything. It changes due to my mood. Some days I listen to a good jazz or the blues or punk or Metal and so on.

Which question would you like to be asked?

Difficult question, huh? I think there's no question that I would not like to be asked.

What are your future plans?

First of all, we'll do a lot of gigs to promote the "Defender Of Metal"-album. Second we'll shoot the title track video and finally, next year we'll get in the studio again, probably in April, to record our second album.

What are your last words to our readers?

Thanks for your support. And if you have a dream go for it. Hope to see y'all very soon.


2001: Defender Of Metal (CD, Megahard)

Ralf Henn

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