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Julie Laughs Nomore - New label, new album, new luck? - October 2001

That Death Metal has far more to offer than perverse grunting and primitive high-speed-attacks is already proven by many acts that haunt this genre. One of the most appealing variants of Death Metal, combined with traditional Heavy Metal, is brought us by JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE from Sweden. Their second album, has just been released and has impressed Ralf so much that he had to get a grasp on Danne and Ronnie to squeeze all the infos out!

Hi Danne and Ronnie, this is Ralf from "The Metal Observer". How are you doing there in Sweden?

Hi Ralf we're doing just fine here in Sweden, it's getting colder now, but we're ok thanx!

JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE was created in 1995, right? Was it your first band? What was your aim to start with a Metal-band?

D: Te first band was called LOADED the band members were Me, Benny, Thomas N and our first bass player Babbaen and a drummer called Ronnie Persson, we played Metal in the same vein as W.A.S.P, KISS and bands like that, we where quite successful in the local area, but because of some internal conflicts we split up the band in 1994. And after that we started to play with Ronnie B and formed JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE. The aim in the beginning for me was to get a record deal and record albums, and play live as much as possible.

Is the name JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE inspired from an old CANDLEMASS-Song?

D: Yes, the name is from the CANDLEMASS-song, we had I think 3 names to choose from, but in the beginning and we we're influenced a lot by bands as PARADISE LOST and TYPE O NEGATIVE and we wanted a name that would fit in with that type of music, so we chose JLN. Some people have wanted us to change it, we thought about it for a while, but the answer was "No".....

You released a demo, a mini-CD and a split-CD before your first album came out! Was the music the same like today?

R: Not really. It was much slower and gloomy back then. We were heavily influenced by PARADISE LOST, TYPE O NEGATIVE and the whole Goth/Doom-style, so the music we wrote was more in that vein, but the melodies were there already so I guess we built the ground to the style we play today, we just speeded it up later, haha.
D: The music on the EP was slow and kind of depressing, but we we're not happy with the result on that one, the sound was bad and the songs didn't sound as we wanted them to do, but we sold out every single copy of it. Then on the split-CD there where some faster songs and we started to go towards the music we play today, there's some good songs on this one, but I was never really happy with it. I had a lot of bad days in the studio. Almost one year later we wrote the songs "Everything Dies" and "Only Darkness Remains", which gave us our first record deal.

Then you signed a deal with Danish label Serious Entertainment! How did you got the deal?

D: We recorded "Everything Dies" and "Only Darkness Remains" in the same studio here in Ljusdal as we had recorded the EP and the split-CD earlier, and we sent the demo to just five labels for some reason, and I called Jacob Hansen at SE and he said that he was interested and gave us a good deal so we signed it and went down to Denmark and recorded our debut album "When Only Darkness Remains".

What's the difference between this debut and the new album?

R: It's more varied song-writing-wise, more complex maybe. There are more split guitars on this one than on "When Only Darkness Remains". We've taken the brutal parts a step further, too, by incorporating some blastbeats ("Children Of The Empty Cross"), but also written some more heavier, but melodic songs. ("Eternity Is Just One Step Away") The big difference is maybe that Benny and Thomas N have written songs for this album, too.
D: I think that there are more melodies on the new album, and much more vocal and guitar overdubs, something that we developed a lot after the recording of "When Only Darkness Remains" and we will continue the development in that area on the future release. And as Ronnie says there are more varied songs on the new album.

The new album "From The Mist Of The Ruins" came out on the new German label Vile Music! How did it come to the deal and are you satisfied with them?

R: When we got the message that SE had gone bankrupt we started hunting for a new label immediately. There was a little panic for a while, 'cause we should have begun to record our 2nd album for SE in April, but that didn't happen. So when Jacob broke the news we all got a bit paralysed I guess, but we had some songs pre-production recorded for that album already and we sent some of them out to different labels and we got good response from a few and Iron Glory (Vile Music) offered us the best deal.
They've done a good job so far. We only wished that they could help us with a support tour of any kind though, but we'll just have to wait and see about the sales and stuff like that. We would love to do some gigs in for example Germany which is known to be a great Metal-country.

What I like special about JLN is the variability of the vocals and songs! I compared the clean passages with Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN! What do you think?

D: Yes we've been influenced by BLIND GUARDIAN for some time, and the way they arrange the vocals and some guitar play, and we will continue to develop this on the future releases. But when we recorded it we never thought that "this must sound as BG" it just happened, and a lot of people mention it, both in reviews and interviews. But I mean it's really great to be compared to Hansi, he's a great vocalist and I'm honoured.....

How were the reactions so far?

R: The reactions from the press have been overwhelming. We haven't really gotten any bad reviews yet (knock on wood), so it feels great. Let's hope that people get their eyes and ears open and buy the album, too. The thing that's a bit strange though is that we've receiving more feedback from the US than for example Germany, not that it matters, but it is a bit strange, but the album hasn't been out for that long so we'll just have to wait and see.

What about live gigs? Did you often play live with JLN? Is it true that you opened for HAMMERFALL? How were the reactions of their fans?

R: Oh live-gigs…there aren't that many of them actually. The scene in Sweden sucks if you're not a "known" Metal-band. We love to play live, that's why one is playing music, but the opportunity to do that doesn't come that often.
We have opened for HAMMERFALL at one gig. It was in 1998, before we landed the deal with SE.
There was a club in a town called Gävle and the guy that had that club phoned us and asked if we would like to open for HF and of course we wanted that. That gig was probably the weirdest gig we ever played and will be playing, too. The place was totally packed with people, at least 100 people more than they were allowed to let in to the club. We had people standing next to us at the stage while playing, there was even a guy that took Thomas N's pick right out of his hand when he was soloing, it was totally sick, hehe.
Their fans were great though. We came on stage and they screamed HAMMERFALL, HAMMERFALL and Danne said "we're not HF, we're JULIE LAUGHS NO MORE" and they started shouting Julie, Julie, Julie instead. It was an amazing feeling.
D: Yes and after that gig we got a lot of self confidence, and we felt that we had taken a big step forward and shortly after that we landed the contract with SE.

Which CDs are in your player at the moment?

DRAGONLORD - "Rapture"
GAMMA RAY - "No World Order"
BORKNAGAR - "Quintessence"
SYMPHONY X - "Divine Wings Of Tragedy"
EDGUY - "Mandrake"
(Wow, a very good range! -Ralf)

Danne: I mostly listen to music on the internet right now. but most frequently played songs right now
1. HYPOCRISY - "Roswell 47"
2. RAMMSTEIN - "Mutter"

Which question have you never been asked?

D: Hmm.... though question, hehe , maybe - Who's the most annoying person in the band, that's with no doubt Benny, he snores like a beast from hell and tells bad jokes all the time, hehe. Seriously maybe if we're planning to re-release any of the older material, but the answer to that is: No, not as it seems right now, we will do a re-recording of one song from the Split-CD called "You're Nothing", but it has been very much delayed, but we plan to release it on our only for free download, when it's recorded, that is. And also are you going to record any cover songs in the future: No we have no plans for that right now, but you never know.....

What are your future plans?

R: We're currently writing and recording pre-production for new songs for the next album so we have our hands busy all the time. We also hope to land some kind of tour and to do as many gigs in general as possible.
D: Yes, we've got some real killer material coming up right now that we're working on, I think we've got at least seven songs that are almost done, and an unknown number of new ones that we haven't started to work on. But I can say that we've got some really good stuff for the next release.....

Your last words?

D: We want to thank you, Ralf, for this interview, and a big thanx to all the people who like our music and support us we bow down for you. Check out our website at and our site at
Ronnie: Support us by buying the album and hopefully we'll see you on the road soon. To all of you that already got the album, a BIG thanks and hope you like it.
See Ya!


2000: Where Only Darkness Remains(CD, Serious Entertainment)
2001: From The Mist Of The Ruins (CD, Vile Music)

Ralf Henn

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