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Helloise - Cosmogony (10/10) - Netherlands - 2001

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Transmission Records
Playing time: 59:45
Band homepage: Helloise


  1. Cosmogony
  2. Broken Hearts
  3. Run A Mile
  4. Die Hard
  5. Ready For The Night
  6. For A Moment
  7. Gates Of Heaven
  8. Hard Life
  9. Friend Of Fortune (Bonus Track)
  10. For A Moment (Bonus Track)
  11. Ready For The Night (Bonus Track)
  12. Cosmogony (Bonus Track)
  13. Run A Mile (Bonus Track)
  14. Hard Life (Bonus Track)
  15. Play It Loud (Bonus Track)
Helloise - Cosmogony
That our Durch neighbours also have produced some great Metal-acts is beyond doubt. Some, unjustified, have never received the attention they would have deserved, among them HELLOISE, which have had some big successes in their home-country. Here they never passed beyond the status of tip, because their killer-debut "Cosmogony" never even had been released in Germany.

This diamond of Hard Rock has been released in 1985 and the spectrum started at ballads, went over stompers and reached the heavier stuff that you could almost describe as Power Metal. All songs had great, not stereotyped melodies and good arrangements, you don't get this too often anymore. HELLOISE also had a brilliant vocalist, just listen to the killer-ballad "Run A Mile" or the divine skin-creeper "For A Moment", you'll understand me. Bands like ROYAL HUNT (before the change of singers) could take an example on this. I'd also like to take the Danes as rough comparison!

This re-release has several album-songs as single- and demo-versions as bonus-tracks. You should get this brilliant CD at all relevant mailorder-companies! The new, also great, album still cannot reach this milestone, so you can imagine which sheer excellence "Cosmogony" features!

Falk Kollmannsperger

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