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Killing Machine - Total control - January 2001

The All-Star-formation KILLING MACHINE stands for Old School-Power Metal, any Metalhead should have heard names like Mike Vescera (Ex-OBSESSION, MALMSTEEN, LOUDNESS etc.) or Stet Howland (WASP, IMPELITTERI) and Peter Scheithauer (BELLADONNA, STREAM) plus Mike Duda (WASP). Sometimes I even get a little reminded of the brilliant OBSESSION - who can still remember their two fantastic albums "Methods To Madness" and especially "Scarred For Life"? Two absolute gemstones of melodic US-Power Metal back from the Mid-Eighties. Of course the new song-material doesn't reach them, but still they are a band that still know how to forge some true steel! There are far too few by now, so I want to recommend this band to everybody, who likes mainly "old fashioned" Power Metal. Maybe this is something for you! The songs are not really spectacular, but good and banger-friendly material with great vocals! Another plus is that the songs are very accessible and swallow you whole with the second rotation already! My interview-partner has been Peter, who unfortunately had not been too talkative.

Please introduce KILLING MACHINE to our readers. What's the vision behind the band?

The real vision was to have a great time playing music we all love. Just have fun playing straight Old School Metal not taking care of the trends.

Would you say that KILLING MACHINE is an all-star band?

I would say that KILLING MACHINE is an "all-friends-band". No one considers himself a star in this band. Again, we did it for the fun of it, but we take the band very seriously. For once we wanted to be in the band, where we all get along.

I would say that KILLING MACHINE is an "all-friends-band". No one considers himself a star in this band. Again, we did it for the fun of it, but we take the band very seriously. For once we wanted to be in the band, where we all get along.

I think KILLING MACHINE plays Old School-Power Metal! Do you think the band is more in tradition of the old heroes from the Eighties like DIO, PRIEST, MAIDEN?

Completely. We love all these bands and we grew up listening to those bands, I saw PRIEST so many times as well as DIO/SABBATH/MAIDEN... They were touring so much and we wanted to be as close to this sound and attitude as we could be, hope it worked!

KILLING MACHINE sounds a bit like OBSESSION. I grew up with this band an I love "Scarred For Life" and "Methods To Madness". Maybe KILLING MACHINE is a modern continuation of OBSESSION? Are there any plans for a OBSESSION-Reunion? I think there are a lot of fans here in Europe!

Mike feels that way, too. It might happen, but right now Mike's focus is on KILLING MACHINE.

How is the situation for Heavy Metal in the States at the moment? I think the Americans are more into new bands like LIMP BIZKIT, SLIPKNOT or MARILYN MANSON? How about some real Metal-stuff?

Well, Metal is coming back slowly, but surely. The MAIDEN-tour changed some stuff as well as PRIEST last year. People are starting to realise that the fans are still there. Plus bands like KORN always give MAIDEN/PRIEST/SABBATH as influences, so the kids are starting to discover this kind of music. But the Metal needs new bands to have a new break in the U.S. As far as the "Adidas Rock"-people are starting to have enough it. Wait and see!

What are your most important influences?

Well, all the major Metal-bands like PRIEST/MAIDEN/SABBATH.

Mike Vescera seems to me like a great Metal-fan because all his projects sound like real metal. What does he think about modern sounds or Death/Black Metal?

Mike is open-minded as far as musical tastes, but he is a true Power Metal-guy. He is not too crazy about what is so-called Neo Metal.

Are there any new projects?

Yes, we (Peter and Mike) are working on a heavy Industrial-oriented Metal-album (Ouch! - Ralf) with typical vocal-lines a la Mike Vescera and a new solo-CD also by Mike.

When I saw the front cover for the first time, I thought KILLING MACHINE is a New School or Industrial act. What's happening to those heads on the cover?

Well, we can probably say that the movie "Matrix" is not innocent in the idea of the cover. I don't know, if you have heard about the fact that the US-government is keeping brains of important people. Well, maybe one day we will be controlled only by brain-cells in a glass. No more emotions, a pure killing machine for the world. Is it really fiction? Who knows?

Did you ever play live. Are there any tour plans for Germany?

No, the European tour will be our first KILLING MACHINE-live-experience. It will come soon, very soon. As for Germany, of course we will play there.

Any last words?

We are very happy about the reactions people have toward this CD. We can't wait to see the real Metal-fans in Europe and keep this fucking Metal alive. Europe is the true Metal-heaven! See you soon and thanks for your support!


2000: Killing Machine (CD, Candlelight)

Ralf Henn

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