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My Sixth Shadow - Shadows everywhere - January 2004

How is the Metal scene in Rome?

Victor: The scene is really good I can say. The problem is that in Italy in general there is a really low support to the Metal and Rock scene in general. In Rome there are a lot of great bands and some of them are famous too, for example NOVEMBRE or THEATRES DES VAMPIRES and there are some new bands that are really brilliant; for example KIMIT 1918 or ROOM WITH A VIEW. We got a Metal-hardcore scene in Rome that is really big too and there are really cool bands like DEHUMANIZE or FACE THE FACT. The problem is always the same…to play live is really difficult and the local support is not so good. Promoters like to work only on big events or festivals with 4 bands cause people there sometimes do not like to move and hang out for shows but only for discos and clubs. And the clubs in Rome are more "trendy - oriented" or anyway are not "Metal-oriented" at all :)

Who are some of your musical influences?

Victor: My main influences come from a lot of genres. I can say that the main influences come from Metal (Melodic Death, Thrash, Heavy) and from Wave/Goth (Gothic Punk, New Wave, Post Punk, 80's & Goth from UK in general). But you can find a lot of influences coming from Ebm, Electro Goth or Futurepop as well as influences coming from Metal Core, Hardcore and Crossover. Another main influence that is more of an attitude come from Hard Rock & Glam for sure…

What made you decide to change the name of the band from MASQUERADE to MY SIXTH SHADOW?

Victor: We changed at the same time the singer, the musical approach and the name. We started again from the beginning. We had this experience with a Goth/Death Metal near to PARADISE LOST, but we wanted to find a more melodic and modern way to write music. That's why we changed the name too.

How did you come up with the new name? (MY SIXTH SHADOW)

Dave: As we decided to change the band name we were looking for a sentence that represented our personal point of view about life: something reflected also by the new direction of our music style. To say the truth, that's a concept very hard to explain and above all very difficult to translate from our mother language to English. We imagined that each one of us - in a conventional way - use to cast six shadows: four ones toward the respective cardinal points, and the other respectively oriented to the ground and to the sky. The first ones reflect the image of our daily way of showing our selves; that's to say: how every body looks at us, how we want people to consider us, how we think to be, how we appear in a certain period of our life and how we look in an other and so on. On the contrary, the last ones are the simulacrum of our real essence, what we hide behind the motley number of masks we use to wear everyday. Nobody can exactly say what's really the sixth shadow. Therefore it's up to each one of us to decide which one is your sixth shadow: the one toward heaven/sky or the one toward hell/ground.

What inspires you to write the lyrics you write?

Dave: Every time I write a new lyric I try to communicate my weakness, my depression and all the darkest atmospheres I feel. There's no remedy to my pain of living but changing that in to a form of art. Like an Aristotelic Katarsis. That's to say, I want everybody to enter my inner hell and try to set my little child (my pure essence) trapped within free.

If you could tour any place in the world that you haven't yet, where would it be?

Victor: UK and Finland for sure…these are the 2 countries where we would like to tour a lot. These 2 countries in my opinion have a particular eye for our kind of music and anyway I love these countries cause of the scene they got and cause people over there really consider Rock music as an important "art". Here in Italy, Rock music is considered like for "losers" or for people that waste their time and everybody thinks that it's better to go and work instead of play Rock. (We do both so where is the problem? Eheh.) In Germany and Benelux we will tour in December and we already had some shows in Feb. 2003. For example if you consider that in Benelux the NPI support bands with money when they tour in other countries you can understand the big difference in comparison with Italy (and I know that it happens in other European countries too...but I'm not too informed about it…Finland maybe) Another place where I would like to tour would be USA. Just cause I would like to see the answers of Americans to our kind of music. Actually I think that Americans started to be interested from a quite short time in Goth and European Metal in general and I would like to see what can happen if they'll join one of our shows…would be fun.

What are some of your favorite places to play live so far? Why?

Victor: In Italy there are few good place to play live…some of them are the Transylvania live in Milan, Rainbow club in Milan, The "Siddartha" of Prato and Blackout Rock club in Rome. But there is no comparison with clubs like Tavastia in Helsinki, or the Melkweg, 013 or Bolwerk in Netherlands or the Astoria in UK. Starting from the professionalism of the live set, the quality of organization (dressing rooms, sound checks, catering) ending with the crowd support there is a really big difference.

How did the idea of performing the cover of "Rain" come about?

Victor: THE CULT is a band that got a really close attitude with MY SIXTH SHADOW. That's why we felt comfortable to re-arrange a cover version of "Rain", cause of the musical arrangements and vocals that really fit with our way of doing music. Beside that THE CULT is a band that inspired us a lot too and we love the song "Rain" a lot too :)

How do you feel about the way "10 Steps To Your Heart" has been received by fans, and are you satisfied with the way the album turned out?

Victor: Yes, actually we are really satisfied about the answers we received by fans and media about 10 steps. A lot of new people are starting to follow us cause of the official distribution of the album and we finally had the tracks of our old EP "Sacrifice" distributed in the market. We received a lot of great answers from the EP, that's why we decided to include it in the album. We are satisfied about the answers also because we know that this album got a particular background…you have to know that we had 12 tracks recorded before the deal with "Sacrifice" that we were going to release under the album name "Deep". After the sign we didn't had time to mix and master all the 12 tracks so we selected only 5 tracks and added the 5 tracks of "Sacrifice". This way we have produced an album with 5 new and 5 old tracks like a collection of works recorded before the sign with Voice Of Life. The intention is to open the way for the next upcoming album that we've finished to write in these days and that we're gonna record in a short time and that will be released in early 2004. Now we are deciding together with the label about the tracklist of the new album and the 7 tracks left of "Deep" will be included probably as bonus tracks in singles or special editions. Only one of the 7 songs will be included in "Lovefading Innocence"…called "Shadows In My Love" (we released a demo version of it some months before the sign). We will record this new 12/14 tracks album in a short time and almost all the song have been written this summer. Coming back to the 5 tracks of "10 Steps 2 Your Heart", the selection was really difficult…we decided to release 3 of the most "catchy and direct" tracks then we selected the acoustic version of "Life Is Nothing For Me" cause there was the electric one included and taken from "Sacrifice" and then "Rain" cause we wanted to include a cover song on the album. I think that there is a lot of improvement between the period of "Sacrifice" and the new tracks and this improvement continued and continued till now and reached its biggest expression with the tracks of the new upcoming album "Lovefading Innocence"

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourselves?

Victor: I already said.we will record the album, try to release a single before 2004 + a video clip. Meanwhile we will tour in Italy in October and November/December in Germany and Benelux. Then we will release the new album in early 2004 and plan a full European tour in spring 2004. Now we are working on the promotion of "10 Steps 2 Your Heart" and having some shows in Rome on the 1st of October and on 12th October in a Gothic/Black festival with THEATRES DES VAMPIRES, BLOODY MARY, and DARKSHRINE…
Where do I see ourselves…actually I see our CD in CD-shops and that's a great thing for now hehe…joking…actually I see MY SIXTH SHADOW having a really intense and hard-working period in promoting, recording, and recording and recording, and again promoting and again having show and… but music is our "real" life and we enjoy it a lot.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do the interview. You guys are great and I wish you all the best in the future!

Victor: Thx a lot Jenn. You and Metal-Observer are a great Team or "Brotherhood" as I can read on the website" :). Thx a lot to you all and "Let MY SIXTH SHADOW surround you!"
Dave: Thx a lot and "Let MY SIXTH SHADOW surround you" again!


2003: 10 Steps 2 Your Heart (CD, Voice Of Life)

Jennifer Richards

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