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Pale Forest - Exit Mould (8/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Atmospheric Rock
Label: Listenable Records
Playing time: 51:50
Band homepage: Pale Forest


  1. Stigmata
  2. Exit Mould
  3. Urban Walls
  4. Nine 8
  5. Spiral
  6. Revelation
  7. According To X
  8. Pale Suit Of...
  9. Mr Trenchcoat
  10. These Old Rags
  11. Holy Summer
  12. Mistaken Identity
Pale Forest - Exit Mould
PALE FOREST could strike a bell with some people, who had attended the last THE GATHERING-tour. There the Norwegians had been the opening act. That the music of PALE FOREST doesn't have much to do with metal in its original sense, well, you could imagine. THE GATHERING have neither!

But there also is interesting music besides the limited Metal-paths. PALE FOREST rather are doing relaxed, dreamy Rock-music, which lives off the fragile organ of front-lady Kristin. You might draw some lines to THE GATHERING. But PALE FOREST differ a lot! I just wanted to say that fans of the Dutch band should also like PALE FOREST. But also fans of HEATHER NOVA should check this one out! Of course the music is quite melancholic, but still has (for me) a positive aura! So nothing for suicidals (or just the other way round)!

I think that "Exit Mould" is an excellent alternative to the whole thrashing and deathing, which I normally listen to! Very emotional album!

Ralf Henn

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