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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - SCARIOT - April 2001

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Scariot - Ride of the Scariot... - April 2001

SCARIOT? Never heard. That had been my first reaction when I held their debut "Deathforlorn" in my hands. But that was about to change! A brilliant mixture from Power and Thrash Metal as musical foundation, understandable Death-growls and great clean vocals over it. So there was no discussion, I had to do an interview. Guitarist and main-man Daniel Olaisen met with my questions.

Could you please tell me a bit of how SCARIOT came into being and everything?

I started SCARIOT in 1997 together with IN THE WOODS...-drummer Anders Kobro. I'd been searching for a decent drummer for years and finally I got the chance to realize the riffs and ideas I had from years back in time. I guess the music was Heavy Metal with clean vocals and good melodies. Things have changed quite much since then. I've had various line-up changes as well as the music has progressed into a harder, faster, groovier and heavier style. It's only me left from the original line-up, but the current one is by far the best and will most hopefully last!

What does SCARIOT mean?

Originally we were called PEGASUS, but then this Australian band came. We really needed a name and after several suggestions a friend of us thought of ISCARIOT. We cut the "I" and SCARIOT was cool enough...

You are combining Power Metallic music with Death-ish and clean vocals. How did you come to this combination?

I really listen to all kinds of Metal-music, so it's obvious for me to write quite varied songs with different elements. That's also what makes us interesting, I think. Our debut-album, "Deathforlorn", is kind of a mixture between Melodic Death and Heavy Metal, with both clean and growling vocals. Like I've said, we've changed a bit and we're a much more mature band now. The material is even more varied now and the growling vocal is much more dominating now, even though we'll try to include some clean vocal as well.
We're about to record our second album, "Tongueless God", in May/June and I promise that SCARIOT has taken things at least one step further...

Which bands could be named as influences for you?

DEATH, PANTERA, NEVERMORE, IN FLAMES and the list could go on...

How would you personally describe the style of SCARIOT?

Quality Metal-music with various elements from Death/Heavy/Black/Prog Metal!!!

Ronny is the vocalist of TRAIL OF TEARS. How did you get in touch with him?

We knew him as he's one of the local Metalheads.

On the album the clean vocals are handled by Bernt Fjellestad. A) Who is he and where is he from? B) How do you handle it live?

We got in touch with Bernt as we knew he was a talented singer. Anyway, as our style progressed and he lost his interest, he decided to leave the band right after we'd recorded "Deathforlorn". Now he sings in a Power Metal-band named GUARDIANS OF TIME.
We're not sure how to handle the clean vocal live. We've done a couple of shows with the new line-up now, and me and the bass-player have done some back up growling/screaming vocals. We'll see what we'll do...

From the recording line-up you are the last "survivor" now. How did that come?

Basically because I never was satisfied with the other members both musically, socially and so on. There are so many great bands out there, so if you're going to make it, you have to be a strong line-up in every sense!

How does the line-up of SCARIOT look like now?

- Daniel Olaisen: guitar
- Freddy Bolso: drums
- Inge.J.Tobiassen: vocals
- Steffan Schulze: bass
- Frank Orland: guitar

"Deathforlorn" has a pretty morbid cover. What does it show and does it have any deeper meaning?

We pretty much gave the designer free choices to come up with something cool. I guess it might be a link between the title and the picture. Anyway, we thought it looked cool, though the inside of the lay-out sucks. It's way too pale...

Have you had many chances to perform live so far? And how could we envision a gig by SCARIOT?

We've done some local shows and we actually had our second gig with the new line-up last weekend together with GEHENNA. It was a fuckin' great show and people were impressed. Expect some heavy headbanging and a professional performance!

Unfortunately the lyrics had not been included with the CD, so could you please tell me a bit about them?

The lyrics on "Deathforlorn" have no deeper sense and were mainly written by Bernt Fjellestad. I did write "False Power", which deals with mankind and our cowardice using weapons and "Sister" which is an old one inspired by KING DIAMOND.
The lyrics on the next album will be more consistent and have a deeper meaning to them!

Will there be a chance to see you play live outside of Norway, too?

We were supposed to do a European tour after "Deathforlorn", but things failed. We're going to play at a festival in Denmark in August and also some other festivals. We're definitely going to do a European tour after our second release. Watch out!!!

Have there been any releases prior to "Deathforlorn" and are they still available?

We did a bunch of demos, but "Deathforlorn" is our first official release. I'm thinking about putting out some of the songs on the demos on our web-site sometime. We'll see...

You're on a pretty young label with Demolition. How has the co-operation been so far?

Mostly good I have to say, but there are a couple of things we expect to work out properly when we release our second album.

Who or what is "peisa paa"???

Peisa paa is a Norwegian word I intend to spread across the whole world. It means like party on, cheers and so on.

How is the Metal-scene in Kristiansand?

Actually quite good these days. There are several talented Metal-acts and I notice that the younger ones seems to find this unique style interesting!

And my traditional last question: What is your favourite question about SCARIOT that you haven't been asked yet, but would finally like to answer?

You've already asked it, because there's is nothing that makes my heart pound with excitement more than when you want to know what "peisa paa" is all about.
So, thanx for this great interview, Alexander, and we'll see you guys/girls out there soon to make some real peis!!!
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2000: Deathforlorn (CD, Demolition)

Alexander Melzer

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