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Axxis - Eyes Of Darkness (7/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 54:50
Band homepage: Axxis


  1. Eyes Of Darkness
  2. Wonderland
  3. The Four Horsemen
  4. Brandnew World
  5. When The Sun Goes Down
  6. Shadow Of The Light
  7. Keep Flying
  8. Battlefield Of Life
  9. One Million Faces
  10. At The Crack Of Dawn
  11. Angel
  12. Larger Than Life
  13. Lost In Love (Bonus-Track)
  14. Shadowman (Video)
  15. Rockmine (Game)
Axxis - Eyes Of Darkness
For critics and fans alike AXXIS always have been a love-hate-thing. Either one or the other, only very few do not have their opinion about them. My problem always had been that they had really good songs, but unfortunately never on one level over one complete album.

And this is no different with "Eyes Of Darkness". On the plus-side we have some really good and catchy songs, like the opening title-track, the light-hearted "Wonderland", the a bit QUEEN-esque ballad "Brandnew World" or the two faster "When The Sun Goes Down" and "Larger Than Life", but on the other side they put songs like "Keep Flying" or "Battlefield Of Life" between them, which just cannot keep the standard.

The voice of Bernhard Weiss also had always been one that divided the listeners because of his quite theatrical style and this will not change with "Eyes Of Darkness". I for my part like it, because he differs from the lot, and who likes AXXIS likes it anyway.

So, a basically quite good album in the same direction that AXXIS had been moving into, but unfortunately not with a balanced high level...

Alexander Melzer

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