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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - SHINING - November 2002

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Shining - Not for poseurs - November 2002

SHINING is one of the best Black Metal bands existing right now, and their brand new album, "III: Angst (Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie)", is an excellent proof of that. Far from any cliché, this band is extreme on every point, and as I have known a bit the Swedish scene from the inside, I can affirm you that SHINING is not another article for posers. Then, here is for you a conversation with Kvarforth (guitars/vocals)… weak or sensitive souls, please pass your way. Or choose to run to you own destruction.

So Kvarforth, what can you tell us about your brand new album?

"III: Angst (Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie)" was recorded in two different studios, of course partially in Abyss Studios as always, the other one being a very, and then I mean very professional studio located somewhere in Norway. The only problem with this fucking studio was the man we had to work with, a man called Börge which I would like to see crawling in his own shit and believe me, if we ever are in that neighbourhood again I will personally rape him unconscious! The new album is a great step for SHINING, and I really managed to capture the negativity which was needed in order to manage one more release. This new album differs quite much from our previous albums, though maintaining the splendid negativity which we always seem to capture with brilliance on our recordings…

And how would you compare it to the other two you made in the past?

It is far more colder than the previous albums, that is what I can say at least. The outcome of our first album "I: Within Deep Dark Chambers" was not to pleasing at all actually while the second one utterly managed to spellbind both me and the listeners. "II: Livets Ändhållplats" was a minor success, not just for selling rates but pleasing myself as well. Anyhow, back to the subject, there are many things that differs a lot from our first albums though it is still SHINING and we have not developed in any way that could be seen as distancing ourselves from our past so to say.

The big difference between the new one and the second one is the absence of acoustic parts… what motivated this choice?

It all came naturally, when I wrote "II: Livets Ändhållplats" I was mainly focused on capturing the absolute sadness while hatred and such things was more or less put aside one could say, even though some tracks on the second album have very hateful intentions, quite naturally acoustic parts fulfilled the sad atmosphere I wanted to capture which I did. However, with the new album I more or less focused on creating the music as a kind of a weapon against the listener, thus the cold and eerie parts took form. Though, I strongly believe that acoustic guitars will be a very prominent medium on our future releases…

Concerning your lyrics, they are as always very depressive and suicidal. Why? And what's your own position towards suicide and self-mutilation?

They are all a part of the wider concept, myself being very fascinated by suicide, self-mutilation and other forms of abuse, one could almost call it an fixation, Also, I feel that these particular topics are great in use of manipulating the listener as SHINING is based around fully realistic subjects, and not the ordinary forest-demon-battle-shit. The listener can most likely recognise himself/herself in the lyrics thereby hopefully following the code of correct decisions. Even though it would never be a possibility, the highest goal must be to have all our listeners mutilating themselves under the influence of our works, preferably fucking up the other relevant parts of their lives as well…

Honestly, do you think you will commit suicide some day? If yes, what way will you choose? If not, in which way would you enjoy dying?

The will to end my life passes through me every day, though I must act as the emissary, thereby my death would mean failure and I must say it can be quite thrilling experimenting on basics on how bad a human being really can feel before completely vanishing in madness… I have always been childishly interested in the rope. Enjoy dying? It might be comfortable at the time present, however, I wish my death to be truly unpleasant…

Else, if some weak-minded "fan" of yours commits suicide, how will you feel about it?

As said, that is the main goal of both the band and label, so the answer is quite obvious - it would be great! And I would as well become more motivated to perform.

Also, your lyrics are mostly in Swedish, don't you think it could "repulse" some potential listeners, or at least make your suicidal propaganda inefficient on them?

Of course, this is the main problem for SHINING, even how hard I might try I rarely write any lyrics, and when I do they most often are written in my native tongue. I wouldn't let other idiots write lyrics for me either, even though Nattefrost of CARPATHIAN FOREST has contributed with a lyric to be used on the fourth album, but with this new album we have translated all lyrics in the booklet and hopefully that will push the listener a bit further into darkness… And of course, if possible, the future will bring more English propaganda on the behalf of Kvarforth.

This album seems to have included a lot of changes. First you signed with Avantgarde, how did that happen, and are you happy of their work so far?

I had a reason for signing with Avantgarde, I am the owner and commander-in-chief of Selbstmord Services, where I released our two first albums. Anyhow, I wanted to promote my other artists way more than I could at the present time, as SHINING demanded quite some attention therefore I decided it was time to let some bigger company take over the procedure so to say. I am fully pleased with Avantgarde this far but future will tell if they are able to promote SHINING correctly or not…

Else, Hellhammer joined for the drums. How was it to work with him? Is he a permanent member by the way?

No one is an permanent member, as I am SHINING, the others are merely tools included in my toolbox, but yes, Hellhammer plays for SHINING and Phil A. Cirone as well. It was quite strange in a way to record with Hellhammer keeping in mind that our past drummer Wedebrand didn't really understand too much of certain techniques etc., and you know, with Hellhammer you just play a riff and you have a full track, quite bizarre but hey, he has been around for quite a while, knows what he's doing…

Also, I think there's a strong BURZUM feeling in your music, what do you think?

More obvious in the past I believe, I personally think that this new album is quite far from the BURZUM atmosphere. SHINING have always been compared with BURZUM, of course, this is nothing I consider as a bad thing as he really made an impact on me when I created the band. Anyhow, SHINING today have more a sound of their own than in the past and I really do not think you could draw too much similarities if you really sit down and compare the new SHINING album with let's say for instance, "Det Som Engang Var' or "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss'.

And isn't that fucked-up to have Hellhammer play that kind of music hehe?

He probably thinks so… He actually faced some minor difficulties in the studio as he isn't used to play so slow and monotonous as SHINING at times can be. But I think it's great that Hellhammer plays this kind of music, as a sort of tribute to BURZUM!!! Heee, it's rather negative actually, having a drummer playing the same kind of music invented by the guy who murdered his past guitarist, brilliant!

And what happened to your line-up? Did you sack everyone because you are a tyrant hehe?

How do you know that I'm a tyrant? Wedebrand was sacked because of a bunch of problems he and me had with each other, he probably couldn't stand the negativity. Tusk on the other hand decided to leave the band because of various odd and bizarre reasons…

The studio is the only thing that hasn't changed so far. Why did you go to the Abyss again? And is there a specific studio in which you'd like to record?

As far as I know we aren't welcomed to Abyss Studios again because of our behaviour or something in the lines of that so me and Hellhammer are right now discussing what studio we shall use for the fourth album, most likely we'll enter Studio Studio or something like that.

Else, what are your plans for live shows? Any tour in view? And how will SHINING be on stage?

We have a European tour in front of us, if everything for once can move in the right direction that is, together with the allies of CARPATHIAN FOREST. Hopefully the tour will kick off sometime in November or so. I can assure you that a live-performance of SHINING will be a truly unpleasant experience, self-mutilation and madness is guaranteed, I'll most probably also treat the audience the way it deserves to put it nicely…

You have your own label Selbstmord, so if you want to make some advertising here, please go ahead!

Yes, we are currently working on a three-album release set for late September/early October. First the full-length album of Swedish religious fanatics ONDSKAPT ("Draco Sit Mihi Dux" CD/LP), the MCD/MLP release of American Black Metal gods KROHM, "Crown Of The Ancients" and finally the debut album of Swedish obscure Black Metal act LEVIATHAN ("Far Beyond The Light" CD/LP). So things are really stressed down here, even worse than usual. Apart from that we are just finishing off promoting the second album of Swedish CRAFT, "Terror Propaganda" which seem to have reached the peak of sales keeping in mind that it is Black Metal we are dealing with. The FORGOTTEN TOMB album has been out for a while and things seem to look bright for the bands future, indeed… A very negative release. We'll also re-release both debut albums of SHINING and CRAFT in the beginning of December or something like that. I suggest all people into real negative music to visit our web-site and order all you can!

Else, I'm always asking that to guys from Stockholm, what's new in the Metal scene there?

Don't know, don't care… I really do not appreciate the company of blind, black-clothed idiots…

And what do you think of such mighty bands as ONDSKAPT and MÖRK GRYNING?

Are you retarded? MÖRK GRYNING is quite possibly one of the worst bands ever to emerge from Sweden, they are truly horrible, worthless music and most of all totally unrepresentative attitudes. ONDSKAPT is by far the most evil band, not only from the Swedish territory but on a world-wide basis ever to play this kind of music, and you should know Mister Bonnicel so I hope that this was but a humorous attempt from your side.

Any other band that really kicked your ass lately?

Yes, I signed this American band some months ago called KROHM.

OK, thanks Kvarforth! Anything else you want to add?

Buy our new album and let the self-destruction blossom!


1998: Submit To Selfdestruction (7", Selbstmord)
2000: I: Within Deeo Dark Chambers (CD, Selbstmord)
2001: II: Livets Ändhållplats (CD, Selbstmord)
2002: III: Angst (Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie) (CD, Avantgarde Music)

Thomas Bonnicel

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