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Supreme Majesty - From anger comes music - August 2001

SUPREME MAJESTY's Melodic Metal is handing out many positive vibes and somehow reminds me of old EUROPE and MADISON, just more up-to-date. They have a good singer and with "Tales From A Tragic Kingdom" a debut-album really worth listening to. Sure there are many similar acts, no doubt about that. But SUPREME MAJESTY are standing in for their cause and really deserve a chance. Ralf did this interview with bassist Daniel Andersson.

SUPREME MAJESTY was founded in 1999. So you are a very young band. Why did you decide to create a Metal-band?

It's true that SUPREME MAJESTY hasn't been around for that long, but all the guys in the band including me have been doing and playing music for several years before (Chrille played in MORTUM & NON SERVIAM) SUPREME MAJESTY was born. The reason why Chrille and Rille, who were the original founders, decided to start SUPREME MAJESTY was simply that they were eager for new challenges, and to go on and play the things they played before seemed pretty boring. So I guess that's why they decided to start the band. The music that we play is the kind of music we've listened to since we were really young, so it feels quite natural to do this music.

Your first mini-CD came out on Loud'n'Proud, right? Was it more like a demo?

Yes, we released our MCD on LNP records, after half a year in existence. Our first thought was that this should have been a demo, but when Loud'n Proud showed interest in the band and wanted to sign us for an MCD after hearing some rehearsal tapes, it should have been dumb to say no to that offer.

Why did you change the label and the singer?

The change of label is the easy one. If you have the opportunity to change from a small Swedish label with a distribution and promotion network that really isn't that great, to a large European label with good distribution, promotion and a very good reputation, you really should make the switch in my opinion.
Besides, LNP went bankrupt so it was never possible to release "Tales..." on their label. The change of singer was due to that Rikard wasn't prepared to put as much time into the music as we asked from him. And when I look back now, I must say that we were really lucky with this switch cause I do prefer Joakim's voice a lot more. (So do I - Ralf) Rikard was good, but Joakim has a special character in his voice that I really like.

Now you are signed with Massacre Records! They gave you the chance to record with Fredrik Nordström who is very famous in the whole scene. How was the experience to work with him? And are you satisfied with the result?

Fredrik Nordström knows what he's doing when he is in the studio and is behind the wheels, that I can tell you for sure. He worked extremely fast when he put up the sound and in the mix, and not just fast, but also with great precision. So he really got an ear for this music and how to cram the most out of the band's sound, and we were very satisfied with the resulting mix he made with us. Working with him was OK in other respects, too, he and I got very well along with each others, but there were some quarrels with some of the others. But that's something you never get away from. Besides, you need to get angry on each other a bit to when in the studio to be able to make the most out of it. Of course it shouldn't get out of hand, but anyway...

What are your expectations for "Tales From A Tragic Kingdom"?

Basically, our main expectation, or hope, is that we will be able to go on some sort of tour later on this autumn. Selling a lot of albums isn't the main thing, but I would be lying if I said that we don't care if it sells or not. We expect it to get some good responses and some bad, but mostly good really. We like it a lot ourselves and hope that other people who are into this kind of music see the qualities in this album.

Are you satisfied with the press-reactions, too?

So far, we've gotten mostly positive responses ranging from good to extremely great. There have been some bad reactions, too, but I think that's something that there always will be. You can't be loved by everyone... But we are really satisfied with the press reactions so far, although I still wait to read more reviews later on, cause all zines hasn't put the reviews up as of yet.

Can you explain me the scene on the cover? Is this a monk and what about this ruin?

The cover artwork was made by Niklas Sundin from DARK TRANQUILLITY and we gave him pretty much free hands with the work on the cover. He got to know the title of the album and some basic directions, but that's pretty much all. So I actually does not know exactly every detail and the meaning of it, but for me I interpret the cover as follows. The guy in the middle is a former king of a vast kingdom and he's looking down at the remains of his once proud castle, perhaps from the realm of the dead. Either you can take this as is, or you can see a more profound interpretation of that everyone has they're own kingdom and castle of their minds, and that they should take care of making something out of it, so that they don't end up like this. But I don't know, perhaps Niklas thought something completely different...

What's the difference between you and the rest of the bands who play similar stuff like EDGUY, STRATOVARIUS, HAMMERFALL etc. Why should the fans check out your album!

We have something of our own in that we mix things from the Heavy Metal of the 80's into the music, in a rather high degree. So we take influences from bands like EUROPE and DIO and put it into the mix. And this is something that makes us a bit different from the others you mentioned. I think that the fans should check out our album simply because I think we've made a great effort and that the albums carry nine great tracks of Metal-music. It would be great if people just lend their ears to the music for five minutes and I'm sure that many would discover and agree with me on that it's a great album.

Will you go on tour to promote "Tales From A Tragic Kingdom"?

There are no tour planned as of today, but we have big hopes that there will be a tour later on. And in the unfortunate event that there will be no tour, we will at least probably play some festivals next year, and definitively go on tour after the next album.

What are the 5 most important Metal-albums for you?

Hard to say, but I'll try. BLACK SABBATH's "Master Of Reality", cause I think it was that record that made me want to play Metal. EUROPE's "The Final Countdown", because it was probably the first record I bought. Then I'll just mention three more damn good records, that have meant something for me in just being great, JUDAS PRIEST's "Painkiller", DIO's "Holy Diver" and finally SLAYER's "Reign In Blood".

You are from Göteborg, right. Is the Göteborg-scene really that big?

It's really only our drummer that is from Götenborg and I have no idea why Massacre put this info in the info-sheets. So, I'm afraid I do not know very much about this. But I think that Göteborg has one of the best scenes in the country, and it's really only Göteborg and Stockholm that has many places for Metal-bands to play at.

What are your future plans?

Make new songs, rehearse the old ones and plat live with them, hopefully on tour. Basically that's it. Next summer, we will perhaps go into studio again and record the next album, but nothing has been decided about this yet.

Which question have you never been asked?

"Why don't you and I don't just skip this place, go home to me, share a bottle of champagne and have some fun...?" preferably by a gorgeous girl... (Phew, I already thought... - Ralf)

Last words?

The heaviest of greetings goes out to all fans of Metal out there! Feel free to visit our website at and drop a line in the guestbook or write us by mail. We're always trying to respond all the mail we're getting. Big thanks for the interview, and the support. Cheers!


2000: Divine Enigma (MCD, Loud N'Proud)
2001: Tales From A Tragic Kingdom (CD, Massacre)

Ralf Henn

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