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49 tablatures for Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa - The material of legends - July 2000

Well, not even half a year after I got in contact with the Spaniards for the first time, there already is a good reason, to do so again. The third album "Tierras de Leyenda" again features pure Heavy Metal, which should live up to any quality standards that might be applied.
Just like the last time, guitarist Arturo patiently answered my questions.

The third album "Tierras de leyenda" has just been released and you consequently continue, where you had left off with "Legendario". Could one say that you have found THE TIERRA SANTA-sound?

Yes. We think we have found our own sound and actually we are very happy with it. "Tierras de Leyenda" is definitely following the same line as "Legendario".


Do you already know, into which direction a possible fourth album might go? Could it be that you might incorporate some different influences and elements into your sound, to keep from the risk of beginning to copy yourselves?

At the moment it is difficult to think about the fourth album, it is too early for that. Anyway, we are not afraid at all, because our ideas are very clear. We never intended to copy, but to make the music we like.

It seems to me that you are not sounding THAT much like IRON MAIDEN anymore. Is this coincidence or did you try to diversify your sound a bit?

We have tried to make our sound a bit more aggressive, more modern. That is the only thing we have changed.

On "La Momia" you have this Egyptian/Arabic touch that a few bands are using nowadays. Do you have any influences from this direction?

The only thing what we tried to do with "La Momia" was to vary our lyrics a bit, to make a complete and varied album, and to make a concept-album. And I think we made it! "La Momia" is one of the best songs on the album, in my opinion, and we think that the Egyptian atmosphere just adds to it.

This time each song deals with one legend or myth. Could you please tell me about the lyrics/story of each track?

Every song, as you well say, deals with some legend or myth. We just tell the story as it was told. We search for the things that tell us about the history. The only song that is different is "La Canción del Pirata", which is a poem from the famous Spanish poet Espronceda. We adapted this poem to our music in the poet´s own words. It is also taught at schools here in Spain.

How important are the lyrics for TIERRA SANTA as a band? Are they only a means to have the vocals or do they have some special importance?

The lyrics are as important as the music. If there is no music, there are no lyrics, either, and the other way around.

Unfortunately it hasn't worked out with the "Bang Your Head"-festival, might there still be a chance to catch you live over here?

Well, everything is possible in this life. We would really like to play beyond our frontiers.

If you could choose freely, with which band to tour, which one(s) would you choose, apart from IRON MAIDEN, of course :)?

It would be great to tour with any band, for instance DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, HELLOWEEN, METALLICA, HAMMERFALL...

I know that you have recorded "Flight Of Icarus" for a Spanish IRON MAIDEN-tribute. Do you do any other cover-versions as well live? And may we expect some recorded cover-version by TIERRA SANTA?

At the moment we are not very anxious playing covers on stage, although earlier we played some. We like the audience to enjoy our own music, but for the second part of the Spanish tour, we will probably prepare one. But there will be more covers in the future, I am sure about it!

The reviews you have received at least here in Germany were all great. Do you already recognise a bigger interest from Germany, in terms of interviews to do and stuff like that?

With this third album there has been more interest in Europe than with the previous ones. We have received good feedback, reviews etc. We hope this tendency will continue for a long time.

Did you get any response from Latin America already? With the Spanish lyrics this should be a quite interesting market for you, also because of your style being very popular in countries like Chile, Brazil or Argentina.

Yes, we have got a very good response from Latin America, but the sales are not very good due to the pirate copies...


As you just mentioned this topic, some labels have initiated the "Copy Kills Music"-campaign that on the one hand targets just those mp3-files and their free flotation on the internet and on the other hand the burning of CDs with CD-burners in PCs. It claims that due to this in the future labels might not be able to support new and coming bands anymore. What is your opinion on a campaign like that? Would you support it?

This all has its good and bad aspects. It is good because you might get more known, but it is bad because also the labels have to sell. But, definitely, we support this kind of campaign.

Alright, to end the interview, I just have to ask you as an renowned IRON MAIDEN-expert. What do you think about "Brave New World"?

We more like the older material, the first era of Dickinson, but they remain loyal to their style and also continue to be the best group in the world.

I think that this doesn't need any more explanation...


1997: Medieval (CD, Sonido XXI)
1999: Legendario (CD, Locomotive Music)
2000: Tierras de Leyenda (CD, Locomotive Music)

Alexander Melzer

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