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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - TYRANT EYES - April 2003

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Tyrant Eyes - US-Metal from Hessen - April 2003

A more than good album in the Power Metal subgenre, completely without tralala has been let loose by German formation TYRANT EYES! Astonishingly the stuff sounds more like true US acts like ICED EARTH or EIDOLON than typically German! Ralf took the chance to get in touch with Sascha, guitarist of the tyrants, and got all the info out of him…

Hi Sascha, here Ralf from "The Metal Observer". What's up? Anything new in the TYRANT EYES camp?

Hi Ralf, thanks for asking, we really cannot complain! Been about time to get back into motion.
As you may know, our new album already had been done for a while, but we had problems with record labels: At first we, shortly after completing "The Darkest Hour", were signed by a small, but good German company, which wanted to release the album in January 2002. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt a few weeks before the planned release date, which killed that one. Then in spring 2002 we signed with a completely new company, which had been very much in its infancy still. As we soon found out, this company would stay there (infancy) for a while still, because the "boss" of it did not have a single clue of what to do how.
We also wouldn't have been any more lucky there, so we rather decided to wait a little and search for a new label. In June we received a mail of Stefano of Scarlet Records, we agreed pretty quickly and now "The Darkest Hour" is out.

Congratulations to the new album, I like it a lot. Especially the great fat sound. Where did you record?

Thanks! We recorded "The Darkest Hour", just like our debut, in the "House Of Audio" studios in Karlsdorf. We already thought it was great when we produced "Book Of Souls": It is an absolutely professional studio with nice people.

On the album we get a lot of variety, from Thrash to Epic Metal you have everything and in my review I compared you rather with US bands like old ICED EARTH (especially the fat riffs) - good or bad…?

Great! We can absolutely live with this comparison, we all like ICED EARTH and live we also cover "Watching Over Me", so your comparison is pretty fitting!

How have the reactions been so far?

Most reviews had been always in the upper third, just the "Rock Hard" does not think so and only rated us 6,5, we had expected at least a little more! Well, you have to accept reviews like that and rather see them as motivation to get even better.

The cover looks very interesting - did you have a say in it, too?

The cover is a really interesting thing: At first we had planned to use a picture, where there is a dial plate of a nice old clock on a simple, black background. In the plate is the face of an old woman, as if she mirrors in it. For the backcover we had planned the same, just with a young woman. You can look at the complete original artwork on our homepage
With the new cover not much has changed, but Stefano (of Scarlet Rec.) thought that the old cover had been too dark and too gothic-like. That's why it has been redone. The complete layout has been done by a friend of ours, who needs a good graphic, should take a look at!

"The Darkest Hour" now is your second long player...What can you tell me about your debut? Had it not been released via B. O. Records?

Yup! We originally had produced it ourselves and pressed a small edition, which we sold at concerts. Only a few months later B.O. gave us their attention and offered us a contract. "Book Of Souls" then officially has been released in January 2000, with a new cover and booklet. At the beginning the cooperation with B.O. was quite ok, but it ended that we needed a lawyer as Mister Jakob did not want to pay us our money…

On the album you get a few original sounds in pfälzisch... Where are you from?

Well, it is not pfälzisch, but odenwälderisch (a big difference, I know :), but geographically you are not that far off. We are from Mörlenbach, a little town in the upper Odenwald, Southern Hessen. Vor many in the middle of nowhere, but we like it there :)

Which albums have especially impressed you during the past months?

Phew, I have to say that in the past months I hardly bought CDs, because I do not have the time...and the money! That's why I am not really up to date. The last albums that really left a big impression on me were NEVERMORE's "Dead Heart In A Dead World" and DREAM THEATER's "Scenes From A Memory". Apart from that the last releases of PAIN OF SALVATION and STABBING WESTWARD were quite good, too…oh yes, the new ones of IN FLAMES and SENTENCED I also liked, but they did not leave the marks as the already mentioned ones.

Will you tour to promote the album?

Yes, would be great, but so far we do not have any dates yet. We will always do some weekend gigs, dates can be found on our homepage.

At Italian Scarlet Records you are in the middle of countless tralala bands and Melodic Death acts...Are you feeling at home there at all, as pure German Metal act?

So far yes, I hope that it will stay like that! It is quite funny, because as only German bands at Scarlet we maybe also have some bonus of being exotic…

Which question would you like to be asked?

This one. No, seriously...I would most probably think it great, if a millionaire asked us, if he may sponsor us with 10.000 Euro a month.

Last words and future plans?

Sure, finally to do a tour! To do more albums and try to establish ourselves in the scene. Of course we also would like to reach the Top Ten of the charts at some point ;) Apart from that: In joy and sorrow always ready for a song!!!


2000: Book Of Souls (CD, B.O.)
2002: The Darkest Hour (CD, Scarlet)

Ralf Henn

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