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Wars Of Winter - Ice-cold Metal - June 2001

Introducing WARS OF WINTER! Atmospheric to the bone, this two-man Canadian band has just released its first demo in collaboration with, let's hear what Glen and Till have to say about their record.

What does WARS OF WINTER mean? What's YOUR signification?

Winter is the most beautiful season of all, with the trees in the forest covered in beautiful white, and the majestic snow-capped mountain tops. Our music is a tribute to all that is natural in this world, though winter is the most beautiful of all that is natural. Wars are the conflict within nature, both within man and the environment.

How was the band created?

I auditioned for bassist for a band called THE SACRED INNOCENT, which Till, our vocalist, had been singing in and writing most of the material, unfortunately the band broke up, so Till and I decided to start our own band and that's how it was started.

How would you describe your sound?

It's kind of unique, sure in ways it sounds a lot like certain other bands, but to this day I haven't heard anything like it. If you had to put us in a genre, it would have to be Progressive Melodic Metal with classical and Swedish influences, haha.

What can we expect in your next release?

The new material is a bit more aggressive than the last release, Till (vocals, guitars, drums, bass) has improved his vocals, both distorted and clean. The riff writing is getting a lot better, the songs flow better than the older stuff. The new stuff is sounding sort of like the song "Two Moons 'til Autumn", except better. We have Carlos (ex-keyboardist of SOILWORK) working on our album-cover now, so we're just waiting to see how that turns out.

So you have much new material already?

We are always working on new material, whenever we are inspired to write is when we write, that way the music turns out the way we want it, we never force anything out. We have written a number of songs so far for the new release, I don't know if we'll use them all, but we'll see what happens.

Could you tell us what your influences were at the time of the recording of the demo?

I remember when we recorded, the only thing we ever listened to was OPETH ("Still Life", "Morningrise", "Orchid") and EDGE OF SANITY ("Crimson"). We also listened to a lot of other things like KATATONIA, IN FLAMES. Listening to good music always puts you in a good mood, that way it's easier to write/record.

What inspires you when you write songs?

Sometimes we'll just be doing nothing and Till will say "let's jam for a bit", so we sit down with a couple acoustic guitars and everything goes fine. Sometimes we'll be listening to OPETH and it will just trigger something in the back of my head that says "I have to write something" and then it'll just go smoothly. Anything can inspire you to write songs. At the time when my grandfather died was around the time I wrote "A New Vision", some of the riffs in that song were the best I had ever written.

Would you consider forming a band with more members and start touring?

Definitely, we are always looking for new members, but finding a good drummer and bassist is hard. And then finding somebody that is dedicated is even harder. We just need a label now, then at least people would know about W.O.W. and then we could pick up a drummer easily.

What kind of movies do you guys watch? Any favourites?

Basically stuff like Steven King, he has always had some great movies/books. Basically anything that has a good storyline to it. My favourite would be "The Green Mile ", I liked that a lot.

What do you think of webzines?

They're great! With webzines you get new things every week (or even every day, hehe - Alex), unfortunately with magazines you have to wait for a full month before you get anything. Webzines help promote small unsigned bands, which magazines barely do.

What was the role of in the growth of WARS OF WINTER? is like our 3rd member, ever since the start of W.O.W., has helped out. It's a free service that I think every band should try, especially if your unsigned.

If your band could merge with members of other bands, who would you have to fill in your line-up? [ex: this dude on drums or this one on bass or on backing vocals, etc.]

I think I would have Dan Swanö on drums and Peter from IN FLAMES on bass. It's a big line-up which will never happen, but we'll keep our hopes up (ha ha).

What's the next step for WARS OF WINTER?

Currently we are sending out demos to record-labels, webzines, and radios so we can get some notice. We're just putting together our songs piece by piece so when we actually get in the studio we'll have everything down. We're gonna keep promoting ourselves online until we get a record label.


2001: Wars Of Winter (CD, Demo)

Mathieu Bibeau

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