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More about 2Ton Predator

Country of origin: Sweden
Founded: 1993
Status: Active
Official homepage: 2Ton Predator

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Band History - 2Ton Predator (Online Oct. 2003)

2Ton Predator

The foundation of 2TON PREDATOR was laid in 1993 when Tobbe and Mogge founded the band WEDGE.

Petter and Matte soon joined them, and with the line-up complete the band began writing songs, doing demos and looking for a deal. The style back then was laid back Metal sort of in the vein of ALICE IN CHAINS.

The band's first demo from '93 was done in the Swedish Gorysound Studio with Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY) behind the knobs, but despite WEDGE's cooperation with Dan Swanö, they didn't manage to catch the interest of any labels so new recordings were done and more demos sent out.

After some problems with the band (Mogge went to jail, they got ripped off for a record deal....) they changed their name to 2TON PREDATOR and was finally picked up by Danish label Diehard. With the name changed, the band also went into a harder direction. 1999 they went into the Soundlab studios in their hometown and recorded "In The Shallow Waters" with producer Tue Madsen (also guitarist in Danish band Grope) and the album was released early 2000.

The next album showed a more dark side of the band and "Boogie" was once again recorded with Tue, but this time in his own studio Antfarm in Aarhus, Denmark. To support "Boogie" 2TON PREDATOR joined up with ENTOMBED and CATHEDRAL for a full on European tour in September of 2001. In late 2002, the band once again stepped into the Antfarm studios with Tue Madsen, to record what would be the album "Demon Dealer".

"Demon Dealer" was released in July 2003, and the reviews have so far been the same. It's a killer album.

Current Line-Up:
Mogge - Vocals
Mazza - Guitar (also in THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX)
Tobbe -Bass
Matte - Drums (also in GENOCIDE SS)

Previous members:


Demon Dealer

Mogge - Vocals
Mazza - Guitar
Tobbe - Bass
Matte - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review
 "The Metal Observer" Review
 "The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Demon Dealer" - DieHard

Total playing time: 40:07
  1. Slowly Slaughtered
  2. Bone Brigade
  3. Pipeyard Killings
  4. Demon Dealer
  5. A Funeral Romance
  6. Hell Is Where You're Headed
  7. Transparant Venom Addiction
  8. Hammered
  9. Ready To Die
  10. Killing Flames


Mogge - Vocals
Mazza - Guitar
Tobbe - Bass
Matte - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2001 "Boogie" - DieHard

Total playing time: 48:01
  1. Boogie
  2. Duct Tape Story
  3. Broken Bond
  4. Pumpjack Pleasure
  5. Hail From Sweden
  6. Freak 2000
  7. Downright Evil
  8. 4Tounges Strong
  9. Turning Point
  10. September Flu
  11. Last Boost
  12. Empty Chambers

In The Shallow Waters

Mogge - Vocals
Mazza - Guitar
Tobbe - Bass
Matte - Drums

2000 "In The Shallow Waters" - DieHard

Total playing time: 42:21
  1. Still Remaines
  2. Hole In My Mind
  3. Burned
  4. The Bitter Aftertaste
  5. From Her Eyes
  6. Rage Out Of Silence
  7. Backstabber
  8. Get Out
  9. Some Way
  10. Lynch Mob
  11. How

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