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More about Buried Dreams

Country of origin: Mexico
Founded: 1995
Status: Active
Official homepage: Buried Dreams

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Band History - Buried Dreams (Online May 2003)

Buried Dreams

BURIED DREAMS started playing in January 1995, with four members who wanted to share musical ideas and influences, creating their own sound: fast and melodic, powerful and aggressive. In April '95 the band began to play in some gigs, but were not able to play live later that year due to difficulties in the line-up.

They recorded their first promo-demo "The World Beyond" with three songs. One month later BURIED DREAMS won first place in the 1st.National Underground Heavy Metal Contest which led them to sign with Oz Records So in August, with a new member for vocals, the band recorded their first full-length album called "Beyond Your Mind". After its release the band promoted the album all around Mexico. With this album the band got recognition in the Metal scene, and was considered one of the best newcomer bands that year; their live shows undoubtedly proved this, having played alongside CANNIBAL CORPSE (twice), HYPOCRISY, IMPALED NAZARENE, IN FLAMES and the German metal legend HELLOWEEN. BURIED DREAMS also toured successfully on the so called Tormentour, with label mates SHAMASH and UNDER MOONLIGHT SADNESS together with DISGORGE & THE ZEPHYR.

After 2 years of full live activity, BURIED DREAMS prepared new stuff for a second release. Looking for a better sound, in October '99 the band travelled to Göteborg, Sweden to the well-known Studio Fredman to record a new album called "Perceptions" produced by Fredrik Nördstrom (AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES, DARK TRANQUILLITY). In November BURIED DREAMS made its European debut playing in Berlin with a great response from the audience. After the release of the album the band started playing again, but this time they would make their first US appearance at the Milwaukee Metal Fest, with great critics. The success of "Perceptions" would reach Japan, being released by Soundoholic Records.

"Necrosphere" their third album, recorded in February 2002, was produced again by Fredrik Nördstrom. This work shows a more mature song writing and an own sound. Continuing with the elements used on their previous albums: melody, atmospheres, rhythm changes, aggressive riffing, with very powerful vocals, they have made its best work up to date. All the energy on the album has even been proved live in a 4 dates tour across Germany together with MOURNING CARESS, impressing the exigent German Metal Fans.

Current Line-Up:
Antonio De Yta - Guitar
Eric Olguin - Vocals
Ezequiel Mendoza - Bass
Daniel Romero - Drums
Ndua Valdespino - Guitar

Previous members:
Ivan Santos - Vocals & Keyboard (on "Perceptions" & "Beyond Your Mind")
Oscar Doniz - Drums (on "Perceptions")
Anuar Bautista - Drums (on "Beyond Your Mind" & "The World Beyond")



Eric Olguin - Vocals
Antonio De Yta - Guitar
Ndua Valdespino - Guitar
Ezequiel Mendoza - Bass
Daniel Romero - Drums

2002 "Necrosphere" - Oz Records

Total playing time: 62:00
  1. Io
  2. Remorse
  3. Andromeda Strain
  4. The Shadow Murderer
  5. Redemption
  6. Immortal Echoes
  7. Inside Reallity
  8. Death Beneath
  9. Mictlanmatini
  10. Preemptive Solution (Japanese Bonus Track)
  11. Death Beneath (Demo Version)



Antonio De Yta - Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals
Ezequiel Mendoza - Bass & Keyboard
Ndua Valdespino - Guitar
Ivan Santos - Vocals & Keyboard
Oscar Doniz - Drums
Erick Olguin - Lead Vocals


1999 "Perceptions" - Oz Records

Total playing time: 43:48
  1. Illnamiqui
  2. The Riddle
  3. The Mind's Subconcious
  4. At The End
  5. Cosmic Prophecies
  6. 360
  7. Perceptions
  8. Gods Of Fire
  9. Buried Dreams
  10. At The End (Live)(Japanese Bonus Track)

Beyond Your Mind

Antonio De Yta - Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals
Ezequiel Mendoza - Bass & Keyboard
Anuar Bautista - Drums
Ndua Valdespino - Guitar
Ivan Santos - Lead Vocals

1997/2001 "Beyond Your Mind" - Oz Records

Total playing time: n/a
  1. The Sword & The Cross
  2. Black Dragon
  3. Reflexions In The Light
  4. The Battle
  5. Beyond Your Mind
  6. Looking Through The Fire
  7. Irony
  8. Moxtla
  9. Her Beauty
  10. Limits Of Fantasy
  11. Redemption (Bonus Track) (Only for the 2002 re-issue with slidcase)


The World Beyond

Antonio De Yta - Guitar, Keyboard & Vocals
Ezequiel Mendoza - Bass & Keyboard
Anuar Bautista - Drums

1996 "The World Beyond (Demo-Tape)" - Independent

Total playing time: n/a
  1. The Sword & the Cross
  2. Black Dragon
  3. Shining on my Dreams
  4. Take Away

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