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More about Celestial Ode

Country of origin: Greece
Founded: 1996
Status: Active
Official homepage: Celestial Ode

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Band History - Celestial Ode (Online Dec. 2002)

Celestial Ode

CELESTIAL ODE is a band that belongs to the Metal genre. We're combining elements from Speed, Power and Thrash and generally whatever sounds fast, aggressive and Melodic. Our influences include bands like JUDAS PRIEST, ANNIHILATOR, PANTERA, KING DIAMOND, HELLOWEEN, TESTAMENR to name a few but we blend them with our own personal style to create the result that we want.

The band was founded in 1996 by Themis Gourlis (lead and rhythm guitar) and after a couple of months Dionisis Koutis (lead and rhythm guitar) joined the band. The band came to a steady line up 4 years later with the addition of Manos Xanthakis handling the lead vocals. While we were writing songs for our debut we gave a couple of gigs in local clubs that went very well, this proved to be a great opportunity for us 'cause we saw the reactions of people towards our material.

In July 2000 we entered Power Studios to record our debut album. However the drums were recorded by Giannis Petris who helped the band as a session drummer since our drummer at the time decided to quit the band. The recordings came to an end in January 2001 and the album was engineered, mixed, mastered and produced by George Stratakis. At present time we are currently writing songs for our next album and we're involved in the distribution and promotion of our debut.

Current Line-Up:
Themis Gourlis - Guitars
Dionysis Koutis - Guitars
Manos Xanthakis - Vocals

Previous members:
In the last 3 years we have auditioned more than 20 people for bass and drums but we still haven't found what we need.


Celestial Ode (MCD)

Manos Xanthakis - Vocals
Themis Gourlis - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dionysis Koutis - Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals
Giannis Petris - Drums (session)

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review
2001 "Celestial Ode (MCD)" - Independent

Total playing time: 18:14
  1. Merciless Attack
  2. Mind's Cells
  3. The Altar
  4. The Loser
  5. Keep Your Religion

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