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Vesperian Sorrow - Beyond The Cursed Eclipse (7,5/10) - USA - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Displeased Records
Playing time: 57:23
Band homepage: Vesperian Sorrow


  1. Intro
  2. Beyond The Cursed Eclipse
  3. Twilight Of Azrael
  4. From An Ever Blackened Star
  5. Calydon
  6. Shadowlord
  7. Windswept
  8. Saga Of The Second Sign
  9. V S
Vesperian Sorrow - Beyond The Cursed Eclipse
It seems that the Melodic Black Metal-wave now also has reached the USA, because Displeased offer one of the first members of the DIMMU BORGIR-class in VESPERIAN SORROW.

The sextet showcases genre-typical Melodic Black, which can be found in almost every conutry of Europe nowadays, but always adds some US-Death Metal, with that giving the sound a different hue than many of their colleagues. But you can find anything you could hope for as fan of this genre, from the bombastic intro ("Intro", hehe), over partly really brutal blastspeed ("Calydon") and the obligatory keyboard-instrumental ("V S") up to atmopsheric Black Metal-hymns ("Twilight Of Azrael" and "Windswept", which is opened by a sample taken from a play of the Artus-saga). And, what is even more important, the quality is there as well, something you cannot say about many in the legions of copycats out there.

If you are ready and willing to overlook a few playing-mistakes and the not always great sound-quality, then you cannot make a big mistake by giving VESPERIAN SORROW a chance...

Alexander Melzer

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