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More about Dark Fortress

Country of origin: Germany
Founded: 1994
Status: Active
Official homepage: Dark Fortress

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Band History - Dark Fortress (Online May 2003)

Dark Fortress

The history of DARK FORTRESS began in 1994 when Asvargr (Guitar), after his former band CARNAGE had split up because of musical differences, wanted a new musical direction for himself. CARNAGE music was a mix between old style KREATOR and PUNGENT STENCH. Having written a few riffs for DARK FORTRESS, Asvargr was joined by Azathoth (Vocals) and by 1995 a few songs were made that sounded a bit like old SATYRICON. In the same year the line-up was completed by Charon (Drums) and Njord (Bass) and one year later the debut demo tape "Rebirth Of The Dark Age" was recorded, of which the entire number of 250 copies was sold.

In 1997, DARK FORTRESS was joined by Crom (Guitar) and Thamuz (Keyboards).The music became much more melodic now as the band started to make use of the possibilities offered by two guitar players. Now able to play live, the first concert took place in February 1997 together with PATH OF DEBRIS, CRACK UP and BLACKEND. More concerts were to follow in that year, with bands such as DESASTER, LUNAR AURORA, NAGELFAR and others.

In October 1997, 3 songs were recorded of which 2 were taken for a Split-MCD, entitled "Towards Immortality", which was strictly limited on 500 copies, and which DARK FORTRESS shared with BARAD DÜR. It wasn't released until 1998 on the German label Fog Of The Apocalypse. The other song was especially recorded for the Compilation-CD "From The Mystic Forest - Part II" and can only be heard on this CD. Also in August 1998 Njord and Thamuz left the band due to musical differences just to be replaced by Zoltan (Bass) and Paymon (Keyboards) only one month later. These two came straight from their own band NEBULAH HORDE to join DARK FORTRESS.

There was already an agreement with Austrian label CCP Records for the first studio album "Tales From Eternal Dusk" in November 1998, but only three days before the scheduled studio date the deal blew. So the time gained was used to further refine the songs for the album. In June 2000 Zoltan left in order to work with his new band CREMATION, which play Death Metal in the American style.

Finally in August 2000 the debut album "Tales From Eternal Dusk" was recorded in the Klangschmiede Studio E by Markus Stock (of EMPYRIUM). Crom played the bass in addition to his guitar, even though the new bass player Draug (formerly T.Killer) joined shortly before the studio date. There simply wasn't enough time left for him to learn all the required parts and so he can't be heard on " Tales From Eternal Dusk" yet.

The musical style on "Tales From Eternal Dusk" can be described as a crossbreed of many styles, primarilyBlack/Death Metal, it's roughly compareable to a mix of DISSECTION, UNANIMATED and SATYRICON.

In November 2000 Crom left the band due to personal differences with Azathoth, and some weeks later Charon left,too,stating that he wanted to play a completely other musical style.

In January 2001 DARK FORTRESS was joined by Seraph (Drums) and Santura (Guitar) and just some weeks later the band signed a deal with American label Red Stream Records for two albums. The actual line-up: Azathoth (Vocals), Asvargr (Guitars), Santura (Guitars), Draug (Bass), Paymon (Keyboards, Clean Vocals) and Seraph (Drums). With this line-up DARK FORTRESS wrote to the songs for their second album, "Profane Genocidal Creations", which was recorded in May 2002 during 2 weeks in Norwegian Grieghallen Studio (BURZUM, EMPEROR, MAYHEM, etc…).

Musically the band sees the new album as a big step forward, 'cause the band's aim was to create a more dark feeling than on their debut album, "Tales From Eternal Dusk", and it succeeded. "Profane Genocidal Creations" still offers various Black Metal with melodies and epic parts, mixed in the typical DARK FORTRESS style.

The lyrical concept of the new album has been written by a friend of the band back in 1998, and since that time it was planned to use this lyrics, which deal with lots of mystical and historical occurrences, but because the band and the author weren't still satisfied with the lyrics, they aren't printed in the booklet.

DARK FORTRESS hope to get the possibility to promote "Profane Genocidal Creations" in 2003, especially in foreign countries.

Current Line-Up:
Asvargr - Guitars (also in LEPROSY)
Santura - Guitars
Draug - Bass
Paymon - Keyboards
Seraph - Drums (also in NECROMANCER)

Previous members:
Crom - Guitars (on "Tales From Eternal Dusk")
Charon - Drums (on "Tales From Eternal Dusk")
Njord - Bass (on "Towards Immortality")
Thamuz - Keyboards (on "Towards Immortality")



Azathoth - Vocals
Asvargr - Guitars
Santura - Guitars
Draug - Bass
Paymon - Keyboards
Seraph - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2005 "Seance" - Century Media

Total playing time: 61:58
  1. Ghastly Indoctrination
  2. CataWomb
  3. Requiem Grotesque
  4. While They Sleep
  5. To Harvest The Artefacts Of Mockery
  6. Poltergeist
  7. Revolution:Vanity
  8. Incide
  9. Shardfigures
  10. Insomnia



Profane Genocidal Creations

Azathoth - Vocals
Asvargr - Guitars
Santura - Guitars
Draug - Bass
Paymon - Keyboards
Seraph - Drums

2003 "Profane Genocidal Creations" - Red Stream

Total playing time: 68:29
  1. Introduction
  2. Defiance Of Death
  3. Passage To Extinction
  4. In Morte Aeternitas
  5. Moribound Be Thy Creation
  6. Through Ages Of War
  7. Blood Of The Templars
  8. Warlord (Face The Angel Of Pestilence)
  9. Battles Rage In The Infernal Depth
  10. A Fortress Dark

Tales From Eternal Dusk

Azathoth - Vocals
Asvargr - Guitars
Crom - Guitars & Bass
Paymon - Keyboards
Charon - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2001 "Tales From Eternal Dusk" - Red Stream

Total playing time: 52:12
  1. The Arcanum Of The Cursed
  2. Pilgrim Of The Nightly Spheres
  3. Twilight
  4. Apocalypse
  5. Immortality Profound (Trilogy)
  6. Dreaming (Chapter One)
  7. Throne Of Somber Thoughts (Chapter Two)
  8. Captured In Eternitys Eyes (Chapter Three)
  9. Misanthropic Invocation
  10. Crimson Tears
  11. Tales From Eternal Dusk
  12. Moments Of Mournful Splendor

Towards Immortality (Split-MCD)

Azathoth - Vocals
Asvargr - Guitars
Crom - Guitars & Bass
Njord - Bass & Guitars
Thamuz - Keyboards
Charon - Drums

1997 "Towards Immortality (Split-MCD)" - Fog Of The Apocalypse

Total playing time: 24:16
    Dark Fortress
  1. The Cryptic Winterforest
  2. Towards Immortality
    Barad Dür
  3. Nächtlicher Wald
  4. Krieg
  5. Ausklang

The Rebirth Of The Dark Age (Demo-Tape)

Azathoth - Vocals
Asvargr - Guitars
Peter Dubiel - Guitars
Njord - Bass
Charon - Drums

1996 "The Rebirth Of The Dark Age (Demo-Tape)" - Independent

Total playing time: 25:50
  1. Introduction
  2. The Mystic Of Medieval Times
  3. Eternal War
  4. Passing The Shadowgates
  5. Into My Deepest Desire
  6. Reborn In The Frozen Kingdom

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