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More about Descend Into Nothingness

Country of origin: Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada
Founded: 1998
Status: Active
Official homepage: Descend Into Nothingness

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Band History - Descend Into Nothingness (Online Oct. 2003)

Descend Into Nothingness

The concept of DESCEND INTO NOTHINGNESS was created by Joël St-Amant during the year of 1998. The purposes of the concept is to play music that can be very intense and melodic, with a touch of imprevisibility caused by the constant progression of the rhythm that changes during the songs to create a dynamic variation. After a couple of shows and line-up changes, the band made its first notable show with QUO VADIS and MARTYR. After that, the band started to prepare to record its first demo, but a split up occured due to a lack of motivation.

In autumn 2002, Joël St-Amant decided to reform the band with 2 members from the previous line-up (Hugo Lacroix and Éric Delarosbil) in Rouyn-Noranda (Abitibi). At that time, the line-up consisted of: Joël St-Amant (Guitar, Vocals), Hugo Lacroix (Guitar), Simon Charette (Guitar), Sébastien Audet (Bass) and Éric Delarosbil (Drums). In the beginning of November 2002, Éric Delarosbil left the band for personal reasons and was immediatly replaced by François Turgeon. That change gave to the band a great boost of motivation and they started to work harder for the preparation of their first album. DESCEND INTO NOTHINGNESS made 2 shows in Rouyn-Noranda before entering the studio in March 2003 with Yannick St-Amand (DESPISED ICON, MARTYR, NEURAXIS...) to record its first album, "Darkened Reality".

In May 2003, the Abitibian quintet signed with the Galy Records label and the album was released on September 2nd 2003. Now the band is more determined than ever to get on stage and give the most intensive performance possible and is already working on its next album.

Current Line-Up:
Joël - Vocals & Guitar
Sébastien - Bass & Back Vocals
Simon - Guitars
Hugo - Guitars
François - Drums

Previous members:
Eric Delarosbil - Drums


Darkened Reality

Joël - Vocals & Guitar
Sébastien - Bass & Back Vocals
Simon - Guitars
Hugo - Guitars
François - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Darkened Reality" - Galy

Total playing time: 43:24
  1. Humanity's Carelessness
  2. Martyred In The Rage Of War
  3. The End Of Time
  4. Dominated By The Disease
  5. Dive Into Nothingness
  6. Artificial Life For Eternity
  7. Sentenced By The Hammer Of Justice
  8. Schizophrenia
  9. Escaping Reality

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