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Lefay - ...---... (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Noise Records
Playing time: 52:37
Band homepage: Lefay


  1. Save Our Souls
  2. Cimmerian Dream
  3. Sleepwalker
  4. Epicedium
  5. When Gargoyles Fly
  6. What Dreams Forbode
  7. Bloodred Sky
  8. Help Me Out Of Here
  9. The Quest For Reality
  10. The Choice
Lefay - ...---...
Bollnäs rules!

This small city in the middle of Sweden is really amazing. One great band after the other is rolling out of there (e.g. TAD MOROSE and FANTASMAGORIA) and then they still set one right on top of it.

For the third time with the amputated name LEFAY, for the seventh time altogether (without compilations) the Swedes are crashing through your stereo now. And apart from this rare perseverance, they also can claim to something that only very few can: They are unique! When listening to a LEFAY-song then you can say for sure that it is LEFAY, LEFAY and nothing but LEFAY. The characteristic guitar-sound of Tony Eriksson and especially Chulle Rytkönens extraordinary voice make sure of that!

Just as the title implies, the CD starts with "dididideedeedeedididi" and after that with the title-track "Save Our Souls", which brings all the trademarks of the band to surface: heavy rhythm in the mid-paced region, heavy guitars and Charles' heavy, ehm, sorry, rough voice, couldn't imagine a much better start!

After that Charles, Tony, Peter, Micke and Robin pull all stops of dark Power Metal and also differ from most bands here, because they draw their heaviness not from speed (the thrashy "The Quest For Reality" is the only exception), but from the riffs and the super-tight rhythm-section.

You still need some check-outs? Take "Epicedium", "When Dreams Forebode", "Save Our Souls" or the very melodic/intensive "The Choice" or any of the other tracks, you'll get the full force of M.E.T.A.L. in each and everyone of them! Well, as there will be at least one album after "...---...", "only"

Alexander Melzer

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