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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - NEPHASTH - Immortal Unholy Triumph

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Nephasth - Immortal Unholy Triumph (8,5/10) - Brazil - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Mercenary Musik
Playing time: 31:10
Band homepage: Nephasth


  1. The Wrath Will Be The Fire
  2. Screams From The Supreme Force
  3. Useless Cross
  4. Merciless Controller
  5. Flames Triumph
  6. Gloomy Words
  7. False Pride
  8. Empty Holy Reaching
  9. Visions Of Fury
  10. Inquiring Of Fear
Nephasth - Immortal Unholy Triumph
Some of us are just suckers for kick-ass Death Metal, I am one such nimrod. I hear bands like NEPHASTH and I just go "YES, life is good!". They bring nothing revolutionary to the table, and I don't really think that is their intention. The intention is to play Death Fucking Metal in its purest, most unmistakable form. How can any true Death Metal-head not find this fact appealing? This is "kvlt" and "tr00" in every sense of the words...

When I found that this band hails from Brazil, home of KRISIUN, ABHORRENCE, REBAELLIUN, and other such chieftains of brutal Death Metal, I was not surprised. It is readily apparent in opener "The Wrath Will Be The Fire" that NEPHASTH has the intent to break their foot off in your ass with rapid-fire, double-picked, double bass infernos of blasphemous Death Metal-artistry. The vocals sound uncannily similar to Alex Camargo of KRISIUN, a plus in my book since I love his brutal-yet-clear vocals! The one aspect of NEPHASTH that I find lacking in KRISIUN's music, though, is their superior use of builds and breakdowns, whereas KRISIUN will play a blastbeat as a fucking BACKBEAT! NEPHASTH wisely utilize different rhythms and tempos in the course of a song to achieve maximum annihilation.

"Useless Cross" showcases some brilliant high-speed parts which have a slightly SLAYER-esque melodicism, which could be described as somewhere between melodic and dissonant, such as that infamous riff in "Raining Blood". This is also the case on "Gloomy Words" (what's with the title though?), in which they cleverly blend in equal parts DEICIDE (of old) and SLAYER (of old), alternating a choppy Thrash-attack with healthy amounts of punishing blastbeats and especially fast and precise drumming. And as if the first nine tracks weren't enough, the band leaves its most catchy, brutal, and unrelenting song for last..."Inquiring Fear" will surely leave you with severe pain in the groin region, I now know what it feels like to be kicked in the testicles, via music. It just does not get much sweeter than that, does it?

Everything about this album, down to the rock solid, reverb-heavy production and brilliant song-structures is just classic! I'm not for certain if this is the band's debut album, but if it is, they get my highest respect. I am 100% enthused. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future, next time I will be prepared with a cup for my gonads though...

Gabriel Gose

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