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Country of origin: Finland
Founded: 2002
Status: Active
Official homepage: Feiled

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Band History - Feiled (Online Sep. 2003)


FEILED's history can be tracked down to the days when Anton was a fulltime drummer. He was highly inspired by such artists like VINNIE COLAIUTA, STING, MILES DAVIS, CHICK COREA, JOHN COLTRANE, SPIN DOCTORS and many more. For years his time was spent on training his skills as a drummer and focusing being a good musician able to play in various styles and techniques. Experience came from playing in different projects and filling in as a studio musician.

He got turned towards the road of Rock after hearing hearing DREAM THEATER and songs like "Even Flow" by PEARL JAM. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE had also a huge impact. All the Jazz, Fusion and Pop was left little to the side when he begun to explore the world of Modern Rock.

Until he heard Jeff Buckley's album "Grace". That hit really hard. Anton knew that drumming could not be everything he wanted from his life in music. Then came Chris Cornell's amazing solo debut "Euphoria Morning". At that time Finnish band HIM was becoming a huge success. The styles of Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell and Ville Valo had a huge impact.

Anton decided to drop the sticks and grab the microphone. Like many other artists before him, dreams to pursue a career as a singer became alive. He wrote three songs in two days and asked his friend Henkka to check them out. The decision to form a band was immediate. After phoning to some friends, the first line-up was clear: Anton in vocals and drums, Henkka - guitars, Kalle - bass and Jusa - keyboards. They didn't hesitate much and entered the studio in the late summer 2002 to record the first demo "Feiled". It included Anton's first songs "Goddess", "Everything" and "Ocean". It was only to be a test for them of what they would sound like. The demo got attention from the national radio station YleX and some good taps on the shoulders. People could hear the influence of HIM in the music but that didn't bother the band much. Anton thought he could take the band and the vision he had much further.

He continued to work more on FEILED and changed the line-up. Romy came to play the second guitar and long-time-friends Panu and Miika came to replace bass and keyboards. They all had lots of experience playing in bands and working in the studio. Anton and the band started to work seriously on new songs and in the spring 2003 they recorded "Lost" EP. The songs now had much more dynamics and idea. The EP was a true start for things to come.

"Lost" EP got great reviews and good honest feedback from friends, families and even fans. Record companies didn't react but they received "thumb's up" messages from producers and people working in the music business. Anton's big brother Moccha wanted to get involved and help. After opening the website and promoting hard, the band got attention from Poland and Greece. And now the collaboration with different people has started to blossom. A tour in Poland is waiting; promotion in Greece is under way, some gigs in Finland are yet to come. Best of all; Anton finally found a great drummer Markus to take his seat. The band keeps on training hard and working on new songs. FEILED will contribute their energy, songs and efforts for the music business and their career.

FEILED, what a name for a band. Anton woke up in the morning (hangover) and he just felt that he was a "failed" person. After writing his thoughts down, he accidentally misspelled wrong as "feiled" and immediately saw it as a good name for a band. He no longer felt that he was a failed person, but he decided to keep the name, just to have his feet on the ground if things get busy around the band. Then things got happen; when you mix boredom and beer, you always tend to have great ideas!

Current Line-Up:
Anton - Vocals
Panu - Bass
Romy - Guitars
Martin - Keyboards
Markus - Drums
Henkka - Guitars

Previous members:
Miika Colliander - Keyboards (on "Lost")
Jusa - Keyboards (on "Feiled")
Kalle - Bass (on "Feiled")


Promo 2004

Anton - Vocals & Drums
Panu - Bass
Romy - Guitars
Miika - Keyboards
Henkka - Guitars

"The Metal Observer" Review

2004 "Promo 2004" - Independent

Total playing time: 12:20
  1. No More
  2. The Great Escape >mp3
  3. For You

Lost (EP)

Anton - Vocals & Drums
Panu - Bass
Romy - Guitars
Miika - Keyboards
Henkka - Guitars

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Lost (EP)" - Independent

Total playing time: 14:09
  1. Lost
  2. Again
  3. Heaven's Falling Down
  4. Crimes We Once Shared

Feiled (Demo)

Jusa - Keyboards
Kalle - Bass
Anton - Vocals & Drums
Henkka - Guitars

2002 "Feiled (Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 12:44
  1. Goddess
  2. Everything
  3. Ocean

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