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More about Houwitser

Country of origin: Netherlands
Founded: 1997
Status: Active
Official homepage: Houwitser

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Band History - Houwitser (Online Oct. 2003)


Theo [bass]
Alex [guitar]
Aad [drums]
Stan [vocals]

Dutch Death Metal Commandos:
HOUWITSER plays Death Metal in the classic sense, bottom heavy, blasting but with a slight groove, complete with lyrics of gore and murder.

HOUWITSER, a Dutch band that was formed in 1997 by members of SINISTER; Aad, Mike, Michel and Theo from JUDGEMENT DAY. In that same year HOUWITSER recorded a promo with 6 songs and in June 1998, HOUWITSER signed to a Dutch record label: Displeased Records

Their debut "Death...But Not Buried" was released in the spring of 1999 and got great reviews all over the world. Before recording their next album HOUWITSER parted from singer Mike and found a replacement in singer Arjaan "Djortzzz". With him they recorded their second album "Embrace Damnation" After an intense promotional tour and a video clip a second guitar player (Alex from SINISTER) was added to their line-up. In 2000, Arjaan "Djortzzz" announced to leave the band due lack of time and devotion. A few months later Stan was introduced as the new singer of HOUWITSE.

February 2001, HOUWITSER signed a deal with Osmose Productions and in July of that same year HOUWITSER recorded their 3rd album "Rage Inside The Womb" a masterpiece of pure Death Metal, introducing the extremely brutal voice of Stan. In 2002 just before a huge and successful European tour, Michel announced to leave HOUWITSER and the band continued as a four piece. With this line-up HOUWITSER recorded their fourth album "Damage Assessment" and is set for release September 2003. "Damage Assessment"… a one fuck all blistering Death Metal highlight.

Current Line-Up:
Stan - Vocals
Theo - Bass (also in JUDGEMENT DAY, THANATOS)

Previous members:
Mike - Vocals (on "Houwitser", "Death But Not Buried" & "March To Die")
Arjaan - Vocals (on "Embrace Damnation")
Michel - Guitars (on "Houwitser", "Death But Not Buried", "March To Die", "Embrace Damnation" & "Rage Inside The Womb")


Damage Assessment (CD/LP)

Stan - Vocals
Alex - Guitar
Theo - Bass
Aad - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Damage Assessment (CD/LP)" - Osmose

Total playing time: 31:30
  1. Liquidate The Venomous
  2. Parasomy
  3. Paradise To Purgatory
  4. Damage Assessment >mp3
  5. Clean Till The Bone
  6. Skineater
  7. Mean And Malice
  8. Hunger For The Feast

Rage Inside The Womb (CD/LP)

Stan - Vocals
Michel - Guitar
Alex - Guitar
Theo - Bass
Aad - Drums

2001 "Rage Inside The Womb (CD/LP)" - Osmose

Total playing time: 31:30
  1. Slaughter Confession
  2. Nailing The Torso
  3. Score Of Corpses
  4. Gutted In The Gutter
  5. A Bite Of A Deseased Rat
  6. Rage Inside The Womb
  7. Vengeance Needs Blood
  8. Unleash The Fury
  9. 37 Stabwounds
  10. Exposed To Poison

Embrace Damnation (CD/LP)

Arjaan "Djortzzz" - Vocals
Michel - Guitar
Theo - Bass
Aad - Drums

2000 "Embrace Damnation (CD/LP)" - Displeased

Total playing time: 36:06
  1. Onslaught Of Hate
  2. Feeding On Fools
  3. Embrace Damantion
  4. Catenated,Stabbing Overdose
  5. Command Respect
  6. Vile Amputation
  7. Feel The Consequence
  8. Unholy Orgasm
  9. Leeches Come
  10. Consuming Cadavers
  11. Menatlly Mutilated

March To Die (MLP)

Mike - Vocals
Aad - Drums
Michel - Guitar
Theo - Bass

1999 "March To Die (MLP)" - Displeased

Total playing time: 5:10
  1. March To Die
  2. Shredded To Pieces

Death…But Not Buried (CD/LP)

Mike - Vocals
Michel - Guitar
Theo - Bass
Aad - Drums

1999 "Death…But Not Buried (CD/LP)" - Displeased

Total playing time: 36:39
  1. Intro
  2. Dead's A Fact
  3. Shredded To Pieces
  4. Terror Legion
  5. Sixtynineher
  6. Monkey In Control
  7. Raveshing Chaos
  8. D.P.W.
  9. Sliced & Diced
  10. War
  11. Bolld And Honey
  12. Fistfull Of Vixen
  13. World Parasites
  14. Support Satan
  15. Trip Of Fire
  16. I Shape The Suffering

Houwitser (Promo CD-R)

Mike - Vocals
Aad - Drums
Michel - Guitar
Theo - Bass

1998 "Houwitser (Promo CD-R)" - Independent

Total playing time: 15:00
  1. D.P.W
  2. Shredded To Pieces
  3. Trip Of Fire
  4. Dead's A Fact
  5. Monkey In Control
  6. Fistfull Of Vixen

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