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More about Howling Syn

Country of origin: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Howling Syn

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Band History - Howling Syn (Online Dec. 2002)

Howling Syn


A band from Montreal, HOWLING SYN first started as a solo project by Patryk Pigeon (music, lyrics, vocals, bass) in 1998. After many attempts as singer, guitarist and bassist with different Hard Rock/Metal bands from the late 80s until 1997, he found some interest for Gothic and Medieval music. Mixed with his own style, influences and orchestrations, it seemed like the perfect blend.


In fall 1999, Sophie LeMay (lyrics, vocals, flute) took an interest in the project. Having won a few prizes in poetry, she joined Patryk to write some lyrics and, later, to fill his music with her angelic voice that turned out to be a major asset to the whole music. Since she was not a trained singer at the time, she took classical singing lessons and now takes popular singing lessons to improve her technique.


A few months went by when a long-time partner, drummer and songwriter Éric Mireault, joined the band, solidifying the bonds between them. He has played with Patryk in 5 or 6 bands during the last 12 years, so the chemistry between the two musicians is palpable. Éric also evolved in a few bands of different genres, which makes his approach different from other strictly Metal drummers.


In January 2000, the members of HOWLING SYN decided to release their music on Since then, they have had more than 170,000 visitors and 430,000 listens and downloads on this website, all this without any outside promotion and while remaining an independent band. The trio, pushing back the limits of their talent, even climbed up to number one in the Canadian and general Metal charts. The band has released 5 demo CDs plus a promo EP on and sold a considerable number of them throughout the world.


This music that was, at the time, only a vision in the head of its founding member and main composer, enriched and matured by the life experiences of Patryk, Sophie and Eric, then coveted the form that was rightfully theirs: the titanic form of an international band. Having joined them for live shows and future projects, guitarist Gilbert Riendeau really took his place within the pack. Classically trained, but greatly influenced by Metal, he has added his personal touch to the unique sound of HOWLING SYN.


The release of the first studio album “Forebearers Of Dusk” took place on April 2nd, 2002, after signing a license contract with Galy Records. The album contains 13 songs, plus a bonus track, 12 of which are divided into two conceptual parts with the last one bringing the two concepts to a single one. With “Forebearers Of Dusk”, the band takes on the dark and powerful side that differentiates it from the previous demo albums. The originality of the songs has been acclaimed by the critics, as well as the spellbinding atmospheres and the solidity of the rhythm section.


To promote the album, HOWLING SYN put on some concerts with a theatrical twist that won over the public from the region of Montreal. The charisma of the members and their showmanship makes their performances more than a simply musical experience. The band has also been chosen among the 3 most promising acts from Quebec for the closing show of the Weekend Extreme, celebrating 20 years of Metal in Quebec. And the self-produced show for Halloween was a real success and has been considered to be one of the best Metal shows of 2002 in Montreal. The four-piece also opened for LACUNA COIL at the end of September 2003 in Montreal, captivating a new crowd as well as fans of both bands.


HOWLING SYN, with the help of a dynamic management team in Germany, now has at hand all the instruments needed to raise, for all to see and hear, a monument worthy of their ambition. And this will next be reflected in “Devilries”, the band's forthcoming release, which will be made of more mature material, more Heavy Rock riffs and a lot of Goth elements, with a darker and sadder tone.


Updated in February 2004.

 Howling Syn
Current Line-Up:
Patryk Pigeon - Vocals, Bass, Synth Orchestrations
Sophie LeMay - Vocals, Flute
Eric Mireault - Drums
Gilbert Riendeau - Guitars

Previous members:



Patryk Pigeon - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synth Orchestration
Sophie LeMay - Vocals, Flute
Gilbert Riendeau - Guitars
Eric Mireault - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2004 "Devilries" - Escapi Music

Total playing time: 46:56
  1. Carnivorous Lunar Activities >mp3
  2. I Am The Night >mp3
  3. Walk The Walk
  4. Eden-Sweet Devilry
  5. Bleed In Silence >mp3
  6. Shameless, I Breathe
  7. Our Sweet Oblivion
  8. The Man Without Soul
  9. Ghost From The Past
  10. Samhain (The Night He Came Home)
  11. Farewell To Eternal Life


Forebearers Of Dusk

Patryk Pigeon - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synth Orchestration
Sophie LeMay - Vocals, Flute
Eric Mireault - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2002 "Forebearers Of Dusk" - Independent

Total playing time: 61:00
  1. Forebearers Of Dusk
  2. Bloody Blossom
  3. Years Without Light
  4. As The Forest Speaks To Me
  5. Black Moon
  6. Night Charmers
  7. Vampyra's Symphony
  8. Of Pagans And Fairy Tales
  9. Witches Of Avalon
  10. The Reign Of Evil
  11. Dark Chivalry
  12. Medieval Years
  13. Emperors Of Tomorrow
  14. Sand Dragons


Night Charmers/Black Moon (EP)

Patryk Pigeon - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synth Orchestration
Eric Mireault - Studio Tracks
Sophie LeMay - Vocals, Flute

2001 "Night Charmers/Black Moon (EP)" -

Total playing time: 21:00
  1. Night Charmers (studio-version)
  2. Black Moon (studio-version)
  3. Vampyra's Symphony (demo)
  4. Medieval Years (demo)
  5. Dark Chivalry (demo-vocals)

Demos-Vocals-Remixes (Demo)

Patryk Pigeon - Synth Orchestration
Sophie LeMay - Vocals

2001 "Demos-Vocals-Remixes (Demo)" -

Total playing time: 53:00
  1. The Quest (demo-vocals)
  2. Witches VS Knights (demo-vocals)
  3. Dark Chivalry (demo-vocals)
  4. Years Without Light (demo-vocals)
  5. Black Moon (unplugged-vocals)
  6. Vampyra's Symphony
  7. Midnight Stranger
  8. Metamorphosis
  9. Medieval Years (Holy Sword Remix)
  10. Dark Chivalry (Fullmoon remix)
  11. Wolfking Medley
  12. Living With Spiders
  13. Howling Syn (promo mix)

Black Moon (Demo)

Patryk Pigeon - Synth Orchestration, Vocals

2001 "Black Moon (Demo)" -

Total playing time: 45:00
  1. Black Moon
  2. Years Without Light
  3. Midnight Stranger
  4. The Dragon Slayer
  5. The Reign Of Evil
  6. The Clock Always Shows Midnight
  7. Wizard Of the Clouds
  8. Evil Dance
  9. Vampyra's Symphony
  10. Dark Chivalry (Fullmoon remix)
  11. Black Moon (preview with vocals)

Witches of Avalon (Demo)

Patryk Pigeon - Synth Orchestration

2000 "Witches of Avalon (Demo)" -

Total playing time: 33:00
  1. The Quest
  2. Witches Of Avalon
  3. The Singing Witch
  4. Metamorphosis
  5. Dark Chivalry
  6. Fears Of The Knight
  7. Battlefield Sorceress
  8. As The Angels Cast A Spell
  9. Lord Of Sorrow (witches serenade)

WolfQueen (Demo)

Patryk Pigeon - Synth Orchestration
2000 "WolfQueen (Demo)" -

Total playing time: 35:00
  1. Guardian Of The Wolves
  2. Blessed Union
  3. WolfQueen (Queen of Passion)
  4. Reverie
  5. Epitaph
  6. Winter
  7. Medieval Years
  8. Wolfking Medley
  9. After All

Howling Syn (Demo)

Patryk Pigeon - Synth Orchestration
2000 "Howling Syn (Demo)" -

Total playing time: 30:00
  1. Concerto Macabre
  2. Carne-Evil
  3. Living With Spiders
  4. Latex Slave
  5. Bitch Of Syn
  6. Stranger To The Kingdom
  7. Now You're Gone

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