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More about Jesters Moon

Country of origin: USA
Founded: 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Jesters Moon

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Band History - Jesters Moon (Online June 2003)

Jesters Moon

Lead Guitarist Vido Sinn and drummer Preston Hatch of BANGIN MOON join forces with bassist Alvin and lead vocalist/guitarist/keyboard player Bryce Van Patten from PIPE DREAMS to form JESTERS MOON. Following in the tradition of legendary metal bands like BLACK SABBATH and JUDAS PRIEST, JESTERS MOON holds to a true heavy Metal form.

Originally known as BANGIN' MOON, this Pacific Northwest band has come a long way in the last two years. Having some initial success and airplay in Europe with the first album "Blinded", the band soon followed up with "Moontang", a five-song disk that showed off talents of new guitarist Vido Sinn. The album was punchier, better produced and better conceived.

Though still receiving good press overseas and airplay for the single "Burnin' Feeling", the bands line-up was in for a change. Singer Dan E. Hurtz decided to call it a day and was replaced by vocalist/ keyboard player Bryce Van Patten (who played keys on the track "Departure" off "Moontang").

The band struggled through about 6 months of searching for a drummer while Preston was off on another project. Jeff Johnson played with us for several months but was unhappy with the rhythm section and moved on. Preston came back, all was well.

Playing locally and struggling to put together a new album, the band searched for one more piece of the puzzle. Enter Alvin on the bass, having played in bands with Van Patten since high school, he seemed the natural choice.

Finally a solid line-up, and a five-song demo was recorded in summer of 2001 including new versions of "Burnin' Feeling" and "My World".

Ready to begin work on a long over-due full-length album, the band had one more trial to endure. Long time guitarist and founding member Michael Suter leaves due to personal reasons. Van Patten switches to guitar/vocal duties, still adding keys on certain tracks and the group is reborn in its newest incarnation JESTERS MOON.

Bryce Van Patten - Vocals/guitars/keys
Bryce Van Patten has been a fixture of the northwest Metal scene since the early eighties, gaining some repute for his drumming skills. Bryce was briefly working with WILD DOGS until Deen Castronovo came into the band. Playing in BABYLON, HOLY TERROR (the Portland based band), EGYPT, WARHEAD, THE HUMANS, GOTHIC OPERA, GENE POOL, BANGIN' MOON and finally PIPE DREAMS before joining Vido Sinn and co. to create JESTERS MOON.

Vido Sinn - Lead Guitars
Although born in the states, Vido was raised in Cagliari, Italia. A city on the island of Sardinia. Vido received his first guitar at the age of 5, and though involved in a near-fatal accident at the age of 16, went on to recover the use of his arm, plus win local guitar competitions. Vido performed in GRAVEN IMAGE, METAL PRINCE, and PANIC. Vido also has a passion for Black Metal and was a founding member of BLACKTHORN. Vido returned from central Oregon to join BANGIN' MOON and continues to be a key contributor musically as well as in spirit.

Alvin - Bass guitar
Alvin is an amazing bass player with the heart of a lion and always the right sense of where to be. Alvin has played with CIRCUS MIND, I AM OPUS, PILGRIM'S STAFF and formed PIPE DREAMS with long time friend and band mate Van Patten.

Preston Hatch - Drums & percussion
Preston Hatch, drummer extraordinaire hails from Long Beach, California but has been in the northwest through the 90's. Preston played in a band called RISING with Tom Dumont of NO DOUBT before founding BANGIN' MOON and PIPE DREAMS. Preston has shown an amazing ability to play but not overplay, always maintaining the integrity of the song.

Current Line-Up:
Bryce Van Patten - Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
Vido Sinn - Lead Guitars
Preston Hatch - Drums & Percussion
Craig Bixler - Bass

Previous members:
Alvin - Bass (on "Jesters Moon")


Jesters Moon

Bryce Van Patten - Vocals & Guitars & Keyboards
Vido Sinn - Lead Guitars
Preston Hatch - Drums & Percussion
Alvin - Bass

"The Metal Observer" Review

2002 "Jesters Moon" - MIBMusic

Total playing time:54:34
  1. The Battle
  2. Devils Eyes
  3. No Clue
  4. What's My Name
  5. User
  6. Amnesia
  7. You're On Your Own
  8. Destination Known
  9. Man In A Glass
  10. Backstreets

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