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More about Klimt 1918

Country of origin: Italy
Founded: Oct. 1999
Status: Active
Official homepage: Klimt 1918

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Band History - Klimt 1918 (Online Oct. 2003)

Klimt 1918

KLIMT 1918 was formed by Marco Soellner (vocals/guitars) & Paolo Soellner (drums) in October 1999. They were the only two members left of ANOTHER DAY, an Italian act dedicated to Progressive Death Metal sonorities. With this moniker the band released, between the years 1994-1999, two demos ("Youth - The Castle Of Illusions" 1996 and "Be Nothing But A Bit Of Cold" 1998) and a MCD "Fireworks Outside - Black Butterflies Over The Petals Of The Sun" 1997 unluckily never released.

In 2000, KLIMT 1918 started to work on new material, more focused on different sonorities and suggestions. The musical influences can be indicated with the Swedish and English Avantgarde Metal (ANATHEMA, OPETH, EDGE OF SANITY, KATATONIA), the 80'ies Wave (THE CURE, U2 - early years, POLICE, JAPAN, DURAN DURAN, DEPECHE MODE, THE SMITHS) and THE BEATLES (years 1967 - 1970).

In May 2000, at Giuseppe Orlando's Outer sounds Studios, KLIMT 1918 recorded "Secession Makes Post Modern Music", first demo of the band, featuring other two new entries, Davide Pesola (bass) and Francesco Tumbarello (guitars).

"Secession Makes Post Modern Music" was acclaimed with great reviews by media and, after an important promotion, the band chose to accept a deal for two albums with My Kingdom Music.

During the spring of 2002, guitarist Francesco Tumbarello left the band due to personal reasons. A new guitarist, Alessandro Pace, replaced him very soon, so with this line-up and after hard-working pre-production sessions, the band entered again the Outer Sounds Studios on July/September 2002 and under the precious supervision of Giuseppe Orlando and Massimiliano Pagliuso (NOVEMBRE), they recorded their debut album "Undressed Momento".

It is a wonderful painting of intimist and desolate atmospheres, a pure manifest of Post Modern Art. Enjoy their emotional, uncomfortable Rock Music!

Current Line-Up:
Marco Soellner - Guitars & Vocals
Alessandro Pace - Guitars
Davide Pesola - Bass
Paolo Soellner - Drums

Previous members:
Francesco Tumbarello - Guitars (on "Secession Makes Post Modern Music")


Undressed Momento (Digi/CD)

Marco Soellner - Guitars & Vocals
Alessandro Pace - Guitars
Davide Pesola - Bass
Paolo Soellner - Drums
Massimiliano Pagliuso (Guest) - Orchestrations
Giuseppe Orlando (Guest) - Backing Vocals (Song 4)

"The Metal Observer" Review

2003 "Undressed Momento (Digi/CD)" - My Kingdom Music

Total playing time: 46:39
  1. _
  2. Pale Song
  3. Parade Of Adolescence
  4. We Don't Need No Music
  5. Undressed Momento
  6. That Girl
  7. Naif Watercolour
  8. If Only You Could See Me Now
  9. Stalingrad Theme

Secession Makes Post Modern Music (Promo)

Marco Soellner - Guitars & Vocals
Francesco Tumberallo - Guitars
Davide Pesola - Bass
Paolo Soellner - Drums

2000 "Secession Makes Post Modern Music (Promo)" - Independent

Total playing time: n/a
  1. Schmerzwerk 1976
  2. Passive
  3. Fever
  4. Swallow's Supremacy
  5. April

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