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Rebaelliun - Burn The Promised Land (7/10) - Brazil - 1999

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 35:02
Band homepage: Rebaelliun


  1. At War
  2. ...And The Immortals Shall Rise
  3. Killing For The Domain
  4. Spawning The Rebellion
  5. Flagellation Of Christ (The Revenge Of King Beelzebuth)
  6. Hell's Decree
  7. The Legacy Of Eternal Wrath
  8. Burn The Promised Land
  9. Triumph Of The Unholy Ones
Rebaelliun - Burn The Promised Land
Phew! Here you get something straight in your face...

Brazil's answer to the American brutalos of MORBID ANGEL and SLAYER (so the info) thunders out of the speakers that Jesus Christ falls off his cross, but avoid the foot-traps of stupid bashing like so many of their colleagues. In most cases my ears try to run for shelter, to save themselves, so to say, when confronted with this style, but something (please don't ask me what, thought) is there to REBAELLIUN that I put the CD into my player more than once - willingly.

The listener awaits a Death Metal-inferno of upper class, which shall have all fans of the above-mentioned bands prick their ears, because here you can find some breakneck speed, brutal riffs, a voice from the depths of hell and all other ingredients you'd like to see on a tasty Death Metal-slaugher-platter. Additionally lyrics like "Flagellation Of Christ", "Burn The Promised Land", "Triumph Of The Unholy Ones" or "Hell's Decree" add the right antichristian touch to the whole thing.

Alexander Melzer

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