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Anata - Dreams Of Death And Dismay (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Season Of Mist
Playing time: 46:46
Band homepage: Anata


  1. Die Laughing
  2. Faith, Hope, Self-Deception
  3. God Of Death
  4. Metamorphosis By The Well Of Truth
  5. Dream On
  6. Can't Kill What's Already Dead
  7. Insurrection
  8. The Enigma Of Number Three
  9. Drain Of Blood
  10. The Temple / Erratic
Anata - Dreams Of Death And Dismay

If there is any band that will take over MORBID ANGEL's throne when they're done, it will be ANATA. Simply amazing brutal Death Metal coming from Sweden. From a country usually known for its popish Metal, including a million of crappy IN FLAMES copy-cats, a band like this is a refreshing and quite welcome change.

Complete brutality with some unparalleled heaviness is what this CD offers. Killer production on the double bass as well as the whole drum kit is quite audible, while the guitars are so so heavy. Exquisite tremolo picking, will make any self respected guitarist grow hard. The band is incredibly talented and it shows, with songs like "Insurrection" and "The Enigma Of The Number Three" showcasing just how awesome some people are at their trade.

Utter and unabated sickness accompanied with a killer production makes for HappyDefemation. Once the great MORBID ANGEL is gone, this is the band that will rule us all for another millennia. Hail ANATA! (Online August 29, 2002)

Guest Reviewer Mike Stajic

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