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More about Lacuna Coil

Country of origin: Italy
Founded: 1996
Status: Active
Official homepage: Lacuna Coil

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Band History - Lacuna Coil (Online Dec. 2003)

Lacuna Coil

May 1996: A two-track demo under the name ETHEREAL was recorded and sent to several labels across Europe. After reviewing the offers that came in, a deal was signed with Century Media and the name of the band was changed into LACUNA COIL because the name ETHEREAL had already been taken by another band in Greece. The name LACUNA COIL, which means "empty spiral", was chosen because the meaning remains similar to ETHEREAL while expressing our vision on life.

October 1997: The debut self-titled EP was recorded at the Woodhouse Studio in Hagen (Germany) and produced by Waldemar Sorychta. We slept in an old and run down flat right above "spirit" club where some of us spent some of the more "influenced" nights of our lives...

December 1997: Our first live experience was supporting label mates MOONSPELL on a European tour: anxiety, stage-fright and intense emotions culminated in the break-up of the band mid-tour. Emergency aid was offered by Markus from KREATOR on drums and Anders from TIAMAT on guitar. Overall, it was great promotion and as first experiences was worth it!

January 1998: Cristiano Migliore (THY NATURE) and Cristiano Mozzati (TIME MACHINE) are recruited to join the band respectively on guitar and drums. Their arrival marks a turn in the band's vibe, a heavy mood is lifted and the result is a new enthusiasm.

February 1998: The self-titled EP is released and we open for MOONSPELL at the coliseum in Lisbon in front of 4000 people; it was a very emotional moment and our first experience with such a large audience.

April 1998: We embark on our second European tour, this time with THE GATHERING and SEIGMEN. There are many sold-out shows and Cristina and Anneke duet during a few of these. Unfortunately, Cristiano Migliore is injured shortly before departure and cannot make it, Steve Minelli (NODE) joins the band for the tour. Alice Chiarelli joins on keys.

August 1998: First festival experience: Wacken Open-Air in Germany. A very good response opening the festival on its main stage followed by our first signing session: we feel like real "Rock stars"!!! Right after the show, due to the nature of our musical direction we decide to look for a second guitarist instead of using a keyboard player.

October 1998: Finally, the almost-complete band comes together (Cristina, Andrea, Marco, Criz and Chris) to record their first full-length album. Once again at the Woodhouse Studio with Waldemar, this time the experience is tough but very rewarding: for some of us it's the first professional recording experience and we gave it our all! "In A Reverie" is born.

January 1999: The missing link arrives in the shape and form of a 22 year old "outlaw"(!) By the name of Marco Biazzi a.k.a. "Maus" (bth) on second guitar. Now the line-up is finally complete!

February 1999: Our first gig supporting "In A Reverie" is the release show at Milan's Rock temple: The Rolling Stone, in front of more than 1500 people.

April 1999: We embark on a co-headlining European tour with SKYCLAD. The two bands share lots of fun, beer, wine and stage diving!

May 1999: "Non-stop touring" seems to be the new motto. This time it's the "Into The Darkness" tour, featuring MY INSANITY, LACUNA COIL, GRIP INC. and SAMAEL, more than 15 shows which offer good live experiences, great people but also a little chaos. This festival slips right into GRIP INC.'s European tour and the band carries on supporting GRIP INC. Through east European countries, their young lives in the hands of a crazy bus driver called Pete who looks (...and acts!) like Barney from The Simpsons. The tour is an opportunity to play with friend/producer Waldemar Sorychta and idol Dave Lombardo. The highlight of the tour is the appearance at Poland's Metal Mania Festival in front of 5000 excited Metal fans. The GRIP INC. + LACUNA liner pulls into the Dynamo Open Air Festival site for one of our most memorable experiences in our career. Our debut at the prestigious Dutch festival is witnessed by almost 20.000 people in a packed tent. The Italian flag is hoisted in the air by a group of fans in the front, some sing along and others wave banners hailing Cristina: it's a dream come true!

June 1999: Back to Italy... Playing the "God's Of Metal", the most important Hard Rock festival in Italy, in front of a swelling crowd of over 25.000 people, is our most intense gig so far. Sharing the stage with names as METALLICA and MONSTER MAGNET is an honor, but our real cause for pride is the reaction we get from our home town, Milan. Home, sweet home!!!

July 1999: Our first mini tour: 3 gigs from Rotterdam (NL) to Altheim (DE) where the local open-air festival provides a nice leisure week-end, the chance to get lost in the mountains with our own cars and a pause in the neck-breaking pace of the previous three months... Unfortunately Maus is not with us but we are lucky enough to have Patrick Graziosi (THY NATURE) joining us to give a hand on 2nd guitar.

October 1999: Supporting LACRIMOSA on a German tour, huge clubs, almost every gig is sold out, for the first time good food in Germany, very friendly guys from the band and the crew. Three negative points: a terrible camper on terrible roads, horrible merchandise and Marco broke a rib helping a light tech and therefore the band has to cancel the last three gigs.

January 2000: We enter the Damage Inc. Studios in Ventimiglia with Waldemar Sorychta to record a new EP "Halflife", containing 5 new tracks. "La Dolce Vita" atmosphere of the igurian coast is the perfect setting for our first approach to digital recording techniques, Italian lyrics and a cover tune...

March 2000_ The 20th, official release of the "Halflife" EP in the shops.

April 2000: Our first headlining tour across Europe. 13 gigs including UK and Ireland. Finally we have our personal sound engineer ("Don" Michele Boccalone) and personal crew (Luca "Tortello" Marchetti as drum tech. And Jase "JB" Birnie as guitar tech.), very good to see lots of people almost every night considering that we are a newcomer band. The highlight of the tour is in London, a sold-out gig and a very enthusiastic audience represents a big surprise for us. In Belfast, Andrea falls on stage and has to go to the hospital with a dislocation of his shoulder.

May 2000: Festival in Milan, Pala Aquatica, more than 2500 people. Very good show even if we have a little technical problem: someone of the band (maybe the drummer?!?) Forgot the mini disk with all the keyboards and loops on. The show has to be shorter than usual because we have to cut some songs. We play faster and heavier and some people like it better this way. Happy to play for the first time with our friends, LABYRINTH.

August 2000: Holiday time (finally...).

October 2000: We enter, for the third time, the "legendary" Woodhouse Studios with the "illustrious" producer Waldemar "bvb" Sorychta to record the second full length album "Unleashed Memories". 9 new tracks and a different version of "Senzafine" which is also the way it was originally created.

November 2000: "Unleashed Memories" is ready. Now we can focus on December...

December 2000: It's so weird to be in Mexico city with 32 degrees, while in the rest of the world it's Christmas... What a dream... Two gigs (Guadalajara and Mexico City) with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY let the fun begin for the Lacunaz: unbelievable audiences (more than 2000 people each gig...), incredible weather and... 3 days in Acapulco for vacation!!! That's the life, guys!!! See you soon Mexico, we love you!

January 2001: Oops! Wasn't the new album supposed to be out in March? The album is out the 29th...c'mon, in a hurry! We go on a European tour with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY (kjellepeeeerrrr!) And "beseech" (skäll!). Everything is great for all the bands: good audience, good crew, good clubs. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed and it seems to be around Europe for a big holiday, not work ...a lot of fun!!!

February 2001: Sstill away from home?! One gig in Milan, the 7th, just enough time to go back home for a day to wash our socks and taste some good food!!! A lot of friends at the gig (w i cinghialesi!!!!!), and a lot of alcohol afterwards. During the tour we also spend two interesting days in Budapest, in a classy hotel where everyone spends 19 dm for the cable TV (...). Italians do it better! During this month we meet NEVERMORE (Great! We'll bring them some sambuca as soon as we'll tour with them...), Simon from DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES (very nice people, after the gig we spend some time together) and our old friend Anders (TIAMAT), who helped us by playing guitar during our very first tour! (Thanks again!). A big hello to all the people that supported us during these two months!!! And a special congratulation to Holger, who almost learned the Italian language!

March 2001: Beginning of the Metal odyssey tour 2001 with DIMMU BORGIR, IN FLAMES, NEVERMORE and SUSPERIA. A lot of fun, a lot of beer and the most incredibly hot tour bus we've ever had!!! Playstation's "tekken 3" tournaments on our bus between the members of all the bands (we kicked ass ahahahah!!) and great audience at every gig!

April 2001: End of the Metal odyssey 2001, the best last gig ever with lots of alcohol and jokes on stage during every set. We're now ready for Italian gigs and festivals...

May 2001: Gigs in Italy: Treviso, Rome, Rimini, Prato and Pinarella Di Cervia. Thanks a lot to all the people we met on the road!!!! You rule!!!

June 2001: Gig at the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival in Leipzig. Well...we start the trip from Italy with sun and what do we find there? ...5 degrees and fucking cold weather... Mmmm... Not a good idea to travel with shorts all the time!!! There we meet old friends like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and ZEROMANCER (hi again guys, see you soon!!!). "After birthday" party for Cristina with NEVERMORE who are in Italy for the Gods Of Metal Festival. Everybody drunk with all sorts of alcoholic stuff. ...and beer. A lot of beer. Too much beer.

July 2001: Marco Coti Zelati has been operated on the ligaments of his knee, so he cannot join us during the summer gigs. Rock Machina in Valencia: amazing place, very good food and a wonderful audience. Lots of fun with IN FLAMES drinking beer at the edge of the hotel's swimming pool (mmmhh... Reeeeeaaally hard to be a musician, huh?).

August 2001: Festivals, festivals, festivals! Unforgettable gig at the Wacken Open Air Festival. Never saw so many people all together, never been so powerful on stage before. Nice to see again IN FLAMES, NEVERMORE, DIMMU BORGIR, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY... It's time for the Summerbreeze Festival, wow, what a trip! The funny thing is that we have to spend the night in a sort of monastery because there is no place in any other hotel!! Really funny to see Maus, Criz and "Don" Michele, walking almost naked while performing a religious ceremony in the hallway with a big crucifix... Upside down...!!! Straight to Belgium for the Euro Rock, where we play in a tent because a strong wind destroyed the real stage the day before. That really rocked! Then the Z7 in Switzerland (hi NIGHTWISH!).

September 2001: Gig at the M'era Luna Festival. Great to see THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, ZEROMANCER and LUCYFIRE again. Cristina performs the song "You Can Have All My Love Tonight" with LUCYFIRE. Gigs in Osnago and Cagliari. Thanks to the great audiences!!!

October 2001: Concentrating on the new songs for the upcoming album. Stay tuned!!!!

November 2001: Working hard on the new songs... Rock TV is born and we are invited to join this newborn channel with a gig at the Rolling Stone in Milan... Wonderful!!! Maus and Criz appear on rock TV in their program called "Database".

December 2001: A month that we'll never forget... Our first tour in the U.S., with our Latin friends MOONSPELL! Awesome!!! 12 gigs in the states plus 2 canceled show in Canada (… F%&*ing broken tour bus!dammit!!!). It was definitely one of the most outstanding experience in our career. Super brilliant audience and unexpected visits from Peter Steel (TYPE O NEGATIVE), Eric Petersen (TESTAMENT), Steve Digiorgio and the JAG PANZER's guys. The only bad point of this tour was the tour bus company.

January 2002: After some x-mas vacations, we locked ourselves in our beloved practice room keeping on working on the new album. The band still cooperate with rock TV, doing some interviews to artists like HELLOWEEN, SLIPKNOT, NICKELBACK, POD, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, TIAMAT, MOONSPELL, BLIND GUARDIAN, and more...

April 2002: After some months of hard work practicing with instruments and beers, we're ready for the pre - production with Waldemar in Milan. The 17th, we already are located in Dortmund (Germany), starting the recordings...

May 2002: ...The recording of "Comalies" is done!!!

June 2002: Practicing...

July 2002: Practicing...

August 2002: Euro Rock Festival in Belgium and then finally some vacations!!!

September 2002: European released for "Comalies". Lots of promotion, interviews, photo sessions for magazine.

October 2002: The promotion of "Comalies" worked out really good, everybody loved the album and we had lots of covers, including Terrorizer in UK, Rock Hard in Germany and Metal Hammer in Greece...But now it's time for touring again...and it's gonna be a co-headlining tour with SENTENCED. Away from our beloved Italian food for one month!!!

November 2002: The tour with our Finnish fellaz is done! Ready to do some promotion and to relax in our beloved hometown...

December 2002: ...Just vacation...what's wrong with that a problem???!!!

January 2003: The upcoming "Four Absent Friends" tour was canceled for us, due to Burocratics bulls@#t, what's left for us:.z z z z z z z z z....songwriting.... Z z z z z z z z....

February 2003: Let's start's time for the Italian "Comalies" tour to begin...lots of fun, grappa and good food!

March 2003: First time for us in Greece together with our label mates TIAMAT, great time and lot of rush hours, but it was worth it!!! ...and then Italy again...

April 2003: Ready to hit the states again, this time 4 weeks with OPETH and 2 headlining for the first time in the U.S.

May 2003: The tour started in the best way possible, with many sold out shows and many burgers and t-bones!!! The Swedish guys revealed a big Latin side due also to the 2 "martins"...the crazy rhythmical section from Uruguay. We played a couple of shows in the "Blackest Of The Black" tour which also featured Glenn Danzig, SUPERJOINT RYTUAL, NILE and BEHEMOTH. We never expected such a great reaction also in our headlining gigs...thanx to all of you guyz!!! Cheers to YAKUZA, BEYOND THE EMBRACE and DAYLIGHT really rock!!!

June 2003: Back from the rest...more shows in Italy and festivals in Europe, the biggest festival we've ever played in Italy has been the Heyneken Jammin' Festival, 40.000 people with IRON MAIDEN awesome experience and a great reaction from the audience...but the real deal was to meet "Eddie" in person...u rule!!!

July 2003: More Italian shows and the Grasspop Festival in Belgium, Chris, our guitar player, almost broke his leg fallin into a hole in the stage...dammit!!! Straight after that we are ready to start the longest tour we've ever done in our career...10 weeks in the states joining TYPE O' NEGATIVE and ANTHRAX, plus headlining shows...

Current Line-Up:
Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Biazzi - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

Previous members:
Raffaele Zagaria - Guitars ("Lacuna Coil")
Claudio Leo - Guitars ("Lacuna Coil")
Leonardo Forti - Drums ("Lacuna Coil")



Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Biazzi - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

"The Metal Observer" Review


2006 "Karmacode" - Century Media

Total playing time: 47:29
  1. Fragile
  2. To The Edge
  3. Our Truth >mp3
  4. Within Me
  5. Devoted
  6. You Create
  7. What I See
  8. Fragments Of Faith
  9. Closer
  10. In Visible Light
  11. The Game
  12. Without Fear
  13. Enjoy The Silence


Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Biazzi - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

"The Metal Observer" Review
"The Metal Observer" Review


2002 "Comalies" - Century Media

Total playing time: 56:54
  1. Swamped
  2. Heaven's A Lie
  3. Daylight Dancer
  4. Humane
  5. Self Deception
  6. Aeon
  7. Tight Rope
  8. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
  9. Unspoken
  10. Entwined
  11. The Prophet Said
  12. Angel's Punishment
  13. Comalies
  14. Lost Lullaby

Heaven's A Lie

Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Biazzi - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

2002 "Heaven's A Lie" - Century Media

Total playing time: 8:16
  1. Heaven's A Lie
  2. Self Deception

Unleashed Memories

Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Biazzi - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

"The Metal Observer" Review

2001 "Unleashed Memories" - Century Media

Total playing time: 65:39
  1. Heir Of A Dying Day
  2. To Live Is To Hide
  3. Purify
  4. Senzafine
  5. When A Dead Man Walks
  6. 1:19
  7. Cold Heritage
  8. Distant Sun
  9. A Current Obsession
  10. Wave Of Anguish
  11. HalfLife
  12. Trance Awake
  13. Senzafine
  14. Hyperfast
  15. Stars


Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Biazzi - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

"The Metal Observer" Review
2000 "Halflife" - Century Media

Total playing time: 20:30
  1. HalfLife
  2. Trance Awake
  3. Senzafine
  4. Hyperfast
  5. Stars

In A Reverie

Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Cristiano Migliore - Guitars
Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristiano Mozzati - Drums & Percussion

"The Metal Observer" Review

1999 "In A Reverie" - Century Media

Total playing time: 42:23
  1. Circle
  2. Stately Lover
  3. Honeymoon Suite
  4. My Wings
  5. To Myself I Turned
  6. Cold
  7. Reverie
  8. Veins Of Glass
  9. Falling Again

Lacuna Coil

Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Raffaele Zagaria - Guitars
Claudio Leo - Guitars
Leonardo Forti - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

1998 "Lacuna Coil" - Century Media

Total playing time: 28:05
  1. No Need To Explain
  2. The Secret…
  3. This Is My Dream
  4. Soul Into Hades
  5. Falling
  6. Un Fantasma Tra Noi (A Ghost Between Us)

2 Tracks Demo (as Ethereal)

Marco Coti Zelati - Bass Guitar
Cristina Scabbia - Female Vocals
Andrea Ferro - Male Vocals
Raffaele Zagaria - Guitars
Claudio Leo - Guitars
Leonardo Forti - Drums
1996 "2 Tracks Demo (as Ethereal)" - Independent

Total playing time: 10:00
  1. Shallow End
  2. Frozen Feeling

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