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More about Miocene

Country of origin: London, Great Britain
Founded: 1999
Status: Active
Official homepage: Miocene

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Band History - Miocene (Online Oct. 2003)


Complex, emotive and brutal are the three words that have most often been used to describe London art-Metallers MIOCENE since they completed their line-up in a dank East London rehearsal room two years ago. Like the UK's contemporary art scene, which is also undergoing a resurgence in the cheap lock-ups and back streets of the East End, the four-piece are undoubtedly - to borrow a phrase - currently living in the gutter (not to mention sleeping in the gutter, partying on the gutter and drinking from the gutter) but reaching for the stars.

MIOCENE offstage are quiet, happy to argue amongst themselves and smoke as much weed as they can without simply floating away - but onstage they snap, and become demonic, energized, as if someone flips a switch on their angry machine. To watch MIOCENE is to watch a band feed off its own energy. The reason for this is simple; Alex, Graham and Ben have been friends since their school days, when they would go to their friend Lee's house, listen to music, drop acid and ecstasy, smoke weed, watch films, debate, write and learn how to play instruments with all the other kids from school who also felt that they stood out from the crowd.

The difference for these friends was that they had a safe haven to go to, away from the violence, bigotry and stupidity to be found almost everywhere in the narrow-minded suburbia of East London and Essex. It was this safe, creative environment (away from the tower blocks, petty crime and pregnancies that trap most kids growing up in the area) which shaped the band's early philosophy of honesty, integrity and loyalty - in a sense, ensured that they would not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, because no matter what happened outside, they would always have a true core of real friends behind them every step of the way.

Leo had the same ideas, having grown up in Dalston, East London with his own brotherhood, based in the Hardcore/Metal clubs of London. Having woken a hangover and clubbed-out Ben (by practicing paradiddles in the basement at 11:00am after a particularly heavy party in Stratford), he was quickly auditioned, gigged out and assimilated into the MIOCENE way of life - having previously been straight-edge (no drink or drugs or meat), Leo is now often to be found tempting the others back into the drug-fuelled haze under which they work best.

Their love of diversity and individual freedom, both personal and artistic, means that musically, not much contemporary guitar music comes close to the MIOCENE assault - perhaps best described as a blend of FAITH NO MORE's genre-hopping fury, TOOL's sullen beauty, DEFTONES' street-smarts, THE SWANS' atmospherics and TRICKY's paranoia.

Sound strange? It is. But it seems to have worked so far for the post-Metal quartet. In the year and a half since MIOCENE exploded onto the UK's incredibly fertile Hardcore/Metal scene, their profile has gone from strength to strength: from being an "insiders-only" secret, playing incendiary live shows in packed venues before a demo was released, to being the most talked-about band London has seen for years. And from their early days playing with MEDULLA NOCTE, HUNDRED REASONS, LOSTPROPHETS and having their unmastered demo played on XFM (England's ONLY major alternative radio station) simply because DJ Ian Camfield "thought it rocked" - to the present day, releasing a mini album which was nationally hailed as one of the UK's finest records for years (check out the press pack at for rave reviews from Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, RockSound and the like), getting regular airplay/interviews on Radio One, XFM & TotalRockRadio, and touring with the likes of CLUTCH, SUNNA, MUDVAYNE and CRAZYTOWN.

The future is bright for MIOCENE too; they are currently holed up in the studio, working on the follow-up album to "Refining The Theory!" (released in December 2000 on Infernal Records), and are once again aiming to push back even more boundaries and expand on their already distinctive brand of noise. Musically they are as dark and aggressive as they always were - but the new material betrays a more Subtle, edgy side. Their often-professed love for MASSIVE ATTACK and NINJA TUNE has started to filter through, and means that for all of us, there is an interesting ride ahead.

MIOCENE's raison d'Ítre is simple: make the music you love. That is their only gimmick; no masks, no neuroses, no fake angst, and no bullshit. This is art-rock for Nu-Metal kids who are sick of testosterone. This is music that will not spoon feed you; this is music which respects your intelligence. This is about shading and depth, not surface gleam and polish. If this isn't your thing, there are a million pop bands for you to listen to. But if you want to be challenged? Then MIOCENE are here to to save your world. Come worship at the new church.
-b. (10.4.00 )

Current Line-Up:
Alex - Bass
Ben - Vocals & Programming
Graham - Guitar & Programming
Leo - Drums

Previous members:
None may partake of the MIOCENE ritual and yet live to speak of it.


Cellular Memory

Alex - Bass
Ben - Vocals & Programming
Graham - Guitar & Programming
Leo - Drums

2002 "Cellular Memory" - Infernal Records

Total playing time: 38:00
  1. Cellular Memory
  2. Katie Sierra
  3. State Of Flux
  4. Tradition Is Just Another Word For The Collective Habit
  5. Harpie And The Preacher
  6. Why Metal Sucks In 2002

Refining The Theory

Alex - Bass
Ben - Vocals & Programming
Graham - Guitar & Programming
Leo - Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review

2000 "Refining The Theory" - Infernal Records

Total playing time: 50:41
  1. Rivets
  2. 9mm High And Rising
  3. Fits
  4. Shine
  5. Pure
  6. Free Reign
  7. Jam
  8. Hidden track

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