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More about Morning

Country of origin: Netherlands
Founded: Summer 2000
Status: Active
Official homepage: Morning

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Band History - Morning (Online Jan. 2004)


DreamMetal… Imagine a mix from Atmospheric Pop, Progressive Rock and Heavy fantasy Metal, that's a short description of the music MORNING makes…

MorningMORNING was founded in the summer of 2000 by Saskia van Heugten (vocals) and drummer Mauro Pi (drums). In autumn 2000, the brothers Pol Bannier (bassguitar) and Stijn Bannier (synths) joined the band. Until summer 2003, the band released two demo EP's. In February 2001, they released "Little Moves", with Jerry Jacobs on guitar. This demo CD caused, apart from MORNING becoming more known, a lot of gigging in the Netherlands and abroad in 2002 and 2003, now with Gilles van Hoof as the guitarist. With this line-up MORNING also released the MCD "Circle Of Power" in April 2002, which was reviewed very positively in several magazines. The CDd was recorded by Hans Reinders (Boondoggle) in the Pitstudio (SUN CAGED, BANNER OF THUGS, DESENSITISED, TRIPLE 7) in Weert, The Netherlands and it was mastered by Marcel Coenen (ex-LEMUR VOICE, SUN CAGED).

After working for two years with just one guitarist, the Dutch band (with members from SUSTEREN, NIEUWSTADT, SITTARD and HEERLEN) decided in summer 2002 to continue with two guitarists. The remaining members found Martijn Brauwers and Bas Rensen. The young band (ages between 16 and 27) calls its style DreamMetal, with influences from bands like THE GATHERING, AYREON, RHAPSODY and LACUNA COIL. With the new line-up the band is more powerful and intense like never before and gets a decent name in live performing with provisional zeniths like:

  • playing at several festivals (a.o. Novemberrain, Summer Darkness, Jamrock, Bevrijdingsfestival);
  • playing in venues like Fenix - Sittard, Tagrijn - Hilversum, Hanehof - Geleen, ... ;
  • playing abroad in places like Brussels, Namur and Liège;
  • playing together with (Metal) bands like AFTER FOREVER, AUTUMN, EPICA, CALLENISH CIRCLE, PARADISE LOST, TRAIL OF TEARS and SENGIR and also with more Pop/Rock orientated bands like BLÖF, DI-RECT and BRAINPOWER;
  • winning the regional preliminary round from the MetalBattle 2003.

    In May and June 2003, the band started working on a new demo EP called "Inside". This CD is recorded by Hans Reinders in the Pitstudio again. "Inside" was released in August 2003.

    Current Line-Up:
    Saskia - Vocals
    Bas - Guitars
    Martijn - Guitars
    Pol - Bass
    Stijn - Synths
    Mauro - Drums

    Previous members:
    Jerry - Guitars (on "Little Moves")
    Gilles - Guitars (on "Circle Of Power")


    Inside (Demo E.P.)

    Saskia van Heugten - Vocals
    Martijn Brauwers - Guitars
    Bas Rensen - Guitars
    Pol Bannier - Bass Guitar
    Mauro Pi - Drums
    Stijn Bannier - Synths

    "The Metal Observer" Review

    2003 "Inside (Demo E.P.)" - Independent

    Total playing time: 26:33
    1. Inside
    2. When Shadows Dance In Light
    3. You're Setting Fire
    4. Kill The Silence
    5. Stop Drawing

    Circle Of Power (Demo EP)

    Saskia van Heugten - Vocals
    Gilles van Hoof - Guitars
    Pol Bannier - Bass Guitar
    Mauro Pi - Drums
    Stijn Bannier - Synths

    "The Metal Observer" Review

    2002 "Circle Of Power (Demo EP)" - Independent

    Total playing time: 29:30
    1. Intro
    2. The Unknown Is Searching The Unfound
    3. Seal Of Solomon
    4. Fear Of Today
    5. Big Colour Travel
      *. A Hidden Place
    6. Circle Of Power

    Little Moves (Demo EP)

    Saskia van Heugten - Vocals & Additional Guitars
    Jerry Jacobs - Guitars
    Zol Bannier - Bass Guitar
    Mauro Pi - Drums
    Stijn Bannier - Keyboards

    2001 "Little Moves (Demo EP)" - Independent

    Total playing time: n/a
    1. Intro
    2. Error
    3. Lord Of All Darkness
    4. Glowing White Mess
    5. The Goodbye
    6. Hymenæal
    7. Grant My Wish
    8. Guitar Playing Angel

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