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More about Mystic Forest

Country of origin: France
Founded: 1997
Status: Active
Official homepage: Mystic Forest

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Band History - Mystic Forest (Online Dec. 2002)

Mystic Forest

1997: MYSTIC FOREST was created during a calm period in the life of AZERLATH by Stéfan Kozak and the old guitarist of AZERLATH. It's simply the band in which Stéfan wanted to play his music as he felt it and without impediment from other people...

1997: Recording of "Medieval Art" in complete improvisation, the demo includes 14 titles and is a mix between violent medieval Black and orchestral dark ambient. That demo has been described as "a bowl of freshness in the monotonous current scene...".

1997: Frederic Thomas decided to quit the Metal scene and therefore quit AZERLATH. It's Stéfan that is assigned as his replacement in AZERLATH. Therefore a pause for MYSTIC FOREST.

1998: Just after the release of the 1st CD of AZERLATH the band auto-destroyed itself. It's time to reanimate MYSTIC FOREST!

1998: Recording of "Green Hell", the fist CD of the band that will only come out in 2001.

1999: Having enough material, Stéfan decides to go into the studio to record the second demo of MYSTIC FOREST. This demo marks a turnpoint in the musical career of the band, that is going towards a music more and more progressive, mixing hyper brutal Black Metal with classical music and instrumental solo parts. On this demo Stéfan plays with one of the best solo guitarists of France, Gabriel Palmieri "Gaabh", to whom we owe re-interpretations of Chopin or Paganini present on the demo. Sniper, one of the best representatives of the Latino-Cuban progressive scene also does piano parts.

2000: Recording of "Third Requiem", the most depressive recording of the group. This time Stéfan is alone in the studio. Although this demo is really short, it will receive a superb welcome from the underground world, and all that thanks to its original sad but so fresh side.

2001: After the success of "Third Requiem", Chanteloup Création decides to release "Green Hell", that had been waiting in the drawers for three years. After 2 remasterings, the adding of sounds and bonus tracks it's the right time to be released in February. That CD that was supposed to be released at Blackfield, just before the label went bankrupt finally sees the light of day! Despite the innocent side and a bit aged music, all the critics agree on one point: MYSTIC FOREST is a unique band that plays unique music!

2001: The events all connecting after the reception of "Green Hell", Stéfan decides to return to the studio in April to record the music for the next CD. Once the month of May arrives, the music is done, we now have to put quality texts onto the music and this time they will be in French! This decision follows the contact with Baalberith, a gothic depressive poet, who writes a series of dark and wonderful poems for MYSTIC FOREST. We also noticed the arrival of Julie, singer of a local Blues Rock band, she has a particular voice, she will also write some lyrics. In August Stéfan and Julie will meet again in studio to record the lyrics. The new CD will be called "Welcome Back In The Forest", it's brutal Black, but at the same time very melodic and sad that will be presented on the CD... With this one MYSTIC FOREST hopes to put the listener into the same constant depressive state that all the members had been in for years.

2002: "Welcome Back In The Forest" is a success! It's welcomed with enthusiasm everywhere in the world, especially in the States and Japan, where it sells a lot.

2002: Stefan finishes the writing of the music for the 3rd CD of the band in February. The music this time is even more neo-classically oriented with more traditional instruments, notably accordion, hautboy and piano. The compositions are even darker and sadder. Again Baalberith writes the majority of the texts in a poetic form.

2002: Stefan and Julie return to the studio in April to record the vocals. This time Julie will have a more important part in the singing and will put her voice on most of the tracks.

2002: MYSTIC FOREST decide to leave Oaken Shield to find a label more label more suited for their music. It's Sacral Productions that from now will take care of MYSTIC FOREST. "Waltz In The Midst Of Trees" is planned to be released on September 21st, the design for the cover was put in the hands of Bob Libby and "Fallen Angel Studio", two limited versions are planned.

Current Line-Up:
Stefan Kozak - Music, Lyrics, Vocals (also plays in EIKENSKADEN, AZERLATH and THE TRUE BOLVERK)
Julie Idesheim - Vocals
Baalberith - Lyrics

Previous members:
Frederic Thomas - Drums on "Medieval Art" (ex-AZERLATH)
Gabriel "Gaabh" Palmieri - Guitar solos on "Your Memories" and the bonus live track of "Green Hell"
Sniper - piano solos on "Your Memories" and the bonus live track of "Green Hell"
Hearthless Angel - Bass on the bonus live track of "Green Hell"


Waltz In The Midst Of Trees

Stefan - Music, Lyrics, Vocals
Julie - Vocals
Baalberith - Lyrics

"The Metal Observer" Review
2002 "Waltz In The Midst Of Trees" - Sacral Productions

Total playing time: 43:27
  1. Tandis Que Les Arbres Regardent...
  2. The Tender Lady Of The Fog
  3. Waltz In The Midst Of Trees
  4. Perdu Sans Le Regard De La Lune
  5. La Terreur Me Contemple...
  6. Requiem Pour Une Conscience Perdue
  7. Avalée Par La Nuit
  8. Les Sombres Caresses Du Brouillard
  9. In Her Black Lace
  10. La Dame Verte - Part II
  11. The Melody Of Hope

Welcome Back In The Forest

Stefan - Music, Lyrics, Vocals
Julie - Vocals, Lyrics
Baalberith - Lyrics

"The Metal Observer" Review

2002 "Welcome Back In The Forest" - Oaken Shield/Adipocere Records

Total playing time: 42:12
  1. Welcome Back In The Forest
  2. O Belle Maudite
  3. Sous La Majeste Celeste
  4. La Dame Verte
  5. Requiem On Waltz
  6. Une Valse Avec La Mort
  7. Genese De Glace
  8. La Tristesse D'Une Pluie D'Automne
  9. Mes Songes Decimes
  10. Braver Les Ombres
  11. Le Sourire De La Nymphe
  12. Pour Enfin Liberer Ma Vie
  13. Requiem Lunaire

Green Hell

Stefan - All

"The Metal Observer" Review

1998-2001 "Green Hell" - Chanteloup Creation/Adipocere Records

Total playing time: 36:24
  1. Legend Of The Glade
  2. Welcome Into The Darkness
  3. Green Paradise
  4. Theme Of The Squirrel
  5. Shadows
  6. A Dead Tree In The Landscape
  7. Nature
  8. Mystic Spirit
  9. Eternal Myst
  10. Mysterious Flowers
  11. Black Forest
  12. Forest Lamento (Bonus)

Third Requiem

Stefan - All

1999 "Third Requiem (Demo-Tape)" - Chanteloup Creations

Total playing time: n/a
  1. Welcome Back In The Forest
  2. Diving In The Lake Of Sorrow
  3. Another Requiem For My Cold Love
  4. So mMny Sighs...
  5. My Heart Is A Stream

Your Memories

Stefan - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Drums
Gabriel "Gaabh" Palmieri - Guitars
Sniper - Piano

1998 "Your Memories (Demo-Tape)" - Chanteloup Creations

Total playing time: n/a
  1. no title
  2. no title
  3. no title
  4. no title
  5. no title
  6. no title
  7. no title
  8. no title

Medieval Art

Stefan - Guitars - Vocals
Frederic T. - Drums

1997 "Medieval Art (Demo-Tape)" - Dark Supremacy

Total playing time: n/a
  1. no title
  2. no title
  3. no title
  4. no title
  5. no title
  6. no title
  7. no title
  8. no title
  9. no title
  10. no title
  11. no title
  12. no title

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